to confuse; to be puzzled

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
不惑 不惑 bu4 huo4
without doubt; with full self-confidence; forty years of age

大惑不解 大惑不解 da4 huo4 bu4 jie3
to be at a loss (idiom)

蛊惑 蠱惑 gu3 huo4
to poison; to bewitch; to put a spell on sb; to harm by witchcraft

蛊惑人心 蠱惑人心 gu3 huo4 ren2 xin1
to stir up public sentiment by false statements (idiom); to resort to demagogy

古惑仔 古惑仔 gu3 huo4 zai3
gangster; hooligan; problem youth; at-risk youth

惶惑 惶惑 huang2 huo4
anxious and perplexed; uneasy and confused; suspicious and fearful

惑星 惑星 huo4 xing1
planet; also written 行星

解惑 解惑 jie3 huo4
to dispel doubts; to clear up confusion

困惑 困惑 kun4 huo4
bewildered; perplexed; confused; difficult problem; perplexity

困惑不解 困惑不解 kun4 huo4 bu4 jie3
to feel perplexed

魅惑 魅惑 mei4 huo4
to entice; to charm

媚惑 媚惑 mei4 huo4
to charm; to bewitch

迷惑不解 迷惑不解 mi2 huo4 bu4 jie3
to feel puzzled

迷惑 迷惑 mi2 huo5
to puzzle; to confuse; to baffle

迷惑龙 迷惑龍 mi2 huo5 long2
apatosaurus; former name: brontosaurus; also called 雷龍|雷龙

人非生而知之者,孰能无惑 人非生而知之者,孰能無惑 ren2 fei1 sheng1 er2 zhi1 zhi1 zhe3 - shu2 neng2 wu2 huo4
Knowledge is not innate to man, how can we overcome doubt?; We are not born with knowledge, how does one achieve maturity? (i.e. without guidance from a teacher - Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓愈|韩愈)

眩惑 眩惑 xuan4 huo4
confusion; unable to escape from infatuation or addiction

妖言惑众 妖言惑眾 yao1 yan2 huo4 zhong4
to mislead the public with rumors (idiom); to delude the people with lies

谣言惑众 謠言惑衆 yao2 yan2 huo4 zhong4
to mislead the public with rumors; to delude the people with lies

疑惑 疑惑 yi2 huo4
to doubt; to distrust; unconvincing; to puzzle over; misgivings; suspicions

荧惑 熒惑 ying2 huo4
to bewilder; to dazzle and confuse; the planet Mars

荧惑星 熒惑星 ying2 huo4 xing1
Mars in traditional Chinese astronomy

诱惑 誘惑 you4 huo4
to entice; to lure; to induce; to attract

左道惑众 左道惑眾 zuo3 dao4 huo4 zhong4
to delude the masses with heretical doctrines (idiom)