to get angry

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
懊恼 懊惱 ao4 nao3
annoyed; vexed; upset

烦恼 煩惱 fan2 nao3
to be worried; to be distressed; worries

可恼 可惱 ke3 nao3
aggravating; irritating

苦恼 苦惱 ku3 nao3
vexed; distressed

恼恨 惱恨 nao3 hen4
to hate and resent; angry and full of grievances

恼火 惱火 nao3 huo3
to get angry; irritated; to annoy; to aggravate; annoying

恼怒 惱怒 nao3 nu4
resentful; angry; to enrage sb

恼人 惱人 nao3 ren2
annoying; irksome; to irritate

恼羞成怒 惱羞成怒 nao3 xiu1 cheng2 nu4
to fly into a rage out of humiliation; to be ashamed into anger (idiom)

气恼 氣惱 qi4 nao3
to be annoyed; to get angry

惹恼 惹惱 re3 nao3
to offend

羞恼 羞惱 xiu1 nao3
resentful; humiliated and angry

着恼 著惱 zhuo2 nao3
to be enraged

自寻烦恼 自尋煩惱 zi4 xun2 fan2 nao3
to bring trouble on oneself (idiom)