(bound form); appearance; shape; form; state; attitude; (grammar) voice

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
百姿千态 百姿千態 bai3 zi1 qian1 tai4
in different poses and with different expressions; in thousands of postures (idiom)

变态 變態 bian4 tai4
to metamorphose (biology); abnormal; perverted; hentai; (slang) pervert

变态反应 變態反應 bian4 tai4 fan3 ying4
allergic response; allergy

标准状态 標準狀態 biao1 zhun3 zhuang4 tai4
standard conditions for temperature and pressure

表态 表態 biao3 tai4
to declare one's position; to say where one stands

病态 病態 bing4 tai4
morbid or abnormal state

病态肥胖 病態肥胖 bing4 tai4 fei2 pang4
morbidly obese (medicine)

步态 步態 bu4 tai4
gait; tread

步态蹒跚 步態蹣跚 bu4 tai4 pan2 shan1
to walk unsteadily

不在状态 不在狀態 bu4 zai4 zhuang4 tai4
to be out of form; not to be oneself

常态 常態 chang2 tai4
normal state

常态分布 常態分佈 chang2 tai4 fen1 bu4
normal distribution (in statistics)

常态分布 常態分布 chang2 tai4 fen1 bu4
normal distribution (in statistics)

常态化 常態化 chang2 tai4 hua4
normalized (statistics); to normalize (relations etc); to become the norm

持续性植物人状态 持續性植物人狀態 chi2 xu4 xing4 zhi2 wu4 ren2 zhuang4 tai4
persistent vegetative state

持续性植物状态 持續性植物狀態 chi2 xu4 xing4 zhi2 wu4 zhuang4 tai4
persistent vegetative state (medicine)

丑态 醜態 chou3 tai4
shameful performance; disgraceful situation

催眠状态 催眠狀態 cui1 mian2 zhuang4 tai4

第三状态 第三狀態 di4 san1 zhuang4 tai4
"third state", borderline state between health and disease

定常态 定常態 ding4 chang2 tai4
constant state; fixed state

动态 動態 dong4 tai4
movement; motion; development; trend; dynamic (science)

动态存储器 動態存儲器 dong4 tai4 cun2 chu3 qi4
dynamic memory

动态更新 動態更新 dong4 tai4 geng1 xin1
dynamic update (Internet)

动态链接库 動態鏈接庫 dong4 tai4 lian4 jie1 ku4
dynamic-link library (DLL); shared library (computing)

动态图形 動態圖形 dong4 tai4 tu2 xing2
animated graphics; animation

动态网页 動態網頁 dong4 tai4 wang3 ye4
dynamic webpage

动态影像 動態影像 dong4 tai4 ying3 xiang4

动态助词 動態助詞 dong4 tai4 zhu4 ci2
aspect particle, such as 著|着, 了, 過|过

非模态 非模態 fei1 mo2 tai4
modeless (computing)

非平衡态 非平衡態 fei1 ping2 heng2 tai4
unbalance; disequilibrium

富态 富態 fu4 tai5
(euphemism) stout; portly

固态 固態 gu4 tai4
solid state (physics)

故态复萌 故態復萌 gu4 tai4 fu4 meng2
to revert to old ways

故作姿态 故作姿態 gu4 zuo4 zi1 tai4
a pose; a pretense

憨态 憨態 han1 tai4
naive and innocent look

憨态可掬 憨態可掬 han1 tai4 ke3 ju1
charmingly naive

恢复常态 恢復常態 hui1 fu4 chang2 tai4
to return to normal

畸态 畸態 ji1 tai4
deformity; birth defect; abnormality

娇态 嬌態 jiao1 tai4
charming attitude; lascivious pose

紧急状态 緊急狀態 jin3 ji2 zhuang4 tai4
state of emergency

紧张状态 緊張狀態 jin3 zhang1 zhuang4 tai4
tense situation; standoff

精神状态 精神狀態 jing1 shen2 zhuang4 tai4
mental state; psychological condition

静态 靜態 jing4 tai4
static; sedate; quiet; passive; (physics) static; steady-state; (electronics) quiescent

静态存储器 靜態存儲器 jing4 tai4 cun2 chu3 qi4
static memory

旧态 舊態 jiu4 tai4
old posture; former situation

旧态复萌 舊態復萌 jiu4 tai4 fu4 meng2
see 故態復萌|故态复萌

狂奴故态 狂奴故態 kuang2 nu2 gu4 tai4
to be set in one's ways (idiom)

狂态 狂態 kuang2 tai4
display of wild manners; scandalous scene; insolent and conceited manners

老态 老態 lao3 tai4
elderly, as in movement or bearing

老态龙钟 老態龍鍾 lao3 tai4 long2 zhong1
doddering; senile

临界状态 臨界狀態 lin2 jie4 zhuang4 tai4
critical state; criticality

零等待状态 零等待狀態 ling2 deng3 dai4 zhuang4 tai4
zero wait state (computing)

麻醉状态 麻醉狀態 ma2 zui4 zhuang4 tai4
narcosis; narcotism; anesthesia; anesthesis

媚态 媚態 mei4 tai4
seductive appearance; fawning manner

模态 模態 mo2 tai4
modal (computing, linguistics)

拟态 擬態 ni3 tai4
(biol.) mimicry; (protective) mimicry; camouflage

凝聚态 凝聚態 ning2 ju4 tai4
condensed matter (physics)

偏态 偏態 pian1 tai4
skewness (math)

平衡态 平衡態 ping2 heng2 tai4
balance; (state of) equilibrium

气态 氣態 qi4 tai4
gaseous state (physics); manner; air; bearing

千姿百态 千姿百態 qian1 zi1 bai3 tai4
in different poses and with different expressions; in thousands of postures (idiom)

强硬态度 強硬態度 qiang2 ying4 tai4 du4
unyielding attitude

情态 情態 qing2 tai4
spirit; mood; (linguistics) modal

情绪状态 情緒狀態 qing2 xu4 zhuang4 tai4
emotional state

三江生态旅游区 三江生態旅遊區 san1 jiang1 sheng1 tai4 lv3 you2 qu1
Sanjiang ecological tourist area in Wenchuan county 汶川县, northwest Sichuan

身态 身態 shen1 tai4
pose; figure; attitude

神态 神態 shen2 tai4
appearance; manner; bearing; deportment; look; expression; mien

生态 生態 sheng1 tai4

生态孤岛 生態孤島 sheng1 tai4 gu1 dao3
insularization (as a threat to biodiversity)

生态环境游 生態環境游 sheng1 tai4 huan2 jing4 you2

生态旅游 生態旅遊 sheng1 tai4 lv3 you2

生态圈 生態圈 sheng1 tai4 quan1

生态系统 生態系統 sheng1 tai4 xi4 tong3

生态学 生態學 sheng1 tai4 xue2

生态学家 生態學家 sheng1 tai4 xue2 jia1

生态友好型 生態友好型 sheng1 tai4 you3 hao3 xing2
eco-friendly; ecologically sustainable

生态足迹 生態足迹 sheng1 tai4 zu2 ji4
ecological footprint

失态 失態 shi1 tai4
to forget one's manners; to forget oneself; to lose self-control (in a situation)

时态 時態 shi2 tai4
(verb) tense

世态 世態 shi4 tai4
the ways of the world; social behavior

事态 事態 shi4 tai4
situation; existing state of affairs

势态 勢態 shi4 tai4
situation; state

事态发展 事態發展 shi4 tai4 fa1 zhan3
course of events

世态炎凉 世態炎涼 shi4 tai4 yan2 liang2
the hypocrisy of the world (idiom)

态叠加 態疊加 tai4 die2 jia1
superposition of states (quantum mechanics)

态度 態度 tai4 du5
manner; bearing; attitude; approach

态射 態射 tai4 she4
morphism (math.); homomorphism

态势 態勢 tai4 shi4
posture; situation

态样 態樣 tai4 yang4
form; pattern

态子 態子 tai4 zi5
state of matter (solid, liquid or gas)

体态 體態 ti3 tai4
figure; physique; posture

同态 同態 tong2 tai4
homomorphism (math.)

稳恒态 穩恆態 wen3 heng2 tai4
steady state; stable and permanent attitude

稳态 穩態 wen3 tai4
steady state; homeostasis

稳态理论 穩態理論 wen3 tai4 li3 lun4
the steady-state theory (cosmology)

相态 相態 xiang4 tai4
phase (state of matter)

心态 心態 xin1 tai4
attitude (of the heart); state of one's psyche; way of thinking; mentality

型态 型態 xing2 tai4
form; shape; type; style; pattern

形态 形態 xing2 tai4
shape; form; pattern; morphology

形态发生素 形態發生素 xing2 tai4 fa1 sheng1 su4

形态学 形態學 xing2 tai4 xue2
morphology (in biology or linguistics)

性变态 性變態 xing4 bian4 tai4
sexual perversion; sexual pervert

液态 液態 ye4 tai4
liquid (state)

业态 業態 ye4 tai4
(retail industry) format

液态奶 液態奶 ye4 tai4 nai3
general term for milk packaged for the consumer, including long-life (UHT) milk, pasteurized milk and reconstituted milk

液态水 液態水 ye4 tai4 shui3
liquid water (as opposed to steam or ice, e.g.)

一反常态 一反常態 yi1 fan3 chang2 tai4
complete change from the normal state (idiom); quite uncharacteristic; entirely outside the norm; out of character

仪态 儀態 yi2 tai4
bearing; deportment

意识型态 意識型態 yi4 shi2 xing2 tai4
variant of 意識形態|意识形态

意识形态 意識形態 yi4 shi2 xing2 tai4

意态 意態 yi4 tai4
bearing; attitude

语态 語態 yu3 tai4
voice (grammar)

暂态 暫態 zan4 tai4

正态分布 正態分布 zheng4 tai4 fen1 bu4
(math.) normal distribution; Gaussian distribution

植物人状态 植物人狀態 zhi2 wu4 ren2 zhuang4 tai4
vegetative state (i.e. in a coma)

植物状态 植物狀態 zhi2 wu4 zhuang4 tai4
vegetative state (medicine)

状态 狀態 zhuang4 tai4
state of affairs; state; mode; situation

状态动词 狀態動詞 zhuang4 tai4 dong4 ci2
(linguistics) stative verb

姿态 姿態 zi1 tai4
attitude; posture; stance

姿态婀娜 姿態婀娜 zi1 tai4 e1 nuo2
to have an elegant countenance (idiom)

醉态 醉態 zui4 tai4
drunken state