to unstring a bow; to slacken; to relax; to loosen

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
弛缓 弛緩 chi2 huan3
to relax; to slacken; relaxation (in nuclear magnetic resonance)

弛张热 弛張熱 chi2 zhang1 re4
remittent fever

废弛 廢弛 fei4 chi2
to fall into disuse (of laws, customs etc); to neglect

肌肉松弛剂 肌肉鬆弛劑 ji1 rou4 song1 chi2 ji4
muscle relaxant (medicine)

松弛 鬆弛 song1 chi2
to relax; relaxed; limp; lax

松弛法 鬆弛法 song1 chi2 fa3
relaxation (alternative medicine)

懈弛 懈弛 xie4 chi2
slack (discipline)

张弛 張弛 zhang1 chi2
tension and relaxation