anger; fury; flourishing; vigorous

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
暴怒 暴怒 bao4 nu4
violent rage; fury

嗔怒 嗔怒 chen1 nu4
to get angry

触怒 觸怒 chu4 nu4
to anger sb; to enrage

大怒 大怒 da4 nu4
angry; indignant

动怒 動怒 dong4 nu4
to get angry

发怒 發怒 fa1 nu4
to get angry

忿怒 忿怒 fen4 nu4
variant of 憤怒|愤怒

愤怒 憤怒 fen4 nu4
angry; indignant; wrath; ire

敢怒而不敢言 敢怒而不敢言 gan3 nu4 er2 bu4 gan3 yan2
angry, but not daring to speak out (idiom); obliged to remain silent about one's resentment; unable to voice objections

贡山独龙族怒族自治县 貢山獨龍族怒族自治縣 gong4 shan1 du2 long2 zu2 nu4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Gongshan Derung and Nu autonomous county in Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture 怒江傈僳族自治州 in northwest Yunnan

横眉怒目 橫眉怒目 heng2 mei2 nu4 mu4
lit. furrowed brows and blazing eyes; to dart looks of hate at sb (idiom)

激怒 激怒 ji1 nu4
to infuriate; to enrage; to exasperate

齌怒 齌怒 ji4 nu4
to suddenly become extremely angry

金刚怒目 金剛怒目 jin1 gang1 nu4 mu4
to have a face as terrifying as a temple's guardian deity (idiom)

空怒 空怒 kong1 nu4
air rage

狂怒 狂怒 kuang2 nu4

老羞成怒 老羞成怒 lao3 xiu1 cheng2 nu4
see 惱羞成怒|恼羞成怒

烈怒 烈怒 lie4 nu4
intense rage

路怒症 路怒症 lu4 nu4 zheng4
road rage

恼怒 惱怒 nao3 nu4
resentful; angry; to enrage sb

恼羞成怒 惱羞成怒 nao3 xiu1 cheng2 nu4
to fly into a rage out of humiliation; to be ashamed into anger (idiom)

怒不可遏 怒不可遏 nu4 bu4 ke3 e4
unable to restrain one's anger (idiom); in a towering rage

怒潮 怒潮 nu4 chao2
(tidal) bore; raging tide

怒斥 怒斥 nu4 chi4
to angrily rebuke; to indignantly denounce

怒冲冲 怒沖沖 nu4 chong1 chong1

怒发冲冠 怒髮衝冠 nu4 fa4 chong1 guan1
lit. hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat (idiom); fig. seething in anger; raise one's hackles

怒放 怒放 nu4 fang4
in full bloom

怒恨 怒恨 nu4 hen4
extreme hatred; animosity; spite

怒吼 怒吼 nu4 hou3
to bellow; to rave; to snarl

怒火 怒火 nu4 huo3
rage; fury; hot anger

怒江 怒江 nu4 jiang1
Nujiang river of south Tibet and northwest Yunnan, the upper reaches of Salween river 薩爾溫江|萨尔温江, forming border of Myanmar and Thailand

怒江大峡谷 怒江大峽谷 nu4 jiang1 da4 xia2 gu3
the Grand Canyon of the Nujiang river in Tibet and Yunnan

怒江傈僳族自治区 怒江傈僳族自治區 nu4 jiang1 li4 su4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 qu1
Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture in northwest Yunnan, capital Liuku or Lutku 六庫鎮|六库镇

怒江傈僳族自治州 怒江傈僳族自治州 nu4 jiang1 li4 su4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1
Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture in northwest Yunnan, capital Liuku or Lutku 六庫鎮|六库镇

怒江州 怒江州 nu4 jiang1 zhou1
abbr. for 怒江傈僳族自治州, Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture in northwest Yunnan, capital Liuku or Lutku 六庫鎮|六库镇

怒骂 怒罵 nu4 ma4
to curse in rage

怒目 怒目 nu4 mu4
with glaring eyes; glowering

怒目而视 怒目而視 nu4 mu4 er2 shi4
to glare at

怒目切齿 怒目切齒 nu4 mu4 qie4 chi3
to gnash one's teeth in anger

怒目相向 怒目相向 nu4 mu4 xiang1 xiang4
to glower at each other (idiom)

怒气 怒氣 nu4 qi4

怒气冲冲 怒氣沖沖 nu4 qi4 chong1 chong1
spitting anger (idiom); in a rage

怒容 怒容 nu4 rong2
angry look

怒容满面 怒容滿面 nu4 rong2 man3 mian4
scowling in anger; rage written across one's face

怒色 怒色 nu4 se4
angry look; glare; scowl

怒视 怒視 nu4 shi4
to glower (at sb); to cast an angry look

怒形于色 怒形於色 nu4 xing2 yu2 se4
to betray anger (idiom); fury written across one's face

怒族 怒族 nu4 zu2
Nu ethnic group

迁怒 遷怒 qian1 nu4
to take one's anger out on sb (who does not deserve it)

迁怒于人 遷怒於人 qian1 nu4 yu2 ren2
to vent one's anger on an innocent party (idiom)

惹怒 惹怒 re3 nu4
to provoke anger

盛怒 盛怒 sheng4 nu4
rage; a raging temper

使怒 使怒 shi3 nu4
to exasperate

息怒 息怒 xi1 nu4
to calm down; to quell one's anger

嬉笑怒骂 嬉笑怒罵 xi1 xiao4 nu4 ma4
lit. laughs, jeers, anger and invective (idiom); fig. all kinds of emotions; to mock and scold; (of writing) freely roving; following the author's fancy

喜怒哀乐 喜怒哀樂 xi3 nu4 ai1 le4
four types of human emotions, namely: happiness 歡喜|欢喜, anger 憤怒|愤怒, sorrow 悲哀 and joy 快樂|快乐

喜怒无常 喜怒無常 xi3 nu4 wu2 chang2
temperamental; moody

泄怒 洩怒 xie4 nu4
to give vent to anger

心花怒放 心花怒放 xin1 hua1 nu4 fang4
to burst with joy (idiom); to be over the moon; to be elated

义怒 義怒 yi4 nu4
righteous anger

余怒 餘怒 yu2 nu4
residual anger

余怒未息 餘怒未息 yu2 nu4 wei4 xi1
to be still angry

愠怒 慍怒 yun4 nu4
inwardly angry; indignant; sulking; sullen

震怒 震怒 zhen4 nu4
to be furious