-ism; only

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
不惟 不惟 bu4 wei2
not only

伏惟 伏惟 fu2 wei2
to lie prostrate; to prostrate oneself (in veneration)

恭惟 恭惟 gong1 wei5
variant of 恭維|恭维

思惟 思惟 si1 wei2
variant of 思維|思维

惟独 惟獨 wei2 du2
only; solely; this one alone

惟恐 惟恐 wei2 kong3
for fear that; lest; also written 唯恐

惟利是图 惟利是圖 wei2 li4 shi4 tu2
variant of 唯利是圖|唯利是图

惟妙惟肖 惟妙惟肖 wei2 miao4 wei2 xiao4
to imitate to perfection; to be remarkably true to life

惟命是听 惟命是聽 wei2 ming4 shi4 ting1
see 唯命是從|唯命是从

惟一 惟一 wei2 yi1
only; sole; variant of 唯一

惟有 惟有 wei2 you3
variant of 唯有