(onom.) dong; ding dong (bell)

to be; to act as; manage; withstand; when; during; ought; should; match equally; equal; same; obstruct; just at (a time or place); on the spot; right; just at

at or in the very same...; suitable; adequate; fitting; proper; to replace; to regard as; to think; to pawn; (coll.) to fail (a student)

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
安步当车 安步當車 an1 bu4 dang4 che1
to go on foot (idiom); to do things at a leisurely pace

半瓶水响叮当 半瓶水響叮噹 ban4 ping2 shui3 xiang3 ding1 dang1
lit. if you tap a half-empty bottle it makes a sound (idiom); fig. empty vessels make the most noise; one who has a little knowledge likes to show off, but one who is truly knowledgeable is modest

悲歌当哭 悲歌當哭 bei1 ge1 dang4 ku1
to sing instead of weep (idiom)

便当 便當 bian4 dang1
convenient; handy; easy; bento (a meal in a partitioned box); lunchbox

不当紧 不當緊 bu4 dang1 jin3
not important; of no consequence

不当事 不當事 bu4 dang1 shi4
useless; regard as useless

不当 不當 bu4 dang4
unsuitable; improper; inappropriate

不当得利 不當得利 bu4 dang4 de2 li4
unjust enrichment

不当一回事 不當一回事 bu4 dang4 yi1 hui2 shi4
not regard as a matter (of any importance)

不敢当 不敢當 bu4 gan3 dang1
lit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise; you flatter me

不减当年 不減當年 bu4 jian3 dang1 nian2
(of one's skills, appearance etc) not to have deteriorated a bit; to be as (good, vigorous etc) as ever

不适当 不適當 bu4 shi4 dang4
inadequate; unfit

不正当 不正當 bu4 zheng4 dang4
dishonest; unfair; improper

不正当关系 不正當關係 bu4 zheng4 dang4 guan1 xi4
improper relation; adulterous relation

不正当竞争 不正當競爭 bu4 zheng4 dang4 jing4 zheng1
unfair competition; illicit competition

豺狼当道 豺狼當道 chai2 lang2 dang1 dao4
ravenous wolves hold the road (idiom); wicked people in power; a vicious tyranny rules the land

豺狼当路 豺狼當路 chai2 lang2 dang1 lu4
ravenous wolves hold the road (idiom); wicked people in power; a vicious tyranny rules the land

豺狼当涂 豺狼當塗 chai2 lang2 dang1 tu2
ravenous wolves hold the road (idiom); wicked people in power; a vicious tyranny rules the land

承当 承當 cheng2 dang1
to bear (responsibility); to take on; to assume

吃亏上当 吃虧上當 chi1 kui1 shang4 dang4
to be taken advantage of

充当 充當 chong1 dang1
to serve as; to act as; to play the role of

搭当 搭當 da1 dang4
variant of 搭檔|搭档

大敌当前 大敵當前 da4 di2 dang1 qian2
facing a powerful enemy (idiom); fig. confronting grave difficulties; Enemy at the Gates, 1991 movie by Jean-Jacques Annaud

大而无当 大而無當 da4 er2 wu2 dang4
grandiose but impractical (idiom); large but of no real use

担当 擔當 dan1 dang1
to take upon oneself; to assume

当班 當班 dang1 ban1
to work one's shift

当兵 當兵 dang1 bing1
to serve in the army; to be a soldier

当场 當場 dang1 chang3
at the scene; on the spot

当初 當初 dang1 chu1
at that time; originally

当代 當代 dang1 dai4
the present age; the contemporary era

当代史 當代史 dang1 dai4 shi3
contemporary history

当代新儒家 當代新儒家 dang1 dai4 xin1 ru2 jia1
Contemporary New Confucianism; see 新儒家

当当 當當 dang1 dang1
Dangdang (online retailer)

当当 噹噹 dang1 dang1
(onom.) ding dong

当当车 噹噹車 dang1 dang1 che1
(coll.) tram, especially Beijing trams during period of operation 1924-1956; also written 鐺鐺車|铛铛车

当道 當道 dang1 dao4
in the middle of the road; to be in the way; to hold power

当地 當地 dang1 di4

当地居民 當地居民 dang1 di4 ju1 min2
a local person; the local population

当地时间 當地時間 dang1 di4 shi2 jian1
local time

当断即断 當斷即斷 dang1 duan4 ji2 duan4
not to delay making a decision when a decision is needed

当断则断 當斷則斷 dang1 duan4 ze2 duan4
to make a decision when it's time to decide

当儿 當兒 dang1 er5
the very moment; just then; during (that brief interval)

当归 當歸 dang1 gui1
Angelica sinensis

当行出色 當行出色 dang1 hang2 chu1 se4
to excel in one's field

当红 當紅 dang1 hong2
currently popular (of movie stars, singers etc)

当机立断 當機立斷 dang1 ji1 li4 duan4
to make prompt decisions (idiom)

当即 當即 dang1 ji2
at once; on the spot

当家 當家 dang1 jia1
to manage the household; to be the one in charge of the family; to call the shots; to be in charge

当家作主 當家作主 dang1 jia1 zuo4 zhu3
to be in charge in one's own house (idiom); to be the master of one's own affairs

当驾 當駕 dang1 jia4
imperial driver

当街 當街 dang1 jie1
in the middle of the street; facing the street

当今 當今 dang1 jin1
current; present; now; nowadays

当局 當局 dang1 ju2

当局者迷,旁观者清 當局者迷,旁觀者清 dang1 ju2 zhe3 mi2 - pang2 guan1 zhe3 qing1
The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear (idiom). The onlooker sees more of the game.

当空 當空 dang1 kong1
overhead; up in the sky

当口 當口 dang1 kou3
at that moment; just then

当啷 當啷 dang1 lang1
(onom.) metallic sound; clanging

当量 當量 dang1 liang4
equivalent; yield

当量剂量 當量劑量 dang1 liang4 ji4 liang4
equivalent dose

当令 當令 dang1 ling4
to be in season; seasonal

当面 當面 dang1 mian4
to sb's face; in sb's presence

当年 當年 dang1 nian2
in those days; then; in those years; during that time

当牛作马 當牛作馬 dang1 niu2 zuo4 ma3
to work like a horse and toil like an ox; fig. to slave for sb

当前 當前 dang1 qian2
current; today's; modern; present; to be facing (us)

当枪使 當槍使 dang1 qiang1 shi3
to use (sb) as a tool

当且仅当 當且僅當 dang1 qie3 jin3 dang1
if and only if

当权 當權 dang1 quan2
to hold power

当权派 當權派 dang1 quan2 pai4
persons or faction in authority

当权者 當權者 dang1 quan2 zhe3
ruler; those in power; the authorities

当然 當然 dang1 ran2
only natural; as it should be; certainly; of course; without doubt

当仁不让 當仁不讓 dang1 ren2 bu4 rang4
to be unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others

当日 當日 dang1 ri4
on that day

当上 當上 dang1 shang5
to take up duty as; to assume a position; to assume; to take on (an office)

当时 當時 dang1 shi2
then; at that time; while

当世 當世 dang1 shi4
the present age; in office; the current office holder

当事 當事 dang1 shi4
to be in charge; to be confronted (with a matter); involved (in some matter)

当世冠 當世冠 dang1 shi4 guan4
the foremost person of his age; unequalled; a leading light

当事国 當事國 dang1 shi4 guo2
the countries involved

当事人 當事人 dang1 shi4 ren2
persons involved or implicated; party (to an affair)

当世无双 當世無雙 dang1 shi4 wu2 shuang1
unequalled in his time

当事者 當事者 dang1 shi4 zhe3
the person involved; the people holding power

当世之冠 當世之冠 dang1 shi4 zhi1 guan4
the foremost person of his age; unequalled; a leading light

当天 當天 dang1 tian1
on that day

当头 當頭 dang1 tou2
coming right into one's face; imminent; to put first

当涂 當涂 dang1 tu2
Dangtu county in Ma'anshan 馬鞍山|马鞍山, Anhui

当涂县 當涂縣 dang1 tu2 xian4
Dangtu county in Ma'anshan 馬鞍山|马鞍山, Anhui

当晚 當晚 dang1 wan3
on that evening

当务之急 當務之急 dang1 wu4 zhi1 ji2
top priority job; matter of vital importance

当下 當下 dang1 xia4
immediately; at once; at that moment; at the moment

当心 當心 dang1 xin1
to take care; to look out

当雄 當雄 dang1 xiong2
Damxung county, Tibetan: 'Dam gzhung rdzong in Lhasa 拉薩|拉萨, Tibet

当雄县 當雄縣 dang1 xiong2 xian4
Damxung county, Tibetan: 'Dam gzhung rdzong in Lhasa 拉薩|拉萨, Tibet

当选 當選 dang1 xuan3
to be elected

当阳 當陽 dang1 yang2
Dangyan county level city in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei

当阳市 當陽市 dang1 yang2 shi4
Dangyan county level city in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei

当夜 當夜 dang1 ye4
on that night

当月 當月 dang1 yue4
on that month

当着 當著 dang1 zhe5
in front of; in the presence of

当政 當政 dang1 zheng4
to come to power; to hold power; in office

当政者 當政者 dang1 zheng4 zhe3
power holder; current political ruler

当之无愧 當之無愧 dang1 zhi1 wu2 kui4
fully deserving, without any reservations (idiom); entirely worthy (of a title, honor etc)

当之有愧 當之有愧 dang1 zhi1 you3 kui4
to feel undeserving of the praise or the honor

当值 當值 dang1 zhi2
to be on duty

当中 當中 dang1 zhong1
among; in the middle; in the center

当众 當眾 dang1 zhong4
in public; in front of everybody

当轴 當軸 dang1 zhou2
person in power; important official

当成 當成 dang4 cheng2
to consider as; to take to be

当当 當當 dang4 dang4
to pawn

当掉 當掉 dang4 diao4
to fail (a student); to pawn; (of a computer or program) to crash; to stop working

当回事 當回事 dang4 hui2 shi4
to take seriously (often with negative expression: "don't take it too seriously"); to treat conscientiously

当回事儿 當回事兒 dang4 hui2 shi4 er5
erhua variant of 當回事|当回事

当机 當機 dang4 ji1
to crash (of a computer); to stop working; (loanword from English "down")

当年 當年 dang4 nian2
that very same year

当铺 當舖 dang4 pu4
pawn shop

当日 當日 dang4 ri4
that very day; the same day

当时 當時 dang4 shi2
at once; right away

当事 當事 dang4 shi4
to consider as a matter of importance; to be of importance

当天 當天 dang4 tian1
the same day

当天事当天毕 當天事當天畢 dang4 tian1 shi4 dang4 tian1 bi4
never put off until tomorrow what you can do today (idiom)

当头 當頭 dang4 tou5
(coll.) pledge; surety

当晚 當晚 dang4 wan3
the same evening

当夜 當夜 dang4 ye4
that very night; the same night

当月 當月 dang4 yue4
the same month

当真 當真 dang4 zhen1
to take seriously; serious; No joking, really!

当作 當作 dang4 zuo4
to treat as; to regard as

当做 當做 dang4 zuo4
to treat as; to regard as; to look upon as

得当 得當 de2 dang4
appropriate; suitable

等效百万吨当量 等效百萬噸當量 deng3 xiao4 bai3 wan4 dun1 dang1 liang4
equivalent megatonnage (EMT)

典当 典當 dian3 dang4
to pawn; pawnshop

吊儿郎当 吊兒郎當 diao4 er5 lang2 dang1

叮当 叮噹 ding1 dang1
(onom.) ding dong; jingling of bells; clanking sound

叮当声 叮噹聲 ding1 dang1 sheng1

叮当响 叮噹響 ding1 dang1 xiang3
(onom.) ding dong; jingling of bells; clanking sound

叮叮当当 叮叮噹噹 ding1 ding1 dang1 dang1
(onom.) ding dong; jingling of bells; clanking sound

丁零当啷 丁零噹啷 ding1 ling5 dang1 lang1
ding-a-ling; (onom.) for sound of bell

定当 定當 ding4 dang1

定当 定當 ding4 dang4
settled; ready; finished

独当一面 獨當一面 du2 dang1 yi1 mian4
to assume personal responsibility (idiom); to take charge of a section

对酒当歌 對酒當歌 dui4 jiu3 dang1 ge1
lit. sing to accompany wine (idiom); fig. life is short, make merry while you can

防卫过当 防衛過當 fang2 wei4 guo4 dang4
excessive self-defense (self-defense with excessive force)

分当 分當 fen4 dang1
as should be; as expected

噶当派 噶當派 ga2 dang1 pai4
Bkar-dgam-pa sect of Tibetan Buddhism

该当 該當 gai1 dang1
should; to deserve

敢作敢当 敢作敢當 gan3 zuo4 gan3 dang1
variant of 敢做敢當|敢做敢当

敢做敢当 敢做敢當 gan3 zuo4 gan3 dang1
daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it; a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions; the buck stops here

耕当问奴 耕當問奴 geng1 dang1 wen4 nu2
if it's plowing, ask the laborer (idiom); when managing a matter, consult the appropriate specialist

耕当问奴,织当访婢 耕當問奴,織當訪婢 geng1 dang1 wen4 nu2 - zhi1 dang1 fang3 bi4
if it's plowing ask the laborer, if it's weaving ask the maid (idiom); when managing a matter, consult the appropriate specialist

勾当 勾當 gou4 dang4
shady business

咣当 咣當 guang1 dang1
crash; bang

过当 過當 guo4 dang4

行当 行當 hang2 dang5
profession; role (acting)

好汉不提当年勇 好漢不提當年勇 hao3 han4 bu4 ti2 dang1 nian2 yong3
a real man doesn't boast about his past achievements (idiom)

好汉做事好汉当 好漢做事好漢當 hao3 han4 zuo4 shi4 hao3 han4 dang1
daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it (idiom); a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions; the buck stops here

合当 合當 he2 dang1
must; should

核当量 核當量 he2 dang1 liang4
nuclear yield

悔不当初 悔不當初 hui3 bu4 dang1 chu1
to regret one's past deeds (idiom)

剂量当量 劑量當量 ji4 liang4 dang1 liang4
dose equivalent

既要当婊子又要立牌坊 既要當婊子又要立牌坊 ji4 yao4 dang1 biao3 zi5 you4 yao4 li4 pai2 fang1
see 又想當婊子又想立牌坊|又想当婊子又想立牌坊

既有今日何必当初 既有今日何必當初 ji4 you3 jin1 ri4 he2 bi4 dang1 chu1
see 早知今日何必當初|早知今日何必当初

夹当 夾當 jia1 dang1
crucial moment; critical time

夹当儿 夾當兒 jia1 dang1 er5
erhua variant of 夾當|夹当

家当 家當 jia1 dang4
familial property; belongings

精当 精當 jing1 dang4
precise and appropriate

空当 空當 kong4 dang1
gap; interval

愧不敢当 愧不敢當 kui4 bu4 gan3 dang1
lit. I'm ashamed and dare not (accept the honor); fig. I do not deserve your praise.; You flatter me too much.

啷当 啷當 lang1 dang1
more or less; or so (of approx age or number); and so on

牢靠妥当 牢靠妥當 lao2 kao4 tuo3 dang4
reliable; solid and dependable

老当益壮 老當益壯 lao3 dang1 yi4 zhuang4
old but vigorous (idiom); hale and hearty despite the years

理当 理當 li3 dang1
should; ought

理所当然 理所當然 li3 suo3 dang1 ran2
as it should be by rights (idiom); proper and to be expected as a matter of course; inevitable and right

两当 兩當 liang3 dang1
Liangdang county in Longnan 隴南|陇南, Gansu

两当县 兩當縣 liang3 dang1 xian4
Liangdang county in Longnan 隴南|陇南, Gansu

了当 了當 liao3 dang4
frank; outspoken; ready; settled; in order; (old) to deal with; to handle

另当别论 另當別論 ling4 dang1 bie2 lun4
to treat differently; another cup of tea

麦当劳 麥當勞 mai4 dang1 lao2
MacDonald or McDonald (name); McDonald's (fast food company)

麦当劳叔叔 麥當勞叔叔 mai4 dang1 lao2 shu1 shu5
Ronald McDonald

麦当娜 麥當娜 mai4 dang1 na4
Madonna (1958-), US pop singer

满当当 滿當當 man3 dang1 dang1
brim full; completely packed

满满当当 滿滿當當 man3 man3 dang1 dang1
brim full; completely packed

每当 每當 mei3 dang1
whenever; every time; on every

门当户对 門當戶對 men2 dang1 hu4 dui4
the families are well-matched in terms of social status (idiom); (of a prospective marriage partner) an appropriate match

拿着鸡毛当令箭 拿著雞毛當令箭 na2 zhe5 ji1 mao2 dang4 ling4 jian4
to wave a chicken feather as a token of authority (idiom); to assume unwarranted authority on the basis of some pretext

欧当归 歐當歸 ou1 dang1 gui1
(botany) lovage; Levisticum officinale

旗鼓相当 旗鼓相當 qi2 gu3 xiang1 dang1
lit. two armies have equivalent banners and drums (idiom); fig. evenly matched; roughly comparable (opponents)

恰当 恰當 qia4 dang4
appropriate; suitable

穷当益坚 窮當益堅 qiong2 dang1 yi4 jian1
poor but ambitious (idiom); hard-pressed but determined; the worse one's position, the harder one must fight back

权当 權當 quan2 dang1
to act as if; to treat sth as if it were

锐不可当 銳不可當 rui4 bu4 ke3 dang1
unstoppable; hard to hold back

色当 色噹 se4 dang1
Sedan (French town)

上当 上當 shang4 dang4
taken in (by sb's deceit); to be fooled; to be duped

上一次当,学一次乖 上一次當,學一次乖 shang4 yi1 ci4 dang4 - xue2 yi1 ci4 guai1
to take sth as a lesson for next time (idiom); once bitten, twice shy

失当 失當 shi1 dang4
inappropriate; improper

石敢当 石敢當 shi2 gan3 dang1
stone tablet erected to ward off evil spirits

势不可当 勢不可當 shi4 bu4 ke3 dang1
impossible to resist (idiom); an irresistible force

适当 適當 shi4 dang4
suitable; appropriate

首当其冲 首當其衝 shou3 dang1 qi2 chong1
to bear the brunt

爽当 爽當 shuang3 dang1
with alacrity; frank and spontaneous

顺当 順當 shun4 dang5

说话不当话 說話不當話 shuo1 hua4 bu4 dang4 hua4
to fail to keep to one's word; to break a promise

斯当东 斯當東 si1 dang1 dong1
Staunton (name); Sir George Staunton, 1st Baronet, the second-in-command of the Macartney Mission of 1793

死当 死當 si3 dang4
to flunk (Tw); (computing) to crash; to stop working

死马当活马医 死馬當活馬醫 si3 ma3 dang4 huo2 ma3 yi1
lit. to give medicine to a dead horse (idiom); fig. to keep trying everything in a desperate situation

螳臂当车 螳臂當車 tang2 bi4 dang1 che1
a mantis trying to stop a chariot (idiom); to overrate oneself and attempt sth impossible; also written 螳臂擋車|螳臂挡车

梯恩梯当量 梯恩梯當量 ti1 en1 ti1 dang1 liang4
TNT equivalent

停当 停當 ting2 dang4
settled; accomplished; ready

妥当 妥當 tuo3 dang5
appropriate; proper; ready

瓦当 瓦當 wa3 dang1

稳当 穩當 wen3 dang5
reliable; secure; stable; firm

乌当 烏當 wu1 dang1
Wudang district of Guiyang city 貴陽市|贵阳市, Guizhou

乌当区 烏當區 wu1 dang1 qu1
Wudang district of Guiyang city 貴陽市|贵阳市, Guizhou

武当山 武當山 wu3 dang1 shan1
Wudang Mountain range in northwest Hubei

锡当河 錫當河 xi1 dang1 he2
Sittang River of central Myanmar (Burma), between Irrawaddy and Salween rivers

稀里光当 稀里光當 xi1 li5 guang1 dang1
thin; diluted

相当 相當 xiang1 dang1
equivalent to; appropriate; considerably; to a certain extent; fairly; quite

相当于 相當於 xiang1 dang1 yu2
equivalent to

相当于或大于 相當於或大於 xiang1 dang1 yu2 huo4 da4 yu2
greater than or equal to ≥; at least as great as

响当当 響噹噹 xiang3 dang1 dang1
resounding; loud; well known; famous

想当然 想當然 xiang3 dang1 ran2
to take sth for granted

响叮当 響叮噹 xiang3 ding1 dang1
to tinkle; to jingle; to clank

羞愧难当 羞愧難當 xiu1 kui4 nan2 dang1
to feel ashamed (idiom)

亚当 亞當 ya4 dang1

亚当·斯密 亞當·斯密 ya4 dang1 - si1 mi4
Adam Smith (1723-1790), Scottish ethical philosopher and pioneer economist, author of The Wealth of Nations 國富論|国富论

亚当斯 亞當斯 ya4 dang1 si1

亚当斯敦 亞當斯敦 ya4 dang1 si1 dun1
Adamstown, capital of the Pitcairn Islands

阎王好见,小鬼难当 閻王好見,小鬼難當 yan2 wang2 hao3 jian4 - xiao3 gui3 nan2 dang1
lit. standing in front of the King of Hell is easy, but smaller devils are difficult to deal with (idiom)

一夫当关,万夫莫开 一夫當關,萬夫莫開 yi1 fu1 dang1 guan1 - wan4 fu1 mo4 kai1
one man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies (idiom)

一马当先 一馬當先 yi1 ma3 dang1 xian1
to take the lead

应当 應當 ying1 dang1
should; ought to

有福同享,有祸同当 有福同享,有禍同當 you3 fu2 tong2 xiang3 - you3 huo4 tong2 dang1
To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together (idiom); for better or for worse

有福同享,有难同当 有福同享,有難同當 you3 fu2 tong2 xiang3 - you3 nan4 tong2 dang1
To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together (idiom); for better or for worse

又想当婊子又想立牌坊 又想當婊子又想立牌坊 you4 xiang3 dang1 biao3 zi5 you4 xiang3 li4 pai2 fang1
lit. to lead the life of a whore but still want a monument put up to one's chastity (idiom); fig. to have bad intentions but still want a good reputation; to want to have one's cake and eat it too

御便当 御便當 yu4 bian4 dang1
(Tw) bento; lunch box

约当现金 約當現金 yue1 dang1 xian4 jin1
cash equivalent (accountancy)

允当 允當 yun3 dang4
proper; suitable

早知今日何必当初 早知今日何必當初 zao3 zhi1 jin1 ri4 he2 bi4 dang1 chu1
if I (you, she, he...) had known it would come to this, I (you, she, he...) would not have acted thus (idiom); to regret vainly one's past behavior

泽当 澤當 ze2 dang1
Zêdang town in Nêdong county 乃東縣|乃东县, Tibet, capital of Lhokha prefecture

泽当镇 澤當鎮 ze2 dang1 zhen4
Zêdang town in Nêdong county 乃東縣|乃东县, Tibet, capital of Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区

正当 正當 zheng4 dang1
timely; just (when needed)

正当年 正當年 zheng4 dang1 nian2
to be in the prime of life

正当时 正當時 zheng4 dang1 shi2
the right time for sth; the right season (for planting cabbage)

正当中 正當中 zheng4 dang1 zhong1
right in the midpoint; a bull's eye; to hit the nail on the head

正当 正當 zheng4 dang4
honest; reasonable; fair; sensible

正当防卫 正當防衛 zheng4 dang4 fang2 wei4
reasonable self-defense; legitimate defense

正当理由 正當理由 zheng4 dang4 li3 you2
proper reason; reasonable grounds

正当性 正當性 zheng4 dang4 xing4
(political) legitimacy

织当访婢 織當訪婢 zhi1 dang1 fang3 bi4
if it's weaving, ask the maid (idiom); when managing a matter, consult the appropriate specialist

直接了当 直接了當 zhi2 jie1 liao3 dang4
see 直截了當|直截了当

直截了当 直截了當 zhi2 jie2 liao3 dang4
direct and plainspoken (idiom); blunt; straightforward

直捷了当 直捷了當 zhi2 jie2 liao3 dang4
variant of 直截了當|直截了当

至当 至當 zhi4 dang4
most suitable; extremely appropriate