great; liberal

strokes 5
strokes after radical 2
弘法 弘法 hong2 fa3
to propagate Buddhist teachings

弘图 弘圖 hong2 tu2
variant of 宏圖|宏图

弘扬 弘揚 hong2 yang2
to enhance; to promote; to enrich

弘愿 弘願 hong2 yuan4
variant of 宏願|宏愿

弘旨 弘旨 hong2 zhi3
variant of 宏旨

弘治 弘治 hong2 zhi4
Hongzhi Emperor, reign name of ninth Ming emperor 朱祐樘 (1470-1505), reigned 1487-1505, Temple name 明孝宗

恢弘 恢弘 hui1 hong2
variant of 恢宏

宽弘 寬弘 kuan1 hong2
magnanimous; generous; broad-minded; wide; resonant (voice)

殷弘绪 殷弘緒 yin1 hong2 xu4
François Xavier d'Entrecolles (1664-1741), French Jesuit missionary to Kangxi court