variant of 恍

disappointed; flurried; indistinct

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
惝恍 惝恍 chang3 huang3
hurt and disappointed; blurry and unclear

恍惚 恍惚 huang3 hu1
absent-minded; distracted; dazzled; vaguely; dimly

恍忽 恍忽 huang3 hu1
variant of 恍惚

恍然 恍然 huang3 ran2
suddenly (understand sth); in a flash

恍然大悟 恍然大悟 huang3 ran2 da4 wu4
to suddenly realize; to suddenly see the light

恍然醒悟 恍然醒悟 huang3 ran2 xing3 wu4
a sudden realisation; to realise sth in a flash

恍如 恍如 huang3 ru2
to be as if...; to be rather like...

恍如隔世 恍如隔世 huang3 ru2 ge2 shi4
like a thing of the previous generation; as if it were a lifetime ago

恍若 恍若 huang3 ruo4
as if; as though; rather like

恍若隔世 恍若隔世 huang3 ruo4 ge2 shi4
see 恍如隔世

恍神 恍神 huang3 shen2
to be off in another world; to suffer a lapse in concentration

精神恍惚 精神恍惚 jing1 shen2 huang3 hu1
absent-minded; in a trance

迷离惝恍 迷離惝恍 mi2 li2 chang3 huang3
indistinct; blurred; bewildering; confusing to the eye (idiom)

神思恍惚 神思恍惚 shen2 si1 huang3 hu1
abstracted; absent-minded; in a trance

心神恍惚 心神恍惚 xin1 shen2 huang3 hu1
perturbed (idiom)