bow string; string of musical instrument; watchspring; chord (segment of curve); hypotenuse

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
G弦裤 G弦褲 - xian2 ku4

拨弦乐器 撥弦樂器 bo1 xian2 yue4 qi4
plucked string or stringed instrument; plucked instrument

常德丝弦 常德絲弦 chang2 de2 si1 xian2
Changde sixian, theatrical folk music style with singing in Changde dialect accompanied by traditional string instruments

超弦 超弦 chao1 xian2
superstring (physics)

促弦 促弦 cu4 xian2
to tighten the strings (of a musical instrument)

大三和弦 大三和弦 da4 san1 he2 xian2
major triad do-mi-so

定弦 定弦 ding4 xian2
tuning (stringed instrument)

断弦 斷弦 duan4 xian2
widowed; lit. broken string, cf 琴瑟 qin and se, two instruments epitomizing marital harmony

改弦易辙 改弦易轍 gai3 xian2 yi4 zhe2
change of string, move out of rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction; to dance to a different tune

弓弦 弓弦 gong1 xian2

弓弦儿 弓弦兒 gong1 xian2 er5

管弦乐 管弦樂 guan3 xian2 yue4
orchestral music

管弦乐队 管弦樂隊 guan3 xian2 yue4 dui4

管弦乐团 管弦樂團 guan3 xian2 yue4 tuan2

和弦 和弦 he2 xian2
chord (music)

击弦贝斯 擊弦貝斯 ji1 xian2 bei4 si1
slap bass (bass guitar technique)

击弦类 擊弦類 ji1 xian2 lei4
hammered string type (of musical instrument)

击弦类乐器 擊弦類樂器 ji1 xian2 lei4 yue4 qi4
hammered string musical instrument

口弦 口弦 kou3 xian2
Jew's harp

扣人心弦 扣人心弦 kou4 ren2 xin1 xian2
to excite; to thrill; exciting; thrilling; cliff-hanging

鹍弦 鵾弦 kun1 xian2
pipa strings, made from sinews of large crane or swan 鵾雞|鹍鸡

七和弦 七和弦 qi1 he2 xian2
seventh (musical cord)

七弦琴 七弦琴 qi1 xian2 qin2
guqin or seven-stringed zither

琴弦 琴弦 qin2 xian2
string (of a stringed instrument)

三和弦 三和弦 san1 he2 xian2
triad; musical chord of three notes, such as major triad do-mi-so

三弦 三弦 san1 xian2
sanxian, large family of 3-stringed plucked musical instruments, with snakeskin covered wooden soundbox and long neck, used in folk music, opera and Chinese orchestra

上弦 上弦 shang4 xian2
to wind; to tighten; crescent moon; first quarter or waxing moon

上弦月 上弦月 shang4 xian2 yue4
first quarter moon

双曲线正弦 雙曲線正弦 shuang1 qu1 xian4 zheng4 xian2
hyperbolic sine or sinh (math)

双曲余弦 雙曲餘弦 shuang1 qu1 yu2 xian2
hyperbolic cosine or cosh (math)

双曲正弦 雙曲正弦 shuang1 qu1 zheng4 xian2
hyperbolic sine or sinh (math)

下弦 下弦 xia4 xian2
third quarter or waning moon

下弦月 下弦月 xia4 xian2 yue4
third quarter or waning moon

弦贝斯 弦貝斯 xian2 bei4 si1
acoustic bass (guitar)

弦而鼓之 弦而鼓之 xian2 er2 gu3 zhi1
lit. to tune one's zither then play it; fig. to live by the consequences of one's actions; to make one's bed then lie on it

弦歌 弦歌 xian2 ge1
to sing to a string accompaniment; education (a reference to teaching the people Confucian values by means of song in ancient times)

弦理论 弦理論 xian2 li3 lun4
string theory (physics)

弦论 弦論 xian2 lun4
string theory (in theoretical physics)

弦鸣乐器 弦鳴樂器 xian2 ming2 yue4 qi4
string instrument

弦切角 弦切角 xian2 qie1 jiao3
chord angle (i.e. angle a chord of a curve makes to the tangent)

弦数 弦數 xian2 shu4
number of strings (of an instrument)

弦诵不缀 弦誦不綴 xian2 song4 bu4 chuo4
variant of 弦誦不輟|弦诵不辍

弦诵不辍 弦誦不輟 xian2 song4 bu4 chuo4
incessant playing of instruments and reciting of poems (idiom)

弦外之响 弦外之響 xian2 wai4 zhi1 xiang3
see 弦外之音

弦外之意 弦外之意 xian2 wai4 zhi1 yi4
see 弦外之音

弦外之音 弦外之音 xian2 wai4 zhi1 yin1
overtone (music); (fig.) connotation; implied meaning

弦月 弦月 xian2 yue4
half-moon; the 7th and 8th and 22nd and 23rd of the lunar month

弦乐 弦樂 xian2 yue4
string music

弦月窗 弦月窗 xian2 yue4 chuang1
a narrow slit window; a lunette

弦乐队 弦樂隊 xian2 yue4 dui4
string orchestra

弦乐器 弦樂器 xian2 yue4 qi4
string instrument

小三和弦 小三和弦 xiao3 san1 he2 xian2
minor triad la-do-mi

心弦 心弦 xin1 xian2

续弦 續弦 xu4 xian2
to remarry (of a widow); second wife; qin and se 琴瑟, two string instruments as a symbol of marital harmony

余弦 餘弦 yu2 xian2
cosine (of angle), written cos θ

增三和弦 增三和弦 zeng1 san1 he2 xian2
augmented triad (musical chord)

展弦比 展弦比 zhan3 xian2 bi3
(wing) aspect ratio (aerodynamics)

正弦 正弦 zheng4 xian2
sine (of angle), written sin θ

正弦波 正弦波 zheng4 xian2 bo1
sine wave; simple harmonic vibration

正弦定理 正弦定理 zheng4 xian2 ding4 li3
law of sines

正弦形 正弦形 zheng4 xian2 xing2
sinusoidal (shaped like a sine wave)

主和弦 主和弦 zhu3 he2 xian2
tonic triad; triad of the home key