surname Heng

permanent; constant; fixed; usual; ordinary; rule (old); one of the 64 trigrams of the Book of Changes

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
伯利恒 伯利恆 bo2 li4 heng2
Bethlehem (in the biblical nativity story)

持之以恒 持之以恆 chi2 zhi1 yi3 heng2
to pursue unremittingly (idiom); to persevere

汉文帝刘恒 漢文帝劉恆 han4 wen2 di4 liu2 heng2
Liu Heng (202-157 BC), the fourth Han emperor Han Wendi, reigned 180-157 BC

恒常 恆常 heng2 chang2
constant; constantly

恒春 恆春 heng2 chun1
Hengchun town in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan

恒春半岛 恆春半島 heng2 chun1 ban4 dao3
Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, the southernmost point of Taiwan

恒春镇 恆春鎮 heng2 chun1 zhen4
Hengchun town in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan

恒等 恆等 heng2 deng3
identity ≡ (math., logic); identical

恒等式 恆等式 heng2 deng3 shi4
identity (math.)

恒定 恆定 heng2 ding4

恒河 恆河 heng2 he2
Ganges River

恒河猴 恆河猴 heng2 he2 hou2
rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta); rhesus monkey; lit. river Ganges monkey of north India

恒河沙数 恆河沙數 heng2 he2 sha1 shu4
countless as the grains of sand in the Ganges (idiom)

恒加速度 恆加速度 heng2 jia1 su4 du4
constant acceleration

恒久 恆久 heng2 jiu3
constant; persistent; long-lasting; eternal

恒力 恆力 heng2 li4
constant force

恒山 恆山 heng2 shan1
Mt Heng in Shanxi, northern of the Five Sacred Mountains 五嶽|五岳; Hengshan district of Jixi city 雞西|鸡西, Heilongjiang

恒山区 恆山區 heng2 shan1 qu1
Hengshan District of Jixi city 雞西|鸡西, Heilongjiang

恒生 恆生 heng2 sheng1
Hang Seng (name)

恒生中资企业指数 恆生中資企業指數 heng2 sheng1 zhong1 zi1 qi3 ye4 zhi3 shu4
Hang Seng China affiliated index

恒速率 恆速率 heng2 su4 lv4
constant velocity

恒温 恆溫 heng2 wen1
constant temperature

恒温器 恆溫器 heng2 wen1 qi4

恒心 恆心 heng2 xin1

恒星 恆星 heng2 xing1
(fixed) star

恒星际 恆星際 heng2 xing1 ji4
interstellar; between the fixed stars

恒星年 恆星年 heng2 xing1 nian2
the sidereal year (astronomy); the year defined in terms of the fixed stars

恒星系 恆星系 heng2 xing1 xi4
stellar system; galaxy

恒牙 恆牙 heng2 ya2
permanent tooth (as opposed to deciduous tooth 乳牙); adult tooth

李恒 李恆 li3 heng2
Li Heng, personal name of thirteenth Tang emperor Muzong 穆宗 (795-824), reigned 821-825

刘恒 劉恆 liu2 heng2
Liu Heng, personal name of Han emperor Han Wendi 漢文帝|汉文帝; Liu Heng (1954-), Chinese writer

能量守恒 能量守恆 neng2 liang4 shou3 heng2
conservation of energy (physics)

守恒 守恆 shou3 heng2
conservation (e.g. of energy, momentum or heat in physics); to remain constant (of a number)

守恒定律 守恆定律 shou3 heng2 ding4 lv4
conservation law

稳恒 穩恆 wen3 heng2
steady; stable and permanent; constant; steady-state

稳恒态 穩恆態 wen3 heng2 tai4
steady state; stable and permanent attitude

无恒 無恆 wu2 heng2
to lack patience

醒世恒言 醒世恆言 xing3 shi4 heng2 yan2
Stories to Awaken the World, vernacular short stories by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙 published in 1627

永恒 永恆 yong3 heng2
eternal; everlasting; fig. to pass into eternity (i.e. to die)