weak; feeble; young; inferior; (following a decimal or fraction) slightly less than

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
病弱 病弱 bing4 ruo4
sick and weak; sickly; invalid

薄弱 薄弱 bo2 ruo4
weak; frail

薄弱环节 薄弱環節 bo2 ruo4 huan2 jie2
weak link; loophole

不甘示弱 不甘示弱 bu4 gan1 shi4 ruo4
not to be outdone

孱弱 孱弱 chan2 ruo4
delicate; frail; impotent; weak

锄强扶弱 鋤強扶弱 chu2 qiang2 fu2 ruo4
to root out the strong and support the weak (idiom); to rob the rich and give to the poor

脆弱 脆弱 cui4 ruo4
weak; frail

扶弱抑强 扶弱抑強 fu2 ruo4 yi4 qiang2
to support the weak and restrain the strong (idiom); robbing the rich to help the poor

国弱民穷 國弱民窮 guo2 ruo4 min2 qiong2
the country weakened and the people empoverished (idiom)

积弱 積弱 ji1 ruo4
cumulative weakness; to decline (over time); degeneration

减弱 減弱 jian3 ruo4
to weaken; to fall off

渐弱 漸弱 jian4 ruo4
to fade out; gradually weakening; diminuendo; decrescendo

娇弱 嬌弱 jiao1 ruo4

精神衰弱 精神衰弱 jing1 shen2 shuai1 ruo4
psychasthenia; obsessive-compulsive disorder

羸弱 羸弱 lei2 ruo4
frail; weak

能弱能强 能弱能強 neng2 ruo4 neng2 qiang2
to be either weak or strong both have their purpose (idiom)

年老体弱 年老體弱 nian2 lao3 ti3 ruo4
old and weak (idiom)

懦弱 懦弱 nuo4 ruo4
cowardly; weak

疲弱 疲弱 pi2 ruo4
tired; weak; exhausted

贫弱 貧弱 pin2 ruo4
poor and feeble

强将手下无弱兵 強將手下無弱兵 qiang2 jiang4 shou3 xia4 wu2 ruo4 bing1
there are no poor soldiers under a good general (idiom)

强弱 強弱 qiang2 ruo4
strong or weak; intensity; amount of force or pressure

怯弱 怯弱 qie4 ruo4
timid; weak

柔弱 柔弱 rou2 ruo4
weak; delicate

软弱 軟弱 ruan3 ruo4
weak; feeble; flabby

弱爆 弱爆 ruo4 bao4
(slang) weak; pathetic; subpar; sucks

弱不禁风 弱不禁風 ruo4 bu4 jin1 feng1
too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom); extremely delicate; fragile state of health

弱侧 弱側 ruo4 ce4
weak side; off side (sports)

弱点 弱點 ruo4 dian3
weak point; failing

弱电统一 弱電統一 ruo4 dian4 tong3 yi1
electro-weak interaction in fermion particle physics

弱化 弱化 ruo4 hua4
weaken; make weaker

弱碱 弱鹼 ruo4 jian3
weak base (alkali)

弱脉 弱脈 ruo4 mai4
weak pulse

弱肉强食 弱肉強食 ruo4 rou4 qiang2 shi2
lit. the weak are prey to the strong (idiom); fig. predatory behavior; the law of the jungle

弱视 弱視 ruo4 shi4

弱势 弱勢 ruo4 shi4
vulnerable; weak

弱势群体 弱勢群體 ruo4 shi4 qun2 ti3
disadvantaged social groups (e.g. the handicapped); the economically and politically marginalized; the dispossessed

弱受 弱受 ruo4 shou4
submissive; yielding; weak; opposite: 強攻|强攻, dominant

弱酸 弱酸 ruo4 suan1
weak acid

弱相互作用 弱相互作用 ruo4 xiang1 hu4 zuo4 yong4
weak interaction (in particle physics); weak force

弱小 弱小 ruo4 xiao3
small and weak; puny; a child

弱音踏板 弱音踏板 ruo4 yin1 ta4 ban3
soft pedal (on piano); una corda pedal

弱智 弱智 ruo4 zhi4
weak-minded; mentally deficient; retarded

弱作用 弱作用 ruo4 zuo4 yong4
weak interaction

弱作用力 弱作用力 ruo4 zuo4 yong4 li4
the weak force (in particle physics)

神经衰弱 神經衰弱 shen2 jing1 shuai1 ruo4
(euphemism) mental illness; psychasthenia

恃强凌弱 恃強凌弱 shi4 qiang2 ling2 ruo4
see 恃強欺弱|恃强欺弱

恃强欺弱 恃強欺弱 shi4 qiang2 qi1 ruo4
to use one's strength to mistreat people (idiom); to bully

示弱 示弱 shi4 ruo4
not to fight back; to take it lying down; to show weakness; to show one's softer side

瘦弱 瘦弱 shou4 ruo4
thin and weak

衰弱 衰弱 shuai1 ruo4
weak; feeble

体弱 體弱 ti3 ruo4

微弱 微弱 wei1 ruo4
weak; faint; feeble

违强凌弱 違強凌弱 wei2 qiang2 ling2 ruo4
to avoid the strong and attack the weak (idiom); to bully; also written 違強陵弱|违强陵弱

违强陵弱 違強陵弱 wei2 qiang2 ling2 ruo4
to avoid the strong and attack the weak (idiom); to bully

纤弱 纖弱 xian1 ruo4
fragile; delicate

虚弱 虛弱 xu1 ruo4
weak; in poor health

削弱 削弱 xue1 ruo4
to weaken; to impair; to cripple

以强凌弱 以強凌弱 yi3 qiang2 ling2 ruo4
to use one's strength to bully the weak (idiom)

以弱胜强 以弱勝強 yi3 ruo4 sheng4 qiang2
using the weak to defeat the strong (idiom); to win from a position of weakness

愚弱 愚弱 yu2 ruo4
ignorant and feeble

稚弱 稚弱 zhi4 ruo4
immature and feeble