class; collection

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
词汇 詞彙 ci2 hui4
vocabulary; list of words (e.g. for language teaching purposes); word

词汇分解 詞彙分解 ci2 hui4 fen1 jie3
lexical decomposition

词汇判断 詞彙判斷 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4
lexical decision

词汇判断法 詞彙判斷法 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 fa3
lexical decision task

词汇判断任务 詞彙判斷任務 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 ren4 wu4
lexical decision task

词汇判断作业 詞彙判斷作業 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 zuo4 ye4
lexical decision task

词汇通路 詞彙通路 ci2 hui4 tong1 lu4
lexical route

词汇学 詞彙學 ci2 hui4 xue2
lexicology (linguistics)

词语汇 詞語彙 ci2 yu3 hui4

后词汇加工 後詞彙加工 hou4 ci2 hui4 jia1 gong1
post-lexical access

汇报 彙報 hui4 bao4
to report; to give an account of; report

汇编 彙編 hui4 bian1
collection; compilation; compile

汇集 彙集 hui4 ji2
to collect; to compile; to converge

汇映 彙映 hui4 ying4
joint screening; consecutive screening of collection of movies

汇整 彙整 hui4 zheng3
to collect and organize (papers etc); to archive (data); to summarize (evidence etc); summary

汇注 彙注 hui4 zhu4
annotated collection

汇总 彙總 hui4 zong3
summary; to summarize; to collect (data, receipts etc); to gather and report; also written 匯總|汇总

基本词汇 基本詞彙 ji1 ben3 ci2 hui4
basic word

交汇 交彙 jiao1 hui4
variant of 交匯|交汇; to flow together; confluence (of rivers, airflow, roads); (international) cooperation

文汇报 文彙報 wen2 hui4 bao4
Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong newspaper); Wenhui News (Shanghai newspaper)

语汇 語彙 yu3 hui4

字汇 字彙 zi4 hui4
Zihui, Chinese character dictionary with 33,179 entries, released in 17th century

字汇 字彙 zi4 hui4
(computer) character repertoire; glossary, lexicon