stuffy; shut indoors; to smother; to cover tightly

bored; depressed; melancholy; sealed; airtight; tightly closed

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
憋闷 憋悶 bie1 men5
to feel oppressed; to be depressed; to feel dejected

沉闷 沉悶 chen2 men4
oppressive (of weather); heavy; depressed; not happy; (of sound) dull; muffled

打闷雷 打悶雷 da3 men4 lei2
(coll.) to wonder secretly; to make wild conjectures

殚闷 殫悶 dan1 men4
to faint; to swoon; to lose consciousness

逗闷子 逗悶子 dou4 men4 zi5
(dialect) to joke

烦闷 煩悶 fan2 men4
moody; gloomy

解闷 解悶 jie3 men4
to relieve boredom or melancholy; a diversion

苦闷 苦悶 ku3 men4
depressed; dejected; feeling low

聊以解闷 聊以解悶 liao2 yi3 jie3 men4

闷热 悶熱 men1 re4
sultry; sultriness; hot and stuffy; stifling hot

闷骚 悶騷 men1 sao1
(coll.) outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside

闷声不响 悶聲不響 men1 sheng1 bu4 xiang3
to keep silent

闷声闷气 悶聲悶氣 men1 sheng1 men1 qi4

闷葫芦 悶葫蘆 men4 hu2 lu5
lit. closed gourd; fig. enigma; complete mystery; taciturn person

闷酒 悶酒 men4 jiu3
alcohol drunk to drown one's sorrows

闷雷 悶雷 men4 lei2
muffled thunder; (fig.) sudden shock; blow

闷闷不乐 悶悶不樂 men4 men4 bu4 le4
depressed; sulky; moody; unhappy

纳闷 納悶 na4 men4
puzzled; bewildered

纳闷儿 納悶兒 na4 men4 er5
erhua variant of 納悶|纳闷

遣闷 遣悶 qian3 men4
to dispel anguish

散闷 散悶 san4 men4
to divert oneself from melancholy

散心解闷 散心解悶 san4 xin1 jie3 men4
to divert one's mind from boredom (idiom)

生闷气 生悶氣 sheng1 men4 qi4
to seethe; to sulk; to be pissed off (vulgar)

头昏脑闷 頭昏腦悶 tou2 hun1 nao3 men4
fainting and giddy; one's head spins

消愁解闷 消愁解悶 xiao1 chou2 jie3 men4
lit. to eliminate worry and dispel melancholy (idiom); diversion from boredom; to dispel depression or melancholy; to relieve stress; a relaxing pass-time

胸闷 胸悶 xiong1 men1
chest pain; chest distress

忧闷 憂悶 you1 men4
depressed; full of worries; feeling down

郁闷 鬱悶 yu4 men4
gloomy; depressed