quiet; calm; tranquil; peaceful

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
风恬浪静 風恬浪靜 feng1 tian2 lang4 jing4
lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment; All is quiet.; a dead calm (at sea)

静恬 靜恬 jing4 tian2

蒙恬 蒙恬 meng2 tian2
Qin general Meng Tian (-210 BC), involved in 215 BC in fighting the Northern Xiongnu 匈奴 and building the great wall

清恬 清恬 qing1 tian2
pure and quiet (of life); tranquil and comfortable

恬波 恬波 tian2 bo1
calm waters

恬不知耻 恬不知恥 tian2 bu4 zhi1 chi3
to have no sense of shame

恬畅 恬暢 tian2 chang4
comfortable and happy

恬澹 恬澹 tian2 dan4
variant of 恬淡

恬淡 恬淡 tian2 dan4
quiet and contented; indifferent to fame or gain

恬和 恬和 tian2 he2
quiet and gentle

恬静 恬靜 tian2 jing4
still; peaceful; quiet

恬美 恬美 tian2 mei3
quiet and nice

恬谧 恬謐 tian2 mi4
quiet; peaceful

恬漠 恬漠 tian2 mo4
indifferent and undisturbed

恬然 恬然 tian2 ran2
unperturbed; nonchalant

恬适 恬適 tian2 shi4
quiet and comfortable

恬退 恬退 tian2 tui4
contented; uninterested in wealth and glory

恬雅 恬雅 tian2 ya3
retired and quiet; calm and graceful

恬逸 恬逸 tian2 yi4
free from worry and disturbance

恬愉 恬愉 tian2 yu2
content and at ease

恬愉之安 恬愉之安 tian2 yu2 zhi1 an1
comfortably at peace (idiom)

恬噪 恬噪 tian2 zao4
to caw