strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
安全无恙 安全無恙 an1 quan2 wu2 yang4
see 安然無恙|安然无恙

安然无恙 安然無恙 an1 ran2 wu2 yang4
safe and sound (idiom); to come out unscathed (e.g. from an accident or illness)

别来无恙 別來無恙 bie2 lai2 wu2 yang4
(literary) I trust you have been well since we last met

微恙 微恙 wei1 yang4
slight illness; indisposition

无恙 無恙 wu2 yang4
in good health

恙虫病 恙蟲病 yang4 chong2 bing4
Scrub typhus; Tsutsugamushi disease; Mite-borne typhus fever