strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
抃悦 抃悅 bian4 yue4
to clap one's hands in joy

柏悦 柏悅 bo2 yue4
Park Hyatt (hotel brand)

不悦 不悅 bu4 yue4
displeased; annoyed

和颜悦色 和顏悅色 he2 yan2 yue4 se4
amiable manner; pleasant countenance

和悦 和悅 he2 yue4
affable; kindly

欢悦 歡悅 huan1 yue4
happiness; joy; to be happy; to be joyous

君悦 君悅 jun1 yue4
Grand Hyatt (hotel brand)

凯悦 凱悅 kai3 yue4
Hyatt (hotel company); Hyatt Regency (hotel brand)

两情相悦 兩情相悅 liang3 qing2 xiang1 yue4
(of a couple) to be harmonious; to be each other's sunshine

面露不悦 面露不悅 mian4 lu4 bu4 yue4
to show unhappiness or displeasure (idiom)

取悦 取悅 qu3 yue4
to try to please

赏心悦目 賞心悅目 shang3 xin1 yue4 mu4
warms the heart and delights the eye (idiom); pleasing; delightful

士为知己者死,女为悦己者容 士為知己者死,女為悅己者容 shi4 wei4 zhi1 ji3 zhe3 si3 - nv3 wei4 yue4 ji3 zhe3 rong2
a true gentleman will sacrifice his life for a friend who understands him, as a woman makes herself beautiful for her sweetheart

爽心悦目 爽心悅目 shuang3 xin1 yue4 mu4
beautiful and heartwarming

孙悦 孫悅 sun1 yue4
Sun Yue (1973-), PRC female pop star; Sun Yue (1985-), PRC basketball star, plays for Los Angeles Lakers from 2007

喜悦 喜悅 xi3 yue4
happy; joyous

心悦诚服 心悅誠服 xin1 yue4 cheng2 fu2
to submit cheerfully; to accept willingly (idiom)

怡颜悦色 怡顏悅色 yi2 yan2 yue4 se4
happy countenance

怡悦 怡悅 yi2 yue4
pleasant; happy

愉悦 愉悅 yu2 yue4
joyful; cheerful; delighted; joy; delight

悦耳 悅耳 yue4 er3
sweet-sounding; beautiful (of sound)

悦纳 悅納 yue4 na4
to find acceptable

悦色 悅色 yue4 se4
happy; contented