to startle; to be frightened; to be scared; alarm

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
吃惊 吃驚 chi1 jing1
to be startled; to be shocked; to be amazed

初刻拍案惊奇 初刻拍案驚奇 chu1 ke4 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part I), first of two books of vernacular stories by Ming dynasty novelist Ling Mengchu 凌濛初|凌蒙初

处变不惊 處變不驚 chu3 bian4 bu4 jing1
to remain calm in the face of events (idiom)

怵目惊心 怵目驚心 chu4 mu4 jing1 xin1
lit. shocks the eye, astonishes the heart (idiom); shocking; horrible to see; a ghastly sight; also written 觸目驚心|触目惊心

触目惊心 觸目驚心 chu4 mu4 jing1 xin1
lit. shocks the eye, astonishes the heart (idiom); shocking; horrible to see; a ghastly sight

打草惊蛇 打草驚蛇 da3 cao3 jing1 she2
lit. beat the grass to scare the snake; to inadvertently alert an enemy; to punish sb as a warning to others (idiom)

大吃一惊 大吃一驚 da4 chi1 yi1 jing1
to have a surprise (idiom); shocked or startled; gobsmacked

大惊 大驚 da4 jing1
with great alarm

大惊失色 大驚失色 da4 jing1 shi1 se4
to turn pale with fright (idiom)

大惊小怪 大驚小怪 da4 jing1 xiao3 guai4
to make a fuss about nothing (idiom)

担惊受怕 擔驚受怕 dan1 jing1 shou4 pa4
to feel apprehensive; to be alarmed

胆颤心惊 膽顫心驚 dan3 chan4 xin1 jing1

胆惊心颤 膽驚心顫 dan3 jing1 xin1 chan4
see 心驚膽戰|心惊胆战

胆战心惊 膽戰心驚 dan3 zhan4 xin1 jing1
to tremble with fear (idiom); scared witless

动魄惊心 動魄驚心 dong4 po4 jing1 xin1
shaking one to the core (idiom); extremely disturbing; shattering; hair-raising

二刻拍案惊奇 二刻拍案驚奇 er4 ke4 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part II), second of two books of vernacular stories by Ming dynasty novelist Ling Mengchu 凌濛初|凌蒙初

惊爆 驚爆 jing1 bao4
unexpected; staggering (news) etc)

惊怖 驚怖 jing1 bu4
to surprise

惊诧 驚詫 jing1 cha4
to be surprised; to be amazed; to be stunned

惊颤 驚顫 jing1 chan4
to quake in fear

惊车 驚車 jing1 che1
runaway carriage (caused by the harnessed animal bolting in fright)

惊错 驚錯 jing1 cuo4
puzzled; surprised and nonplussed

惊呆 驚呆 jing1 dai1
stupefied; stunned

惊动 驚動 jing1 dong4
to alarm; to startle; to disturb

惊愕 驚愕 jing1 e4
to stun; to shock and amaze; stupefied; astonishment

惊飞 驚飛 jing1 fei1
to go off like a rocket; to rocket

惊风 驚風 jing1 feng1
infantile convulsion (illness affecting children esp. under the age of five, marked by muscular spasms)

惊弓之鸟 驚弓之鳥 jing1 gong1 zhi1 niao3
lit. a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow (idiom); fig. sb who frightens easily, due to past experiences

惊怪 驚怪 jing1 guai4
to marvel

惊骇 驚駭 jing1 hai4
to be shocked; to be appalled; to be terrified

惊鸿 驚鴻 jing1 hong2
graceful (esp. of female posture); lithe

惊呼 驚呼 jing1 hu1
to cry out in alarm or surprise

惊慌 驚慌 jing1 huang1
to panic; to be alarmed

惊慌失措 驚慌失措 jing1 huang1 shi1 cuo4
to lose one's head out of fear (idiom)

惊慌失色 驚慌失色 jing1 huang1 shi1 se4
to go pale in panic (idiom)

惊惶 驚惶 jing1 huang2

惊惶失措 驚惶失措 jing1 huang2 shi1 cuo4
see 驚慌失措|惊慌失措

惊魂 驚魂 jing1 hun2
in a panicked state; frightened

惊魂甫定 驚魂甫定 jing1 hun2 fu3 ding4
to have just recovered from a shock

惊急 驚急 jing1 ji2
stunned and anxious

惊悸 驚悸 jing1 ji4
shaking in fear; one's heart palpitating with fear

惊叫 驚叫 jing1 jiao4
to cry out in fear

惊遽 驚遽 jing1 ju4
in a panic; stunned

惊惧 驚懼 jing1 ju4
to be alarmed; to be terrified

惊厥 驚厥 jing1 jue2
to faint from fear; (medicine) convulsions

惊觉 驚覺 jing1 jue2
to realize suddenly; to wake up with a start

惊恐 驚恐 jing1 kong3
to be alarmed; to be frightened

惊恐万状 驚恐萬狀 jing1 kong3 wan4 zhuang4
convulsed with fear (idiom)

惊恐翼龙 驚恐翼龍 jing1 kong3 yi4 long2
Phobetor (genus of pterodactyloid pterosaur)

惊雷 驚雷 jing1 lei2
sudden clap of thunder; fig. surprising turn of events

惊栗 驚慄 jing1 li4
horror (genre); to tremble in fear

惊马 驚馬 jing1 ma3
startled horse

惊梦 驚夢 jing1 meng4
to awaken from a dream

惊鸟 驚鳥 jing1 niao3
to scare a bird into flight

惊怕 驚怕 jing1 pa4
alarmed; frightened

惊奇 驚奇 jing1 qi2
to be amazed; to be surprised; to wonder

惊起 驚起 jing1 qi3
to start in surprise; to give a jolt of surprise

惊怯 驚怯 jing1 qie4
cowardly and panicking

惊群动众 驚群動眾 jing1 qun2 dong4 zhong4
to alarm everyone; to scandalize the public

惊扰 驚擾 jing1 rao3
to alarm; to agitate

惊人 驚人 jing1 ren2

惊人之举 驚人之舉 jing1 ren2 zhi1 ju3
to astonish people (with a miraculous feat)

惊赏 驚賞 jing1 shang3
surprised and admiring; to appreciate with surprise

惊师动众 驚師動眾 jing1 shi1 dong4 zhong4
to alarm everyone; to scandalize the public

惊世骇俗 驚世駭俗 jing1 shi4 hai4 su2
universally shocking; to offend the whole of society

惊悚 驚悚 jing1 song3
horror (movie); thriller

惊叹 驚嘆 jing1 tan4
to exclaim in admiration; a gasp of surprise

惊叹不已 驚嘆不已 jing1 tan4 bu4 yi3
to exclaim in astonishment

惊叹号 驚嘆號 jing1 tan4 hao4
exclamation mark ! (punct.)

惊涛 驚濤 jing1 tao1
raging waves; stormy waves

惊涛骇浪 驚濤駭浪 jing1 tao1 hai4 lang4
perilous situation

惊逃 驚逃 jing1 tao2
to stampede

惊惕 驚惕 jing1 ti4
to be alarmed; to be alert

惊天动地 驚天動地 jing1 tian1 dong4 di4
world-shaking (idiom)

惊跳 驚跳 jing1 tiao4
to shy (away); to give a start

惊悟 驚悟 jing1 wu4
to come to oneself with a start; to realize at a jolt

惊悉 驚悉 jing1 xi1
to be shocked to learn

惊喜 驚喜 jing1 xi3
nice surprise; to be pleasantly surprised

惊喜若狂 驚喜若狂 jing1 xi3 ruo4 kuang2
pleasantly surprised like mad (idiom); capering madly with joy; to express boundless pleasure

惊吓 驚嚇 jing1 xia4
to frighten; to horrify; to terrify

惊痫 驚癇 jing1 xian2

惊险 驚險 jing1 xian3
thrilling; a thriller

惊现 驚現 jing1 xian4
to appear unexpectedly

惊羡 驚羨 jing1 xian4
to marvel at

惊心 驚心 jing1 xin1
staggering; shocking; frightened

惊心胆颤 驚心膽顫 jing1 xin1 dan3 chan4
frightening; frightened (idiom)

惊心动魄 驚心動魄 jing1 xin1 dong4 po4
shaking one to the core; extremely disturbing; hair-raising (idiom)

惊醒 驚醒 jing1 xing3
to rouse; to be woken by sth; to wake with a start; to sleep lightly

惊讶 驚訝 jing1 ya4
amazed; astonished; to surprise; amazing; astonishment; awe

惊艳 驚艷 jing1 yan4
stunning; breathtaking

惊疑 驚疑 jing1 yi2

惊异 驚異 jing1 yi4

惊蛰 驚蟄 jing1 zhe2
Jingzhe or Insects Wake, 3rd of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 6th-20th March

科技惊悚 科技驚悚 ke1 ji4 jing1 song3
techno-thriller (novel); science fiction thriller

科技惊悚小说 科技驚悚小說 ke1 ji4 jing1 song3 xiao3 shuo1
techno-thriller novel; science fiction thriller

可惊 可驚 ke3 jing1

令人吃惊 令人吃驚 ling4 ren2 chi1 jing1
to shock; to amaze

拍案惊奇 拍案驚奇 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
to slap the table in amazement (idiom); wonderful!; amazing!

平生不做亏心事,半夜敲门心不惊 平生不做虧心事,半夜敲門心不驚 ping2 sheng1 bu4 zuo4 kui1 xin1 shi4 - ban4 ye4 qiao1 men2 xin1 bu4 jing1
He who never wrongs others does not fear the knock in the night.; Rest with a clear conscience.

石破天惊 石破天驚 shi2 po4 tian1 jing1
earth-shattering; breakthrough; remarkable and original work

受宠若惊 受寵若驚 shou4 chong3 ruo4 jing1
overwhelmed by favor from superior (humble expr.)

受惊 受驚 shou4 jing1

天惊石破 天驚石破 tian1 jing1 shi2 po4
see 石破天驚|石破天惊

徒自惊扰 徒自驚擾 tu2 zi4 jing1 rao3
to alarm oneself unnecessarily (idiom)

心惊 心驚 xin1 jing1
fearful; apprehensive

心惊胆颤 心驚膽顫 xin1 jing1 dan3 chan4
see 心驚膽戰|心惊胆战

心惊胆战 心驚膽戰 xin1 jing1 dan3 zhan4
lit. heart alarmed, trembling in fear (idiom); prostrate with fear; scared witless

心惊肉跳 心驚肉跳 xin1 jing1 rou4 tiao4
lit. heart alarmed, body leaping (idiom); fear and trepidation in the face of disaster

虚惊 虛驚 xu1 jing1
false alarm; panic rumor

夜惊 夜驚 ye4 jing1
night terror; sleep terror

一惊一乍 一驚一乍 yi1 jing1 yi1 zha4
frightened; flustered

一鸣惊人 一鳴驚人 yi1 ming2 jing1 ren2
to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat (idiom); an overnight celebrity

一夕数惊 一夕數驚 yi1 xi1 shu4 jing1
one scare after another (idiom); in a constant state of tension

有惊无险 有驚無險 you3 jing1 wu2 xian3
to be more scared than hurt (idiom); to get through a daunting experience without mishap

震惊 震驚 zhen4 jing1
to shock; to astonish

震惊中外 震驚中外 zhen4 jing1 zhong1 wai4
to shock the whole world

自相惊扰 自相驚擾 zi4 xiang1 jing1 rao3
to frighten one another