to mourn; to lament

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
哀悼 哀悼 ai1 dao4
to grieve over sb's death; to lament sb's death; mourning

悲悼 悲悼 bei1 dao4
mourn; grieve over sb's death

悼词 悼詞 dao4 ci2
memorial speech; eulogy

悼辞 悼辭 dao4 ci2
variant of 悼詞|悼词

悼念 悼念 dao4 nian4
to grieve

悼襄王 悼襄王 dao4 xiang1 wang2
King Daoxiang of Zhao 趙國|赵国, reigned 245-236 BC

伤悼 傷悼 shang1 dao4
to grieve for deceased relative; to mourn

追悼 追悼 zhui1 dao4
to mourn; to pay last respects; mourning; memorial (service etc)

追悼会 追悼會 zhui1 dao4 hui4
a memorial service; a funeral service

追悼文 追悼文 zhui1 dao4 wen2