to draw (e.g. a bow); to pull; to stretch sth; to extend; to lengthen; to involve or implicate in; to attract; to lead; to guide; to leave; to provide evidence or justification for; old unit of distance equal to 10 丈, one-thirtieth of a km or 33.33 meters

strokes 4
strokes after radical 1
触发引信 觸發引信 chu4 fa1 yin3 xin4
an impact detonator

穿针引线 穿針引線 chuan1 zhen1 yin3 xian4
lit. to thread a needle (idiom); fig. to act as a go-between

导引 導引 dao3 yin3
same as 引導|引导; Dao Yin, Daoist exercises involving breathing, stretching and self-massage

地心引力 地心引力 di4 xin1 yin3 li4
earth's gravity

东引 東引 dong1 yin3
Tungyin Island, one of the Matsu Islands; Tungyin township in Lienchiang county 連江縣|连江县, Taiwan

东引乡 東引鄉 dong1 yin3 xiang1
Tungyin township in Lienchiang county 連江縣|连江县 i.e. the Matsu Islands, Taiwan

逗引 逗引 dou4 yin3
to make fun of

繁征博引 繁徵博引 fan2 zheng1 bo2 yin3
an elaborate string of references; many quotations

公引 公引 gong1 yin3

勾引 勾引 gou1 yin3
to seduce; to tempt

红外线导引飞弹 紅外線導引飛彈 hong2 wai4 xian4 dao3 yin3 fei1 dan4
infrared guided missile

呼朋引伴 呼朋引伴 hu1 peng2 yin3 ban4
to gather one's friends; to band together

呼朋引类 呼朋引類 hu1 peng2 yin3 lei4
to call up all one's associates; rent-a-crowd

激光打引机 激光打引機 ji1 guang1 da3 yin3 ji1
laser printer

汲引 汲引 ji2 yin3
to draw water; (fig.) to promote sb to a more senior position

荐引 薦引 jian4 yin3
to introduce; to recommend

抛砖引玉 拋磚引玉 pao1 zhuan1 yin3 yu4
lit. to throw a brick to attract jade (idiom); fig. I offer a humble remark, please give us your valued opinion (e.g. commonplace remarks as a foreword to a distinguished speech)

牵引 牽引 qian1 yin3
to pull; to draw (a cart); to tow

牵引车 牽引車 qian1 yin3 che1

牵引力 牽引力 qian1 yin3 li4
motive force; traction

翘足引领 翹足引領 qiao2 zu2 yin3 ling3
waiting on tiptoes and craning one's neck (idiom); to look forward eagerly; to long for; also pr.

人肉搜索引擎 人肉搜索引擎 ren2 rou4 sou1 suo3 yin3 qing2
human flesh search engine; a large-scale collective effort to find details about a person or event (Internet slang)

市引 市引 shi4 yin3
unit of distance equal to one-thirtieth km or 33.33 meters

搜索引擎 搜索引擎 sou1 suo3 yin3 qing2
Internet search engine

搜寻引擎 搜尋引擎 sou1 xun2 yin3 qing2
Internet search engine; also written 搜索引擎

索引 索引 suo3 yin3

万有引力 萬有引力 wan4 you3 yin3 li4

吸引 吸引 xi1 yin3
to attract (interest, investment etc)

吸引力 吸引力 xi1 yin3 li4
attractive force (such as gravitation); sex appeal; attractiveness

吸引子网络 吸引子網絡 xi1 yin3 zi3 wang3 luo4
attractor network

吸引子 吸引子 xi1 yin3 zi5
attractor (math., dynamical systems)

引爆 引爆 yin3 bao4
to cause to burn; to ignite; to detonate; a fuse

引爆点 引爆點 yin3 bao4 dian3
tipping point

引爆装置 引爆裝置 yin3 bao4 zhuang1 zhi4

引别 引別 yin3 bie2
to leave; to say goodbye

引柴 引柴 yin3 chai2
kindling (to light a fire)

引产 引產 yin3 chan3
to induce labor (childbirth)

引车 引車 yin3 che1
to pull a car

引出 引出 yin3 chu1
to extract; to draw out

引导 引導 yin3 dao3
to guide; to lead (around); to conduct; to boot; introduction; primer

引导扇区 引導扇區 yin3 dao3 shan4 qu1
boot sector

引导员 引導員 yin3 dao3 yuan2
usher; guide

引得 引得 yin3 de2
index (loanword)

引逗 引逗 yin3 dou4
to tantalize; to lead on; to tease

引渡 引渡 yin3 du4
to extradite

引而不发 引而不發 yin3 er2 bu4 fa1
to pull the bow without shooting (idiom from Mencius); ready and waiting for action; to go through the motions; to practice; a trial run

引发 引發 yin3 fa1
to lead to; to trigger; to initiate; to cause; to evoke (emotions)

引狗入寨 引狗入寨 yin3 gou3 ru4 zhai4
to lead the wolf into the woodpile (idiom); to leave oneself open to attack; to act imprudently, asking for trouble

引鬼上门 引鬼上門 yin3 gui3 shang4 men2
to lead the devil to the door (idiom); to invite the attention of criminals; to leave oneself open to attack

引吭高歌 引吭高歌 yin3 hang2 gao1 ge1
to sing at the top of one's voice (idiom)

引号 引號 yin3 hao4
quotation mark (punct.)

引河 引河 yin3 he2
irrigation channel

引火 引火 yin3 huo3
to kindle; to light a fire

引火柴 引火柴 yin3 huo3 chai2

引火烧身 引火燒身 yin3 huo3 shao1 shen1
to invite trouble

引荐 引薦 yin3 jian4
to recommend sb; to give a referral

引脚 引腳 yin3 jiao3
lead; pin (computer hardware)

引进 引進 yin3 jin4
to recommend; to introduce (from outside)

引经据典 引經據典 yin3 jing1 ju4 dian3
lit. to quote the classics; to quote chapter and verse (idiom)

引颈 引頸 yin3 jing3
to crane one's neck; (fig.) with one's neck outstretched in expectation

引颈就戮 引頸就戮 yin3 jing3 jiu4 lu4
to extend one's neck in preparation for execution (idiom)

引咎 引咎 yin3 jiu4
to take the blame; to accept responsibility (for a mistake)

引咎辞职 引咎辭職 yin3 jiu4 ci2 zhi2
to admit responsibility and resign

引决 引決 yin3 jue2
to commit suicide

引狼入室 引狼入室 yin3 lang2 ru4 shi4
to lead the wolf into the house (idiom); to leave oneself open to attack; to act imprudently, asking for trouble

引力 引力 yin3 li4
gravitation (force); attraction

引力波 引力波 yin3 li4 bo1
gravitational wave

引力场 引力場 yin3 li4 chang3
gravitational field

引领 引領 yin3 ling3
to crane one's neck; to await eagerly; to lead; to show the way

引流 引流 yin3 liu2
to drain; (medicine) drainage

引路 引路 yin3 lu4
to guide; to show the way

引起 引起 yin3 qi3
to give rise to; to lead to; to cause; to arouse

引擎 引擎 yin3 qing2
engine (loanword)

引擎盖 引擎蓋 yin3 qing2 gai4
(car) hood; bonnet

引人入胜 引人入勝 yin3 ren2 ru4 sheng4
to enchant; fascinating

引人注目 引人注目 yin3 ren2 zhu4 mu4
to attract attention; eye-catching; conspicuous

引人注意 引人注意 yin3 ren2 zhu4 yi4
to attract attention; eye-catching; conspicuous

引入 引入 yin3 ru4
to draw into; to pull into; to introduce

引入迷途 引入迷途 yin3 ru4 mi2 tu2
to mislead; to lead astray

引蛇出洞 引蛇出洞 yin3 she2 chu1 dong4
lit. to pull a snake from its hole; to expose a malefactor (idiom)

引申 引申 yin3 shen1
to extend (the meaning of a word, an analogy etc); derivation

引申义 引申義 yin3 shen1 yi4
extended meaning (of an expression); derived sense

引述 引述 yin3 shu4
to quote

引水 引水 yin3 shui3
to pilot a ship; to channel water; to draw water (for irrigation)

引水工程 引水工程 yin3 shui3 gong1 cheng2
water-induction engineering; irrigation engineering

引水入墙 引水入牆 yin3 shui3 ru4 qiang2
lit. to lead the water through the wall; to ask for trouble (idiom)

引体向上 引體向上 yin3 ti3 xiang4 shang4
chin-up (physical exercise)

引退 引退 yin3 tui4
to retire from office; to resign

引文 引文 yin3 wen2
quotation; citation

引嫌 引嫌 yin3 xian2
to avoid arousing suspicions

引线 引線 yin3 xian4
fuse (for an explosive device); electrical lead; intermediary; catalyst; (dialect) sewing needle

引线穿针 引線穿針 yin3 xian4 chuan1 zhen1
a pull-through to thread a needle; fig. to act as go-between

引向 引向 yin3 xiang4
to lead to; to draw to; to steer towards

引信 引信 yin3 xin4
a detonator

引信系统 引信系統 yin3 xin4 xi4 tong3
fuzing system

引叙 引敘 yin3 xu4
reported speech (in grammar)

引言 引言 yin3 yan2
foreword; introduction

引以为傲 引以為傲 yin3 yi3 wei2 ao4
to be intensely proud of sth (idiom)

引以为憾 引以為憾 yin3 yi3 wei2 han4
to consider sth regrettable (idiom)

引以为荣 引以為榮 yin3 yi3 wei2 rong2
to regard it as an honor (idiom)

引用 引用 yin3 yong4
to quote; to cite; to recommend; to appoint; (computing) reference

引用句 引用句 yin3 yong4 ju4

引诱 引誘 yin3 you4
to coerce (sb into doing sth bad); to lure (into a trap); to seduce

引语 引語 yin3 yu3

引玉之砖 引玉之磚 yin3 yu4 zhi1 zhuan1
lit. a brick thrown after a jade; enticing sb to come forward (idiom)

引着 引著 yin3 zhao2
to ignite; to kindle

引征 引徵 yin3 zheng1
quotation; citing; to cite; to reference

引证 引證 yin3 zheng4
to cite; to quote; to cite as evidence

引种 引種 yin3 zhong3
(agriculture) to introduce a new plant variety

引种 引種 yin3 zhong4
(agriculture) to plant an introduced variety

引子 引子 yin3 zi5
introduction; primer; opening words

援引 援引 yuan2 yin3
to quote; to cite; to recommend (one's friend's, associates etc)

摘引 摘引 zhai1 yin3

招蜂引蝶 招蜂引蝶 zhao1 feng1 yin3 die2
(of a flower) to attract bees and butterflies; (fig.) to attract the opposite sex; to flirt

招商引资 招商引資 zhao1 shang1 yin3 zi1
investment promotion

招引 招引 zhao1 yin3
to attract

指引 指引 zhi3 yin3
to guide; to show; to point (the way); directions; guidance; guidelines

转引 轉引 zhuan3 yin3
to quote from secondary source