sincerity; honesty

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
陈忱 陳忱 chen2 chen2
Chen Chen (1613-1670), novelist and poet at the Ming-Qing transition, author of Water Margin sequel 水滸後傳|水浒后传

李忱 李忱 li3 chen2
Li Chen, personal name of seventeenth Tang emperor Xuanzong 宣宗 (810-859), reigned 846-859

满腔热忱 滿腔熱忱 man3 qiang1 re4 chen2
full of enthusiasm

热忱 熱忱 re4 chen2
zeal; enthusiasm; ardor; enthusiastic; warmhearted

谢忱 謝忱 xie4 chen2