busy; hurriedly; to hurry; to rush

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
百忙 百忙 bai3 mang2
busy schedule

帮帮忙 幫幫忙 bang1 bang5 mang2
to help; to do a favor; (Shanghainese) Come on!; Give me a break!

帮倒忙 幫倒忙 bang1 dao4 mang2
to be more of a hindrance than a help

帮忙 幫忙 bang1 mang2
to help; to lend a hand; to do a favor; to do a good turn

奔忙 奔忙 ben1 mang2
to be busy rushing about; to bustle about

不慌不忙 不慌不忙 bu4 huang1 bu4 mang2
calm and unhurried (idiom); composed; to take matters calmly

不忙 不忙 bu4 mang2
there's no hurry; take one's time

匆忙 匆忙 cong1 mang2
hasty; hurried

大忙人 大忙人 da4 mang2 ren2
busy bee; very busy person

繁忙 繁忙 fan2 mang2
busy; bustling

赶忙 趕忙 gan3 mang2
to hurry; to hasten; to make haste

慌忙 慌忙 huang1 mang2
in a great rush; in a flurry

急急忙忙 急急忙忙 ji2 ji2 mang2 mang2

急忙 急忙 ji2 mang2

连忙 連忙 lian2 mang2
promptly; at once

忙不迭 忙不迭 mang2 bu4 die2
hurriedly; in haste

忙不过来 忙不過來 mang2 bu4 guo4 lai2
to have more work than one can deal with; to have one's hands full

忙乎 忙乎 mang2 hu1
to be busy (colloquial)

忙活 忙活 mang2 huo5
to be really busy; pressing business

忙进忙出 忙進忙出 mang2 jin4 mang2 chu1
very busy

忙碌 忙碌 mang2 lu4
busy; bustling

忙乱 忙亂 mang2 luan4
rushed and muddled

忙忙叨叨 忙忙叨叨 mang2 mang5 dao1 dao1
in a busy and hasty manner

忙音 忙音 mang2 yin1
busy signal (telephony)

忙于 忙於 mang2 yu2
busy with

忙着 忙著 mang2 zhe5
to be occupied with (doing sth)

忙中有错 忙中有錯 mang2 zhong1 you3 cuo4
Rushed work lead to errors (idiom). Mistakes are likely at times of stress.

忙中有失 忙中有失 mang2 zhong1 you3 shi1
Rushed work lead to slip-ups (idiom). Mistakes are likely at times of stress.

闹忙 鬧忙 nao4 mang2
(dialect) bustling; lively

农忙 農忙 nong2 mang2
busy farming season

穷忙族 窮忙族 qiong2 mang2 zu2
the working poor

事务繁忙 事務繁忙 shi4 wu4 fan2 mang2
busy; bustling

手忙脚乱 手忙腳亂 shou3 mang2 jiao3 luan4
to act with confusion; to be in a flurry; to be flustered

瞎忙 瞎忙 xia1 mang2
to putter around; to work to no avail

越帮越忙 越幫越忙 yue4 bang1 yue4 mang2
to be officious; to kibitz; to be meddlesome; to force one's help upon

着忙 著忙 zhao2 mang2
to rush; in a hurry; to worry about being late