to stay

to wait; to treat; to deal with; to need; going to (do sth); about to; intending to

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
嗷嗷待哺 嗷嗷待哺 ao2 ao2 dai4 bu3
cry piteously for food

百端待举 百端待舉 bai3 duan1 dai4 ju3
a thousand things remain to be done (idiom); numerous tasks remain to be undertaken

百废待举 百廢待舉 bai3 fei4 dai4 ju3
many things waiting to be done (idiom); a thousand things to do

百废待兴 百廢待興 bai3 fei4 dai4 xing1
many things waiting to be done (idiom); a thousand things to do

包待制 包待制 bao1 dai4 zhi4
Bao Daizhi, "Edict Attendant Bao", fictional name used for Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty

薄待 薄待 bo2 dai4
mean treatment; indifference; meager hospitality

不待说 不待說 bu4 dai4 shuo1
needless to say; it goes without saying

藏器待时 藏器待時 cang2 qi4 dai4 shi2
to conceal one's abilities and wait (idiom); to lie low and await the opportune moment

赤诚相待 赤誠相待 chi4 cheng2 xiang1 dai4
to treat utterly sincerely; open and above board in dealing with sb

待会儿 待會兒 dai1 hui4 er5
in a moment; later; Taiwan pr.

待办事项列表 待辦事項列表 dai4 ban4 shi4 xiang4 lie4 biao3
to-do list

待毙 待斃 dai4 bi4
to await death; to be a sitting duck

待产 待產 dai4 chan3
(of an expectant mother) to be in labor

待定 待定 dai4 ding4
to await a decision; to be pending

待复 待復 dai4 fu4
to be advised; awaiting an answer

待机 待機 dai4 ji1
to wait for an opportunity; to seize a chance; pragmatic

待价而沽 待價而沽 dai4 jia4 er2 gu1
to sell only for a good price (idiom); to wait for a good offer

待见 待見 dai4 jian5
(coll.) to like

待解 待解 dai4 jie3
unresolved; awaiting solution

待考 待考 dai4 kao3
under investigation; currently unknown

待命 待命 dai4 ming4
to be on call; to be on standby

待人 待人 dai4 ren2
to treat people (politely, harshly etc)

待人接物 待人接物 dai4 ren2 jie1 wu4
the way one treats people

待宵草 待宵草 dai4 xiao1 cao3
evening primrose

待续 待續 dai4 xu4
to be continued

待要 待要 dai4 yao4
to be about to

待业 待業 dai4 ye4
to await job assignment (term used only in mainland China)

待乙妥 待乙妥 dai4 yi3 tuo3
DEET (insect repellent) (loanword)

待遇 待遇 dai4 yu4
treatment; pay; salary; status; rank

担待 擔待 dan1 dai4
to pardon; please excuse (me); to take responsibility

等待 等待 deng3 dai4
to wait; to wait for

对待 對待 dui4 dai4
to treat; treatment

刮目相待 刮目相待 gua1 mu4 xiang1 dai4
see 刮目相看

管待 管待 guan3 dai4
to wait on; to attend; to serve

海待 海待 hai3 dai4
student who has returned from overseas but is yet to find a job (pun on 海帶|海带); cf. 海歸|海归

含苞待放 含苞待放 han2 bao1 dai4 fang4
in bud; budding

厚待 厚待 hou4 dai4
generous treatment

急不可待 急不可待 ji2 bu4 ke3 dai4
impatient; eager to; anxious to

急待 急待 ji2 dai4
to need urgently; to need doing without delay

亟待 亟待 ji2 dai4
see 急待

记者招待会 記者招待會 ji4 zhe3 zhao1 dai4 hui4
press conference

交待 交待 jiao1 dai4
variant of 交代

接待 接待 jie1 dai4
to receive (a visitor); to admit (allow sb to enter)

接待室 接待室 jie1 dai4 shi4
reception room

接待员 接待員 jie1 dai4 yuan2

看待 看待 kan4 dai4
to look upon; to regard

可待因 可待因 ke3 dai4 yin1
codeine (loanword)

苦待 苦待 ku3 dai4
treat harshly

宽待 寬待 kuan1 dai4
to treat leniently; liberal treatment

宽以待人 寬以待人 kuan1 yi3 dai4 ren2
to be lenient with others (idiom)

款待 款待 kuan3 dai4
to entertain; to be hospitable to

亏待 虧待 kui1 dai4
to treat sb unfairly

冷漠对待 冷漠對待 leng3 mo4 dui4 dai4
cold and detached towards sb; lack of regard; indifference; neglect

零等待状态 零等待狀態 ling2 deng3 dai4 zhuang4 tai4
zero wait state (computing)

留待 留待 liu2 dai4
to leave sth for later; to postpone (work, a decision etc)

慢待 慢待 man4 dai4
to slight (treat badly)

虐待 虐待 nve4 dai4
to mistreat; to maltreat; to abuse; mistreatment; maltreatment

虐待狂 虐待狂 nve4 dai4 kuang2
sadism; sadist

偏待 偏待 pian1 dai4
to show favoritism against sb; to treat unfairly

迫不及待 迫不及待 po4 bu4 ji2 dai4
impatient (idiom); in a hurry; itching to get on with it

期待 期待 qi1 dai4
to look forward to; to await; expectation

翘首以待 翹首以待 qiao2 shou3 yi3 dai4
to hold one's breath (in anticipation) (idiom); to anxiously await

翘足而待 翹足而待 qiao2 zu2 er2 dai4
to expect in a short time (idiom); also pr.

热情款待 熱情款待 re4 qing2 kuan3 dai4
to provide warm hospitality

善待 善待 shan4 dai4
to treat well

时不我待 時不我待 shi2 bu4 wo3 dai4
time and tide wait for no man (idiom)

拭目以待 拭目以待 shi4 mu4 yi3 dai4
lit. to wipe one's eyes and wait (idiom); to wait and see

守株待兔 守株待兔 shou3 zhu1 dai4 tu4
lit. to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits (idiom); to wait idly for opportunities; to trust to chance rather than show initiative

守株待兔,缘木求鱼 守株待兔,緣木求魚 shou3 zhu1 dai4 tu4 - yuan2 mu4 qiu2 yu2
to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits, and climb a tree to catch fish (idiom); without any practical course of action

束手待毙 束手待斃 shu4 shou3 dai4 bi4
to wait helplessly for death (idiom); to resign oneself to extinction

束手待死 束手待死 shu4 shou3 dai4 si3
hands tied and expecting the worst

随时待命 隨時待命 sui2 shi2 dai4 ming4
on call; always available; ready at all times

特别待遇 特別待遇 te4 bie2 dai4 yu4
special treatment

相待 相待 xiang1 dai4
to treat

性虐待 性虐待 xing4 nve4 dai4
sexual abuse

虚位以待 虛位以待 xu1 wei4 yi3 dai4
to reserve a seat; to leave a position vacant

虚席以待 虛席以待 xu1 xi2 yi3 dai4
to reserve a seat for sb (idiom)

蓄势待发 蓄勢待發 xu4 shi4 dai4 fa1
to wait for action after having accumulated power, energy etc

严以责己宽以待人 嚴以責己寬以待人 yan2 yi3 ze2 ji3 kuan1 yi3 dai4 ren2
to be severe with oneself and lenient with others (idiom)

夜招待酒会 夜招待酒會 ye4 zhao1 dai4 jiu3 hui4
evening cocktail reception

以礼相待 以禮相待 yi3 li3 xiang1 dai4
to treat sb with due respect (idiom)

以逸待劳 以逸待勞 yi3 yi4 dai4 lao2
to wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy; to nurture one's strength and bide one's time (idiom)

应急待命 應急待命 ying4 ji2 dai4 ming4
emergency standby; to be on standby

优待 優待 you1 dai4
preferential treatment; to give preferential treatment

优待票 優待票 you1 dai4 piao4
reduced-price ticket (e.g. for students)

优待券 優待券 you1 dai4 quan4
discount coupon; complimentary ticket

有待 有待 you3 dai4
not yet (done); pending

招待 招待 zhao1 dai4
to receive (guests); to entertain; reception

招待会 招待會 zhao1 dai4 hui4

招待所 招待所 zhao1 dai4 suo3
guest house; small hotel

招待员 招待員 zhao1 dai4 yuan2
usher; greeter

枕戈待旦 枕戈待旦 zhen3 ge1 dai4 dan4
to wait for dawn, one's head resting on a spear (idiom); fully prepared and biding one's time before the battle

整装待发 整裝待發 zheng3 zhuang1 dai4 fa1
to get ready (for a journey); ready and waiting

指日可待 指日可待 zhi3 ri4 ke3 dai4
imminent; just around the corner (idiom)

自不待言 自不待言 zi4 bu4 dai4 yan2
needless to say; it goes without saying

最惠国待遇 最惠國待遇 zui4 hui4 guo2 dai4 yu4
most favored nation

坐以待毙 坐以待斃 zuo4 yi3 dai4 bi4
to sit and wait for death (idiom); resigned to one's fate