to abandon restraint; to do as one pleases; comfortable (dialect)

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
狂恣 狂恣 kuang2 zi4
arrogant and unbridled

恣情 恣情 zi4 qing2
to indulge in something to one's heart's content; wanton or willful

恣肆 恣肆 zi4 si4
unrestrained; unbridled; free and unrestrained (style); bold

恣行无忌 恣行無忌 zi4 xing2 wu2 ji4
to behave recklessly

恣意 恣意 zi4 yi4
without restraint; unbridled; reckless

恣意妄为 恣意妄為 zi4 yi4 wang4 wei2
to behave unscrupulously

恣意行乐 恣意行樂 zi4 yi4 xing2 le4
to abandon restraint and have a fling (idiom)

恣欲 恣欲 zi4 yu4
to follow lustful desires