miserable; wretched; cruel; inhuman; disastrous; tragic; dim; gloomy

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
悲惨 悲慘 bei1 can3
miserable; tragic

悲惨世界 悲慘世界 bei1 can3 shi4 jie4
Les Misérables (1862) by Victor Hugo 維克多·雨果|维克多·雨果

惨案 慘案 can3 an4
massacre; tragedy

惨白 慘白 can3 bai2
deathly pale

惨败 慘敗 can3 bai4
to suffer a crushing defeat

惨变 慘變 can3 bian4
disastrous turn; tragic event

惨不忍睹 慘不忍睹 can3 bu4 ren3 du3
spectacle too horrible to endure (idiom); tragic sight; appalling scenes of devastation

惨不忍闻 慘不忍聞 can3 bu4 ren3 wen2
too horrible to endure (idiom); tragic spectacle; appalling scenes of devastation

惨怛 慘怛 can3 da2
grieved; distressed

惨淡 慘淡 can3 dan4
dark; gloomy; dismal; by painstaking effort

惨澹 慘澹 can3 dan4
variant of 慘淡|惨淡

惨淡经营 慘淡經營 can3 dan4 jing1 ying2
to manage by painstaking effort (idiom)

惨毒 慘毒 can3 du2
cruel; vicious

惨红 慘紅 can3 hong2
dark red

惨祸 慘禍 can3 huo4
terrible tragedy; grave mishap

惨叫 慘叫 can3 jiao4
to scream; blood-curdling screech; miserable shriek

惨景 慘景 can3 jing3
wretched sight

惨境 慘境 can3 jing4
wretched situation

惨剧 慘劇 can3 ju4
tragedy; calamity; atrocity

惨绝人寰 慘絕人寰 can3 jue2 ren2 huan2
extremely tragic (idiom); with unprecedented brutality

惨况 慘況 can3 kuang4
tragic situation; dreadful state

惨烈 慘烈 can3 lie4
bitter; desperate

惨然 慘然 can3 ran2
grieved; distressed

惨杀 慘殺 can3 sha1
to slaughter; to kill mercilessly

惨事 慘事 can3 shi4

惨死 慘死 can3 si3
to die tragically; to meet with a violent death

惨痛 慘痛 can3 tong4
bitter; painful; deeply distressed

惨无人道 慘無人道 can3 wu2 ren2 dao4
inhuman (idiom); brutal and unfeeling

惨笑 慘笑 can3 xiao4
bitter smile

惨遭 慘遭 can3 zao1
to suffer (defeat, death etc)

惨遭不幸 慘遭不幸 can3 zao1 bu4 xing4
to meet with disaster; to die tragically

惨重 慘重 can3 zhong4

惨状 慘狀 can3 zhuang4
devastation; miserable condition

绿惨红愁 綠慘紅愁 lv4 can3 hong2 chou2
(of women) grieved appearance (idiom); sorrowful mien

凄惨 悽慘 qi1 can3
plaintive; mournful; miserable

伤心惨目 傷心慘目 shang1 xin1 can3 mu4
(idiom) too appalling to look at

四一二惨案 四一二慘案 si4 yi1 er4 can3 an4
the massacre of 12th Mar 1927; the Shanghai coup of 12th Mar 1927 by Chiang Kai-shek against the communists