strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
惊悚 驚悚 jing1 song3
horror (movie); thriller

科技惊悚 科技驚悚 ke1 ji4 jing1 song3
techno-thriller (novel); science fiction thriller

科技惊悚小说 科技驚悚小說 ke1 ji4 jing1 song3 xiao3 shuo1
techno-thriller novel; science fiction thriller

毛骨悚然 毛骨悚然 mao2 gu3 song3 ran2
to have one's hair stand on end (idiom); to feel one's blood run cold

悚然 悚然 song3 ran2
frightened; terrified

震悚 震悚 zhen4 song3
(literary) to tremble with fear; to shock