thorough; penetrating; to pervade; to pass through

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
彻查 徹查 che4 cha2
to investigate thoroughly

彻底 徹底 che4 di3
thorough; thoroughly; complete

彻底失败 徹底失敗 che4 di3 shi1 bai4
utter failure

彻骨 徹骨 che4 gu3
to the bone; to the marrow; fig. to a very large degree

彻头彻尾 徹頭徹尾 che4 tou2 che4 wei3
lit. from head to tail (idiom); thoroughgoing; through and through; out and out; from top to bottom

彻悟 徹悟 che4 wu4
fully aware; to recognize fully

彻西 徹西 che4 xi1
Chelsea, suburb of London; Chelsea football club

彻夜 徹夜 che4 ye4
the whole night

彻夜不眠 徹夜不眠 che4 ye4 bu4 mian2
to be sleepless all night

澄彻 澄徹 cheng2 che4
variant of 澄澈

大彻大悟 大徹大悟 da4 che4 da4 wu4
to achieve supreme enlightenment or nirvana (Buddhism)

贯彻 貫徹 guan4 che4
to implement; to put into practice; to carry out

贯彻始终 貫徹始終 guan4 che4 shi3 zhong1
to follow through; to carry through to the end

冏彻 冏徹 jiong3 che4
bright and easily understood; clear; transparent

恺彻 愷徹 kai3 che4
variant of 愷撒|恺撒, Caesar (emperor) used by Yan Fu 嚴復|严复

凯彻 凱徹 kai3 che4
variant of 愷撒|恺撒, Caesar (emperor)

克赖斯特彻奇 克賴斯特徹奇 ke4 lai4 si1 te4 che4 qi2
Christchurch (New Zealand city)

罗彻斯特 羅徹斯特 luo2 che4 si1 te4

曼彻斯特 曼徹斯特 man4 che4 si1 te4

曼彻斯特编码 曼徹斯特編碼 man4 che4 si1 te4 bian1 ma3
Manchester encoding

清彻 清徹 qing1 che4
variant of 清澈

萨斯喀彻温 薩斯喀徹溫 sa4 si1 ka1 che4 wen1
Saskatchewan province, Canada

斯彻达尔 斯徹達爾 si1 che4 da2 er3
Stjørdal (city in Trøndelag, Norway)

通彻 通徹 tong1 che4
to understand completely

通天彻地 通天徹地 tong1 tian1 che4 di4
to know all under heaven; exceptionally talented (idiom)

透彻 透徹 tou4 che4
penetrating; thorough; incisive

响彻 響徹 xiang3 che4
to resound; to resonate