to give in to; to be swayed by (personal considerations etc); Taiwan pr. ; to follow; to expose publicly; variant of 侚; variant of 殉

variant of 徇

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
徇情 徇情 xun4 qing2
to act out of personal considerations; to show partiality

徇情枉法 徇情枉法 xun4 qing2 wang3 fa3
see 徇私枉法

徇私枉法 徇私枉法 xun4 si1 wang3 fa3
to bend the law in order to favor one's relatives or associates (idiom)

徇私舞弊 徇私舞弊 xun4 si1 wu3 bi4
bribery and fraud (idiom)