variant of 念, to read aloud

to read; to study (a subject); to attend (a school); to read aloud; to miss (sb); idea; remembrance; twenty (banker's anti-fraud numeral corresponding to 廿, 20)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
不念旧恶 不念舊惡 bu4 nian4 jiu4 e4
do not recall old grievances (idiom, from Analects); forgive and forget

残念 殘念 can2 nian4
(coll.) to regret; what a pity! (loanword from Japanese "zannen")

唱念 唱念 chang4 nian4
to recite loudly; to sing out

叨念 叨念 dao1 nian4
see 念叨

祷念 禱念 dao3 nian4
to pray; to say one's prayers

悼念 悼念 dao4 nian4
to grieve

惦念 惦念 dian4 nian4
to constantly have (sb or sth) on one's mind

非分之念 非分之念 fei1 fen4 zhi1 nian4
improper idea

概念 概念 gai4 nian4
concept; idea

概念地图 概念地圖 gai4 nian4 di4 tu2
mind map

概念化 概念化 gai4 nian4 hua4

概念驱动加工 概念驅動加工 gai4 nian4 qu1 dong4 jia1 gong1
concept-driven processing

概念依存模型 概念依存模型 gai4 nian4 yi1 cun2 mo2 xing2
conceptual dependency model

感念 感念 gan3 nian4
to recall fondly; to remember with emotion

顾念 顧念 gu4 nian4
to care for; to worry about

挂念 掛念 gua4 nian4

怪念头 怪念頭 guai4 nian4 tou5
eccentric notion; strange whim

观念 觀念 guan1 nian4
notion; thought; concept; sense; views; ideology; general impressions

怀念 懷念 huai2 nian4
to cherish the memory of; to think of; reminisce

基本概念 基本概念 ji1 ben3 gai4 nian4
basic concept

纪念 紀念 ji4 nian4
to commemorate; to remember

记念 記念 ji4 nian4
variant of 紀念|纪念

纪念碑 紀念碑 ji4 nian4 bei1

纪念馆 紀念館 ji4 nian4 guan3
memorial hall; commemorative museum

纪念奖 紀念獎 ji4 nian4 jiang3

纪念品 紀念品 ji4 nian4 pin3

记念品 記念品 ji4 nian4 pin3
souvenir; memorabilia

纪念日 紀念日 ji4 nian4 ri4
day of commemoration; memorial day

纪念堂 紀念堂 ji4 nian4 tang2
memorial hall; mausoleum

纪念邮票 紀念郵票 ji4 nian4 you2 piao4
commemorative postage stamp

纪念章 紀念章 ji4 nian4 zhang1
memorial badge; souvenir badge

家家有本难念的经 家家有本難念的經 jia1 jia1 you3 ben3 nan2 nian4 de5 jing1
Every family goes through its problems. (idiom)

结婚纪念日 結婚紀念日 jie2 hun1 ji4 nian4 ri4
wedding anniversary

京都念慈菴 京都念慈菴 jing1 du1 nian4 ci2 an1
King-to Nin Jiom, or just Nin Jiom, manufacturer of 枇杷膏 cough medicine

眷念 眷念 juan4 nian4
to think fondly of

绝对观念 絕對觀念 jue2 dui4 guan1 nian4
absolute idea (in Hegel's philosophy)

可念 可念 ke3 nian4
pitiable; likable; memorable

理念 理念 li3 nian4
idea; concept; philosophy; theory

李先念 李先念 li3 xian1 nian4
Li Xiannian (1909-1992), PRC general and politician

恋念 戀念 lian4 nian4
to have a sentimental attachment to (a place); to miss (one's ancestral home etc); to be nostalgic about

留念 留念 liu2 nian4
to keep as a souvenir; to recall fondly

玫瑰念珠 玫瑰念珠 mei2 gui5 nian4 zhu1
rosary (Catholic prayer beads)

默念 默念 mo4 nian4
to read silently; to mouth (the words of a prayer etc); to say to oneself; to contemplate inwardly

念叨 念叨 nian4 dao5
to talk about often; to reminisce about; to keep repeating; to keep harping on; to discuss

念佛 念佛 nian4 fo2
to pray to Buddha; to chant the names of Buddha

念经 念經 nian4 jing1
to recite or chant Buddhist scripture

念旧 念舊 nian4 jiu4
to remember old friends; to cherish old friendships; for old time's sake

念力 念力 nian4 li4
psychokinesis; telekinesis

念念不忘 念念不忘 nian4 nian4 bu4 wang4
to keep in mind constantly (idiom)

念念有词 念念有詞 nian4 nian4 you3 ci2
to mumble; to mutter to oneself

念念有词 唸唸有詞 nian4 nian4 you3 ci2
variant of 念念有詞|念念有词

念日 念日 nian4 ri4
memorial day; commemoration day

念书 念書 nian4 shu1
to read; to study

念诵 念誦 nian4 song4
to read out; to recite; to remember sb (while talking about sth else)

念头 念頭 nian4 tou5
thought; idea; intention

念学位 念學位 nian4 xue2 wei4
to study for a degree; to take a degree course

念咒 念咒 nian4 zhou4
to chant a magic spell; to recite incantations

念珠 念珠 nian4 zhu1
prayer beads; rosary; rosary beads

念珠菌症 念珠菌症 nian4 zhu1 jun1 zheng4
(medicine) candidiasis; thrush

念兹在兹 念茲在茲 nian4 zi1 zai4 zi1
see 念念不忘

强迫观念 強迫觀念 qiang3 po4 guan1 nian4
compelling notion; obsession

屈原纪念馆 屈原紀念館 qu1 yuan2 ji4 nian4 guan3
Qu Yuan memorial hall in Zigui county 秭歸縣|秭归县, Hubei, built in 1982 and a major tourist attraction since then

人工概念 人工概念 ren2 gong1 gai4 nian4
artificial concept

人民英雄纪念碑 人民英雄紀念碑 ren2 min2 ying1 xiong2 ji4 nian4 bei1
Monument to the People's Heroes, at Tiananmen Square

闪念 閃念 shan3 nian4
sudden idea; flash of thought

上位概念 上位概念 shang4 wei4 gai4 nian4
superordinate concept

释念 釋念 shi4 nian4
(literary) to be reassured; not to worry

受难纪念 受難紀念 shou4 nan2 ji4 nian4

殊深轸念 殊深軫念 shu1 shen1 zhen3 nian4
extreme solicitude (idiom); expressing the deepest condolences; to feel deeply concerned

数念 數念 shu3 nian4
to enumerate one by one

数珠念佛 數珠念佛 shu3 zhu1 nian4 fo2
to count one's prayer beads and chant Buddha's name (idiom)

思念 思念 si1 nian4
to think of; to long for; to miss

碎念 碎念 sui4 nian4
see 碎碎念

碎碎念 碎碎念 sui4 sui4 nian4
to sound like a broken record; to prattle; to nag; to mutter

体念 體念 ti3 nian4
to consider sb else's position; to put oneself in sb else's shoes

万念俱灰 萬念俱灰 wan4 nian4 ju4 hui1
every hope turns to dust (idiom); completely disheartened

亡兵纪念日 亡兵紀念日 wang2 bing1 ji4 nian4 ri4
Memorial Day (American holiday)

妄念 妄念 wang4 nian4
wild fantasy; unwarranted thought

西藏百万农奴解放纪念日 西藏百萬農奴解放紀念日 xi1 zang4 bai3 wan4 nong2 nu2 jie3 fang4 ji4 nian4 ri4
Serf Liberation Day (PRC)

想念 想念 xiang3 nian4
to miss; to remember with longing; to long to see again

邪念 邪念 xie2 nian4
wicked idea; evil thought; evil desire

信念 信念 xin4 nian4
faith; belief; conviction

悬念 懸念 xuan2 nian4
suspense in a movie, play etc; concern for sb's welfare

一念之差 一念之差 yi1 nian4 zhi1 cha1
momentary slip; false step; ill-considered action

一闪念 一閃念 yi1 shan3 nian4
sudden idea; flash of insight

疑念 疑念 yi2 nian4

意念 意念 yi4 nian4
idea; thought

意念移物 意念移物 yi4 nian4 yi2 wu4

淫念 淫念 yin2 nian4

欲念 欲念 yu4 nian4

杂念 雜念 za2 nian4
distracting thoughts

阵亡战士纪念日 陣亡戰士紀念日 zhen4 wang2 zhan4 shi4 ji4 nian4 ri4
Memorial Day (American holiday)

正念 正念 zheng4 nian4
correct mindfulness (buddhism)

中正纪念堂 中正紀念堂 zhong1 zheng4 ji4 nian4 tang2
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

注念 注念 zhu4 nian4
(literary) to ponder

转念 轉念 zhuan3 nian4
to have second thoughts about sth; to think better of

追念 追念 zhui1 nian4
to recollect