idle; lazy; negligent; careless

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
不怠 不怠 bu4 dai4
untiring; indefatigable

不懈怠 不懈怠 bu4 xie4 dai4
untiring; without slacking

怠惰 怠惰 dai4 duo4

怠工 怠工 dai4 gong1
to slacken off in one's work; to go slow (as a form of strike)

怠忽 怠忽 dai4 hu1
to neglect

怠慢 怠慢 dai4 man4
to slight; to neglect

倦怠 倦怠 juan4 dai4
worn out; exhausted; dispirited

懒怠 懶怠 lan3 dai4

懈怠 懈怠 xie4 dai4
slack; lazy; remiss

职业倦怠症 職業倦怠症 zhi2 ye4 juan4 dai4 zheng4
professional boredom syndrome