to worry about

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
哀愁 哀愁 ai1 chou2
sorrow; sadness; distressed; sorrowful

悲愁 悲愁 bei1 chou2

愁肠 愁腸 chou2 chang2
anxiety; worries

愁肠百结 愁腸百結 chou2 chang2 bai3 jie2
hundred knots of worry in one's intestines (idiom); weighed down with anxiety

愁苦 愁苦 chou2 ku3
anxiety; distress

愁眉不展 愁眉不展 chou2 mei2 bu4 zhan3
with a worried frown

愁眉苦脸 愁眉苦臉 chou2 mei2 ku3 lian3
to look anxious (idiom); to look miserable

愁绪 愁緒 chou2 xu4

多愁多病 多愁多病 duo1 chou2 duo1 bing4
much sorrows and illness (idiom); melancholy and weakly

多愁善感 多愁善感 duo1 chou2 shan4 gan3
melancholy and moody (idiom); depressed personality

发愁 發愁 fa1 chou2
to worry; to fret; to be anxious; to become sad

犯愁 犯愁 fan4 chou2
to worry; to be anxious

解愁 解愁 jie3 chou2
to relieve melancholy

借酒浇愁 借酒澆愁 jie4 jiu3 jiao1 chou2
to drown one's sorrows (in alcohol)

旧愁新恨 舊愁新恨 jiu4 chou2 xin1 hen4
old worries with new hatred added (idiom); afflicted by problems old and new

离愁 離愁 li2 chou2
parting sorrow; pain of separation

绿惨红愁 綠慘紅愁 lv4 can3 hong2 chou2
(of women) grieved appearance (idiom); sorrowful mien

面带愁容 面帶愁容 mian4 dai4 chou2 rong2
with a sad air; looking melancholy; with a worried look

穷愁 窮愁 qiong2 chou2
destitute; troubled; penniless and full of care

穷愁潦倒 窮愁潦倒 qiong2 chou2 liao2 dao3
destitute and troubled; in dire straits

乡愁 鄉愁 xiang1 chou2
homesickness; nostalgia

消愁解闷 消愁解悶 xiao1 chou2 jie3 men4
lit. to eliminate worry and dispel melancholy (idiom); diversion from boredom; to dispel depression or melancholy; to relieve stress; a relaxing pass-time

新愁旧恨 新愁舊恨 xin1 chou2 jiu4 hen4
new worries added to old hatred (idiom); afflicted by problems old and new

忧愁 憂愁 you1 chou2
to be worried