timid; cowardly; rustic; Taiwan pr.

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
卑怯 卑怯 bei1 qie4
mean and cowardly; abject

大勇若怯 大勇若怯 da4 yong3 ruo4 qie4
a great hero may appear timid (idiom); the really brave person remains level-headed

大勇若怯,大智若愚 大勇若怯,大智若愚 da4 yong3 ruo4 qie4 - da4 zhi4 ruo4 yu2
a great hero may appear timid, the wise may appear stupid (idiom); the general public may not recognize great talent

胆怯 膽怯 dan3 qie4
timid; cowardly

惊怯 驚怯 jing1 qie4
cowardly and panicking

临死不怯 臨死不怯 lin2 si3 bu4 qie4
equanimity in the face of death; to face dangers with assurance

露怯 露怯 lou4 qie4
to display one's ignorance; to make a fool of oneself by an ignorant blunder

怯场 怯場 qie4 chang3
to have stage fright

怯懦 怯懦 qie4 nuo4
timid; gutless; weakling

怯弱 怯弱 qie4 ruo4
timid; weak

怯生 怯生 qie4 sheng1

怯声怯气 怯聲怯氣 qie4 sheng1 qie4 qi4
to speak in a frightened voice that lacks courage (idiom)

怯生生 怯生生 qie4 sheng1 sheng1

怯羞 怯羞 qie4 xiu1
see 羞怯

怯子 怯子 qie4 zi5
person with country accent; rustic; country bumpkin

羞怯 羞怯 xiu1 qie4
shy; timid