to forget; to overlook; to neglect

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
备忘录 備忘錄 bei4 wang4 lu4
memorandum; aide-memoire; memorandum book

吃水不忘掘井人 吃水不忘掘井人 chi1 shui3 bu4 wang4 jue2 jing3 ren2
Drinking the water of a well, one should never forget who dug it. (idiom)

吃水不忘挖井人 吃水不忘挖井人 chi1 shui3 bu4 wang4 wa1 jing3 ren2
see 吃水不忘掘井人

淡忘 淡忘 dan4 wang4
to be forgotten; to fade from memory

得意忘形 得意忘形 de2 yi4 wang4 xing2
so pleased as to lose one's sense of measure; beside oneself with joy

得鱼忘筌 得魚忘筌 de2 yu2 wang4 quan2
lit. catch fish then forget the trap (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子); fig. to take help for granted

发愤忘食 發憤忘食 fa1 fen4 wang4 shi2
so dedicated as to forget one's meals (idiom)

发行备忘录 發行備忘錄 fa1 xing2 bei4 wang4 lu4
offering memorandum (for public stock issue); publication memorandum

废寝忘餐 廢寢忘餐 fei4 qin3 wang4 can1
to neglect sleep and food (idiom); to skip one's sleep and meals; to be completely wrapped up in one's work

废寝忘食 廢寢忘食 fei4 qin3 wang4 shi2
to neglect sleep and forget about food (idiom); to skip one's sleep and meals; to be completely wrapped up in one's work

公而忘私 公而忘私 gong1 er2 wang4 si1
for the common good and forgetting personal interests (idiom); to behave altruistically; selfless

苟富贵,勿相忘 苟富貴,勿相忘 gou3 fu4 gui4 - wu4 xiang1 wang4
don't forget your friends when you become rich

贵人多忘 貴人多忘 gui4 ren2 duo1 wang4
an eminent person has short memory (idiom)

贵人多忘事 貴人多忘事 gui4 ren2 duo1 wang4 shi4
see 貴人多忘|贵人多忘

过目不忘 過目不忘 guo4 mu4 bu4 wang4
to have a highly retentive memory; to have sth imprinted in one's memory

好了伤疤忘了疼 好了傷疤忘了疼 hao3 le5 shang1 ba1 wang4 le5 teng2
to forget past pains once the wound has healed (idiom)

见利忘义 見利忘義 jian4 li4 wang4 yi4
to see profit and forget morality (idiom); to act from mercenary considerations; to sell one's soul for gain

见色忘义 見色忘義 jian4 se4 wang4 yi4
to forget loyalty when in love; hoes before bros

见色忘友 見色忘友 jian4 se4 wang4 you3
to neglect one's friends when smitten with a new love

健忘 健忘 jian4 wang4

健忘症 健忘症 jian4 wang4 zheng4

流宕忘反 流宕忘反 liu2 dang4 wang4 fan3
to stray and forget to return

流连忘返 流連忘返 liu2 lian2 wang4 fan3
to linger; to remain enjoying oneself and forget to go home

没齿不忘 沒齒不忘 mo4 chi3 bu4 wang4
lit. will not be forgotten even after one's teeth fall out; to remember as long as one lives; unforgettable (idiom)

没齿难忘 沒齒難忘 mo4 chi3 nan2 wang4
hard to forget even after one's teeth fall out (idiom); to remember a benefactor as long as one lives; undying gratitude

难忘 難忘 nan2 wang4

念念不忘 念念不忘 nian4 nian4 bu4 wang4
to keep in mind constantly (idiom)

前事不忘,后事之师 前事不忘,後事之師 qian2 shi4 bu4 wang4 - hou4 shi4 zhi1 shi1
don't forget past events, they can guide you in future (idiom); benefit from past experience

善忘 善忘 shan4 wang4
forgetful; amnesia

舍生忘死 捨生忘死 she3 sheng1 wang4 si3
bravery with no thought of personal safety (idiom); risking life and limb; undaunted by perils

数典忘祖 數典忘祖 shu3 dian3 wang4 zu3
to recount history but omit one's ancestors (idiom); to forget one's roots

提笔忘字 提筆忘字 ti2 bi3 wang4 zi4
to have difficulty remembering how to write Chinese characters

忘八 忘八 wang4 ba1
see 王八

忘八旦 忘八旦 wang4 ba1 dan4
turtle's egg (highly offensive when directed at sb)

忘八蛋 忘八蛋 wang4 ba1 dan4
turtle's egg (highly offensive when directed at sb)

忘本 忘本 wang4 ben3
to forget one's roots

忘不了 忘不了 wang4 bu4 liao3
cannot forget

忘餐 忘餐 wang4 can1
to forget one's meals

忘餐废寝 忘餐廢寢 wang4 can1 fei4 qin3
see 廢寢忘餐|废寝忘餐

忘掉 忘掉 wang4 diao4
to forget

忘恩 忘恩 wang4 en1
to be ungrateful

忘恩负义 忘恩負義 wang4 en1 fu4 yi4
to forget favors and violate justice (idiom); ingratitude to a friend; to kick a benefactor in the teeth

忘乎所以 忘乎所以 wang4 hu1 suo3 yi3
to get carried away; to forget oneself

忘怀 忘懷 wang4 huai2
to forget

忘机 忘機 wang4 ji1
free of worldly concerns; above the fray; at peace with the world

忘记 忘記 wang4 ji4
to forget

忘年交 忘年交 wang4 nian2 jiao1
friends despite the difference in age

忘其所以 忘其所以 wang4 qi2 suo3 yi3
see 忘乎所以

忘情 忘情 wang4 qing2
unmoved; indifferent; unruffled by sentiment

忘却 忘卻 wang4 que4
to forget

忘我 忘我 wang4 wo3
selflessness; altruism

忘性 忘性 wang4 xing4

忘忧草 忘憂草 wang4 you1 cao3
daylily (Hemerocallis fulva)

毋忘 毋忘 wu2 wang4
Don't forget! (literary)

勿忘国耻 勿忘國恥 wu4 wang4 guo2 chi3
Never forget national humiliation, refers to Mukden railway incident of 18th September 1931 九一八事變|九一八事变 and subsequent Japanese annexation of Manchuria

勿忘我 勿忘我 wu4 wang4 wo3
forget-me-not, genus Myosotis (botany)

遗忘 遺忘 yi2 wang4
to become forgotten; to forget

遗忘症 遺忘症 yi2 wang4 zheng4

永志不忘 永志不忘 yong3 zhi4 bu4 wang4
never to be forgotten

转眼便忘 轉眼便忘 zhuan3 yan3 bian4 wang4
what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't miss (idiom)