tranquil; understand

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
假惺惺 假惺惺 jia3 xing1 xing1
hypocritical; unctuous; insincerely courteous; to shed crocodile tears

惺松 惺鬆 xing1 song1
variant of 惺忪

惺忪 惺忪 xing1 song1
drowsy-eyed; wavering; indecisive; awake; conscious; clearheaded

惺惺惜惺惺 惺惺惜惺惺 xing1 xing1 xi1 xing1 xing1
people of talent appreciate one another (idiom); to sympathize with one another

惺惺相惜 惺惺相惜 xing1 xing1 xiang1 xi1
see 惺惺惜惺惺