clear; conspicuous; manifest

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
表彰 表彰 biao3 zhang1
to honor; to commend; to cite (in dispatches)

臭名昭彰 臭名昭彰 chou4 ming2 zhao1 zhang1
notorious for his misdeeds (idiom); infamous

跌宕昭彰 跌宕昭彰 die1 dang4 zhao1 zhang1
flowing (of prose); free

恶名昭彰 惡名昭彰 e4 ming2 zhao1 zhang1
infamous; notorious

相得益彰 相得益彰 xiang1 de2 yi4 zhang1
to bring out the best in each other (idiom); to complement one another well

欲盖弥彰 欲蓋彌彰 yu4 gai4 mi2 zhang1
trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous (idiom); A cover up only makes matters worse.

彰化 彰化 zhang1 hua4
Zhanghua or Changhua city and county in west Taiwan

彰化市 彰化市 zhang1 hua4 shi4
Zhanghua or Changhua city in west Taiwan, capital of Changhua county

彰化县 彰化縣 zhang1 hua4 xian4
Zhanghua or Changhua county in west Taiwan

彰明 彰明 zhang1 ming2
to show clearly; to make public; obvious

彰明较著 彰明較著 zhang1 ming2 jiao4 zhu4
obvious; clear for all to see

彰善瘅恶 彰善癉惡 zhang1 shan4 dan4 e4
to distinguish good and evil (idiom); to uphold virtue and condemn evil; to praise good and expose vice

彰武 彰武 zhang1 wu3
Zhangwu county in Fuxin 阜新, Liaoning

彰武县 彰武縣 zhang1 wu3 xian4
Zhangwu county in Fuxin 阜新, Liaoning

彰显 彰顯 zhang1 xian3
to manifest

彰彰 彰彰 zhang1 zhang1
obvious; manifest; clearly visible