to be jealous of; fear; dread; scruple; to avoid or abstain from; to quit; to give up sth

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
百无禁忌 百無禁忌 bai3 wu2 jin4 ji4
all taboos are off (idiom); anything goes; nothing is taboo

避忌 避忌 bi4 ji4
to avoid as taboo

猜忌 猜忌 cai1 ji4
to be suspicious and jealous of

妒忌 妒忌 du4 ji4
to be jealous of (sb's achievements etc); to be envious; envy

妒贤忌能 妒賢忌能 du4 xian2 ji4 neng2
to envy the virtuous and talented (idiom)

顾忌 顧忌 gu4 ji4
to have misgivings; apprehension; worry; qualm; scruple

讳疾忌医 諱疾忌醫 hui4 ji2 ji4 yi1
hiding a sickness for fear of treatment (idiom); fig. concealing a fault to avoid criticism; to keep one's shortcomings secret; to refuse to listen to advice

忌辰 忌辰 ji4 chen2
anniversary of a death

忌惮 忌憚 ji4 dan4
to be afraid of the consequences; restraining fear

忌妒 忌妒 ji4 du5
to be jealous of; to envy; jealousy; envy

忌恨 忌恨 ji4 hen4
hate (due to envy etc)

忌讳 忌諱 ji4 hui4
taboo; to avoid as taboo; to abstain from

忌口 忌口 ji4 kou3
abstain from certain food (as when ill); avoid certain foods; be on a diet

忌日 忌日 ji4 ri4
anniversary of a death; inauspicious day

忌羡 忌羨 ji4 xian4
to envy

戒忌 戒忌 jie4 ji4
a taboo; to avoid sth (as taboo)

禁忌 禁忌 jin4 ji4
taboo; contraindication (medicine); to abstain from

禁忌语 禁忌語 jin4 ji4 yu3
taboo language

拘忌 拘忌 ju1 ji4
to have scruples; to have misgivings

切忌 切忌 qie4 ji4
to avoid as taboo; to avoid by all means

肆无忌惮 肆無忌憚 si4 wu2 ji4 dan4
absolutely unrestrained; unbridled; without the slightest scruple

田忌赛马 田忌賽馬 tian2 ji4 sai4 ma3
Tian Ji races his horses (and accepts one loss in order to ensure two wins) (idiom)

童言无忌 童言無忌 tong2 yan2 wu2 ji4
children's words carry no harm (idiom)

投鼠忌器 投鼠忌器 tou2 shu3 ji4 qi4
lit. to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases (idiom); to not act against an evil so as to prevent harm to innocents

外宽内忌 外寬內忌 wai4 kuan1 nei4 ji4
magnanimous on the outside, but hateful on the inside (idiom)

威士忌 威士忌 wei1 shi4 ji4
whiskey (loanword)

威士忌酒 威士忌酒 wei1 shi4 ji4 jiu3
whiskey (loanword)

畏忌 畏忌 wei4 ji4
to be arrested by fear; restraint; scruple

无所畏忌 無所畏忌 wu2 suo3 wei4 ji4
without any fear of consequences; totally devoid of scruples

嫌忌 嫌忌 xian2 ji4

性禁忌 性禁忌 xing4 jin4 ji4
sexual taboo

疑忌 疑忌 yi2 ji4
jealousy; suspicious and jealous

长孙无忌 長孫無忌 zhang3 sun1 wu2 ji4
Zhangsun Wuji (c. 594-659), politician and historian of early Tang

恣行无忌 恣行無忌 zi4 xing2 wu2 ji4
to behave recklessly