to stare blankly; startled

stumped for words; to stare blankly

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
发怔 發怔 fa1 zheng1
baffled; nonplussed

魔怔 魔怔 mo2 zheng1
crazed; possessed; bewitched

目怔口呆 目怔口呆 mu4 zheng1 kou3 dai1
lit. eye startled, mouth struck dumb (idiom); stunned; stupefied

怔忡 怔忡 zheng1 chong1
(of the heart) palpitating with fear; palpitation (Chinese medicine)

怔神儿 怔神兒 zheng1 shen2 er5
lost in thought; in a daze

怔忪 怔忪 zheng1 zhong1
frightened; scared; terrified

怔怔 怔怔 zheng4 zheng4
in a daze