to love; to be fond of; to like; affection; to be inclined (to do sth); to tend to (happen)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
埃德加·爱伦·坡 埃德加·愛倫·坡 ai1 de2 jia1 - ai4 lun2 - po1
Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849), American poet and novelist

爱爱 愛愛 ai4 ai5
(coll.) to make love

爱奥华 愛奧華 ai4 ao4 hua2
Iowa, US state

爱奥华州 愛奧華州 ai4 ao4 hua2 zhou1
Iowa, US state

爱奥尼亚海 愛奧尼亞海 ai4 ao4 ni2 ya4 hai3
Ionian Sea between Italy and Greece

爱别离苦 愛別離苦 ai4 bie2 li2 ku3
(Buddhism) the pain of parting with what (or whom) one loves, one of the eight distresses 八苦

爱不忍释 愛不忍釋 ai4 bu4 ren3 shi4
to love sth too much to part with it (idiom)

爱不释手 愛不釋手 ai4 bu4 shi4 shou3
to love sth too much to part with it (idiom); to fondle admiringly

爱财 愛財 ai4 cai2

爱财如命 愛財如命 ai4 cai2 ru2 ming4
lit. to love money as much as one's own life (idiom); fig. avaricious; tightfisted

爱称 愛稱 ai4 cheng1
term of endearment; pet name; diminutive

爱词霸 愛詞霸 ai4 ci2 ba4
iCIBA, online dictionary by Kingsoft Corporation, at

爱达荷 愛達荷 ai4 da2 he2
Idaho, US state

爱达荷州 愛達荷州 ai4 da2 he2 zhou1
Idaho, US state

爱戴 愛戴 ai4 dai4
to love and respect; love and respect

爱德 愛德 ai4 de2
Aide (brand)

爱德华 愛德華 ai4 de2 hua2
Edward; Édouard (name)

爱德华·达拉第 愛德華·達拉第 ai4 de2 hua2 - da2 la1 di4
Édouard Daladier (1884-1970), French politician

爱德华岛 愛德華島 ai4 de2 hua2 dao3
Prince Edward Island, province of Canada

爱德华王子岛 愛德華王子島 ai4 de2 hua2 wang2 zi3 dao3
Prince Edward Island (province of Canada)

爱德华兹 愛德華茲 ai4 de2 hua2 zi1
Edwards (name)

爱德玲 愛德玲 ai4 de2 ling2
Adeline (name)

爱德斯沃尔 愛德斯沃爾 ai4 de2 si1 wo4 er3
Eidsvoll (city in Norway)

爱得死去活来 愛得死去活來 ai4 de5 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2
to be madly in love

爱迪生 愛迪生 ai4 di2 sheng1
Edison (name); Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), American inventor and businessman

爱丁堡 愛丁堡 ai4 ding1 bao3
Edinburgh, capital of Scotland

爱豆 愛豆 ai4 dou4
(slang) idol (loanword)

爱尔兰 愛爾蘭 ai4 er3 lan2

爱尔兰共和国 愛爾蘭共和國 ai4 er3 lan2 gong4 he2 guo2
Republic of Ireland

爱尔兰共和军 愛爾蘭共和軍 ai4 er3 lan2 gong4 he2 jun1
Irish Republican Army

爱尔兰海 愛爾蘭海 ai4 er3 lan2 hai3
Irish Sea between Ireland and north England

爱尔兰人 愛爾蘭人 ai4 er3 lan2 ren2
Irish person

爱尔兰语 愛爾蘭語 ai4 er3 lan2 yu3
Irish language

爱耳日 愛耳日 ai4 er3 ri4
Ear Care Day (March 3)

爱疯 愛瘋 ai4 feng1
iPhone (slang)

爱抚 愛撫 ai4 fu3
to caress; to fondle; to look after (tenderly); affectionate care

爱岗敬业 愛崗敬業 ai4 gang3 jing4 ye4
industrious and hard-working; conscientious and meticulous

爱国 愛國 ai4 guo2
to love one's country; patriotic

爱国如家 愛國如家 ai4 guo2 ru2 jia1
to love one's country as one's own family (praise for a virtuous ruler)

爱国卫生运动委员会 愛國衛生運動委員會 ai4 guo2 wei4 sheng1 yun4 dong4 wei3 yuan2 hui4
Patriotic Health Committee

爱国者 愛國者 ai4 guo2 zhe3
MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile

爱国者 愛國者 ai4 guo2 zhe3

爱国主义 愛國主義 ai4 guo2 zhu3 yi4

爱好 愛好 ai4 hao4
to like; to take pleasure in; keen on; fond of; interest; hobby; appetite for

爱好者 愛好者 ai4 hao4 zhe3
lover (of art, sports etc); amateur; enthusiast; fan

爱河 愛河 ai4 he2
the river of love; a stumbling block on the path to enlightenment (Buddhism)

爱荷华 愛荷華 ai4 he2 hua2
Iowa, US state (Tw)

爱护 愛護 ai4 hu4
to cherish; to treasure; to take care of; to love and protect

爱辉 愛輝 ai4 hui1
Aihui district of Heihe city 黑河, Heilongjiang

爱辉区 愛輝區 ai4 hui1 qu1
Aihui district of Heihe city 黑河, Heilongjiang

爱将 愛將 ai4 jiang4
trusted lieutenant

爱经 愛經 ai4 jing1
Kama Sutra

爱克斯光 愛克斯光 ai4 ke4 si1 guang1
X-ray (loanword); Röntgen or Roentgen ray

爱克斯射线 愛克斯射線 ai4 ke4 si1 she4 xian4
X-ray radiation

爱哭鬼 愛哭鬼 ai4 ku1 gui3

爱理不理 愛理不理 ai4 li3 bu4 li3
to look cold and indifferent; standoffish

爱丽舍宫 愛麗捨宮 ai4 li4 she3 gong1
Elysée Palace, the residence of the president of the French Republic

爱丽丝 愛麗絲 ai4 li4 si1
Alice (name)

爱莉丝 愛莉絲 ai4 li4 si1
Iris (name)

爱丽丝漫游奇境记 愛麗絲漫遊奇境記 ai4 li4 si1 man4 you2 qi2 jing4 ji4
Alice in Wonderland

爱丽斯泉 愛麗斯泉 ai4 li4 si1 quan2
Alice Springs, town in central Australia (Tw)

爱丽丝泉 愛麗絲泉 ai4 li4 si1 quan2
Alice Springs, town in central Australia

爱立信 愛立信 ai4 li4 xin4
Ericsson (Swedish telecommunications company)

爱怜 愛憐 ai4 lian2
to show tenderness; to coo over; affection

爱恋 愛戀 ai4 lian4
in love with; to feel deeply attached to

爱留根纳 愛留根納 ai4 liu2 gen1 na4
Eriugena, John Scottus (c. 810-880) Irish poet, theologian, and philosopher of Neoplatonism

爱侣 愛侶 ai4 lv3

爱玛 愛瑪 ai4 ma3
Emma (name)

爱玛·沃特森 愛瑪·沃特森 ai4 ma3 - wo4 te4 sen1
Emma Watson (1990-), British actress

爱马仕 愛馬仕 ai4 ma3 shi4
Hermès (brand)

爱美 愛美 ai4 mei3
love of beauty; wishing to appear beautiful; to set store by one's appearance

爱美之心,人皆有之 愛美之心,人皆有之 ai4 mei3 zhi1 xin1 - ren2 jie1 you3 zhi1
everyone loves beauty (idiom)

爱面子 愛面子 ai4 mian4 zi5
to like to look good in the eyes of others; sensitive about how one is regarded by others; proud

爱民 愛民 ai4 min2
Aimin district of Mudanjiang city 牡丹江市, Heilongjiang

爱民区 愛民區 ai4 min2 qu1
Aimin district of Mudanjiang city 牡丹江市, Heilongjiang

爱民如子 愛民如子 ai4 min2 ru2 zi3
to love the common people as one's own children (praise for a virtuous ruler)

爱莫利维尔 愛莫利維爾 ai4 mo4 li4 wei2 er3
Emeryville, town on San Fransico bay, California

爱莫能助 愛莫能助 ai4 mo4 neng2 zhu4
unable to help however much one would like to (idiom); Although we sympathize, there is no way to help you.; My hands are tied.

爱慕 愛慕 ai4 mu4
to adore; to admire

爱慕虚荣 愛慕虛榮 ai4 mu4 xu1 rong2

爱昵 愛昵 ai4 ni4
intimate; loving

爱奴 愛奴 ai4 nu2
see 阿伊努

爱漂亮 愛漂亮 ai4 piao4 liang5
to like looking attractive (usually of girls); aestheticism

爱普生 愛普生 ai4 pu3 sheng1
Epson, Japanese electronics company

爱琴 愛琴 ai4 qin2
Aegean (sea between Greece and Turkey)

爱琴海 愛琴海 ai4 qin2 hai3
Aegean Sea

爱情 愛情 ai4 qing2
romance; love (romantic)

爱情片 愛情片 ai4 qing2 pian4
romance film

爱情喜剧 愛情喜劇 ai4 qing2 xi3 ju4
romantic comedy

爱情征服一切 愛情征服一切 ai4 qing2 zheng1 fu2 yi1 qie4
love conquers all; omnia vincit amor

爱犬 愛犬 ai4 quan3
beloved pet dog

爱人如己 愛人如己 ai4 ren2 ru2 ji3
love others as self

爱人 愛人 ai4 ren5
spouse (PRC); lover (non-PRC)

爱沙尼亚 愛沙尼亞 ai4 sha1 ni2 ya4

爱上 愛上 ai4 shang4
to fall in love with; to be in love with

爱谁谁 愛誰誰 ai4 shei2 shei2
(coll.) whatever; who cares

爱神 愛神 ai4 shen2
god of love

爱斯基摩 愛斯基摩 ai4 si1 ji1 mo2
Eskimo; Inuit

爱斯基摩人 愛斯基摩人 ai4 si1 ji1 mo2 ren2
Eskimo; also called Inuit 因紐特|因纽特

爱死病 愛死病 ai4 si3 bing4
AIDS (loanword)

爱晚亭 愛晚亭 ai4 wan3 ting2
Aiwan Pavilion, on Mt Yuelu 岳麓山 in Hubei, famous beauty spot

爱维养 愛維養 ai4 wei2 yang3
Evian, mineral water company (Tw)

爱卫会 愛衛會 ai4 wei4 hui4
Patriotic Health Committee, abbr. of 愛國衛生運動委員會|爱国卫生运动委员会

爱问 愛問 ai4 wen4, the search engine of Sina 新浪

爱窝窝 愛窩窩 ai4 wo1 wo5
glutinous rice cake with a sweet filling; also written 艾窩窩|艾窝窝

爱屋及鸟 愛屋及鳥 ai4 wu1 ji2 niao3
see 愛屋及烏|爱屋及乌

爱屋及乌 愛屋及烏 ai4 wu1 ji2 wu1
lit. love the house and its crow (idiom); involvement with sb and everyone connected; Love me, love my dog.

爱惜 愛惜 ai4 xi1
to cherish; to treasure; to use sparingly

爱现 愛現 ai4 xian4
(coll.) to enjoy showing off

爱心 愛心 ai4 xin1
compassion; kindness; care for others; love; charity (bazaar, golf day etc); heart (the symbol ♥)

爱新觉罗 愛新覺羅 ai4 xin1 jue2 luo2
Aisin Gioro, family name of the Manchu emperors of the Qing dynasty

爱意 愛意 ai4 yi4

爱因斯坦 愛因斯坦 ai4 yin1 si1 tan3
Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German-born theoretical physicist

爱游玩 愛遊玩 ai4 you2 wan2

爱玉 愛玉 ai4 yu4
see 愛玉子|爱玉子

爱玉冰 愛玉冰 ai4 yu4 bing1
jelly snack made by kneading jelly fig seeds 愛玉子|爱玉子 in water and combining with flavorings (popular in Taiwan and Singapore)

爱玉冻 愛玉凍 ai4 yu4 dong4
see 愛玉冰|爱玉冰

爱玉子 愛玉子 ai4 yu4 zi3
jelly fig seed (Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang)

爱乐 愛樂 ai4 yue4
music-loving; philharmonic

爱乐乐团 愛樂樂團 ai4 yue4 yue4 tuan2
philharmonic orchestra

爱憎 愛憎 ai4 zeng1
love and hate

爱憎分明 愛憎分明 ai4 zeng1 fen1 ming2
to make a clear difference between what one likes and what one hates; to have well-defined likes and dislikes

爱知 愛知 ai4 zhi1
Aichi (prefecture in Japan)

爱之如命 愛之如命 ai4 zhi1 ru2 ming4
inordinately fond of sth; lit. to love it as one's life

爱知县 愛知縣 ai4 zhi1 xian4
Aichi prefecture, central Japan

爱州 愛州 ai4 zhou1
Iowa, US state; abbr. for 愛奧華州|爱奥华州

爱滋 愛滋 ai4 zi1
AIDS (loanword); see also 愛滋病|爱滋病

爱滋病 愛滋病 ai4 zi1 bing4
variant of 艾滋病

爱滋病毒 愛滋病毒 ai4 zi1 bing4 du2
HIV; the AIDS virus

爱子 愛子 ai4 zi3
beloved son

北爱 北愛 bei3 ai4
abbr. for 北愛爾蘭|北爱尔兰, Northern Ireland

北爱尔兰 北愛爾蘭 bei3 ai4 er3 lan2
Northern Ireland

博爱 博愛 bo2 ai4
Bo'ai county in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan

博爱 博愛 bo2 ai4
universal fraternity (or brotherhood); universal love

博爱县 博愛縣 bo2 ai4 xian4
Bo'ai county in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan

博爱座 博愛座 bo2 ai4 zuo4
priority seat (on a bus etc) (Tw)

宠爱 寵愛 chong3 ai4
to dote on sb

慈爱 慈愛 ci2 ai4
love; devotion (to children); affection, esp. towards children

错爱 錯愛 cuo4 ai4
misplaced kindness; humble term: I do not deserve your many kindnesses.

逗人喜爱 逗人喜愛 dou4 ren2 xi3 ai4

笃爱 篤愛 du3 ai4
to love deeply; devoted to sb

恩爱 恩愛 en1 ai4
loving affection (in a couple); conjugal love

弗爱 弗愛 fu2 ai4
phi (Greek letter Φφ)

抚爱 撫愛 fu3 ai4
to love tenderly; affection; loving care; to caress

父爱 父愛 fu4 ai4
paternal love

割爱 割愛 ge1 ai4
to part with sth cherished; to forsake

关爱 關愛 guan1 ai4
to show concern and care for

韩爱晶 韓愛晶 han2 ai4 jing1
Han Aijing (1945-), notorious red guard leader during Cultural Revolution, spent 15 years in prison for imprisoning and torturing political leaders

横刀夺爱 橫刀奪愛 heng2 dao1 duo2 ai4
to rob sb of sth they cherish (idiom)

兼爱 兼愛 jian1 ai4
"universal love", principle advocated by Mozi 墨子, stressing that people should care for everyone equally

简·爱 簡·愛 jian3 - ai4
Jane Eyre, novel by Charlotte Brontë 夏洛特·勃良特

见爱 見愛 jian4 ai4
loved; respected (honorific)

敬爱 敬愛 jing4 ai4
respect and love

眷爱 眷愛 juan4 ai4
to love; sentimentally attached to

可爱 可愛 ke3 ai4
adorable; cute; lovely

酷爱 酷愛 ku4 ai4
to be keen on; to have a passion for

宽大仁爱 寬大仁愛 kuan1 da4 ren2 ai4
tolerant and lenient (idiom)

累觉不爱 累覺不愛 lei4 jue2 bu4 ai4
(lit.) so exhausted (by difficulties in a relationship) that one feels one could never fall in love again (Internet slang); disenchanted with sth

怜爱 憐愛 lian2 ai4
to have tender affection for; to love tenderly; to pamper sb

恋爱 戀愛 lian4 ai4
(romantic) love; in love; to have an affair

令爱 令愛 ling4 ai4
your precious daughter

萝卜白菜,各有所爱 蘿蔔白菜,各有所愛 luo2 bo5 bai2 cai4 - ge4 you3 suo3 ai4
one man's meat is another man's poison (idiom); to each his own

萝卜青菜,各有所爱 蘿蔔青菜,各有所愛 luo2 bo5 qing1 cai4 - ge4 you3 suo3 ai4
see 蘿蔔白菜,各有所愛|萝卜白菜,各有所爱

罗洁爱尔之 羅潔愛爾之 luo2 jie2 ai4 er3 zhi1
Raziel, archangel in Judaism

母爱 母愛 mu3 ai4
maternal love

男欢女爱 男歡女愛 nan2 huan1 nv3 ai4
passionate love (idiom)

男人不坏,女人不爱 男人不壞,女人不愛 nan2 ren2 bu4 huai4 - nv3 ren2 bu4 ai4
women love bad guys

溺爱 溺愛 ni4 ai4
to spoil; to pamper; to dote on

昵爱 昵愛 ni4 ai4
to love dearly; intimacy; close love

偏爱 偏愛 pian1 ai4
to be partial towards sth; to favor; to prefer; preference; favorite

亲爱 親愛 qin1 ai4
dear; beloved; darling

亲爱精诚 親愛精誠 qin1 ai4 jing1 cheng2

情爱 情愛 qing2 ai4
affection; friendly feelings towards sb; love

求爱 求愛 qiu2 ai4
to woo

热爱 熱愛 re4 ai4
to love ardently; to adore

仁爱 仁愛 ren2 ai4
Renai or Jenai district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan; Renai or Jenai township in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan

仁爱 仁愛 ren2 ai4
benevolence; charity; compassion

仁爱区 仁愛區 ren2 ai4 qu1
Jenai district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan

仁爱乡 仁愛鄉 ren2 ai4 xiang1
Renai or Jenai township in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan

人见人爱 人見人愛 ren2 jian4 ren2 ai4
loved by all; to have universal appeal

仁民爱物 仁民愛物 ren2 min2 ai4 wu4
love to all creatures (idiom, from Mencius); universal benevolence

忍痛割爱 忍痛割愛 ren3 tong4 ge1 ai4
to resign oneself to part with what one treasures

三角恋爱 三角戀愛 san1 jiao3 lian4 ai4
love triangle

三自爱国教会 三自愛國教會 san1 zi4 ai4 guo2 jiao4 hui4
Three-Self Patriotic Movement, PRC government-sanctioned Protestant church from 1949

深爱 深愛 shen1 ai4
to love dearly

神爱世人 神愛世人 shen2 ai4 shi4 ren2
the gods love the common people (idiom)

舐犊之爱 舐犢之愛 shi4 du2 zhi1 ai4
the love of a cow licking her calf (idiom); parental love

谈恋爱 談戀愛 tan2 lian4 ai4
to court; to go steady; to be dating

谈情说爱 談情說愛 tan2 qing2 shuo1 ai4
to murmur endearments (idiom); to get into a romantic relationship

疼爱 疼愛 teng2 ai4
to love dearly

同性爱 同性愛 tong2 xing4 ai4

五讲四美三热爱 五講四美三熱愛 wu3 jiang3 si4 mei3 san1 re4 ai4
the five emphases, four beauties and three loves (PRC policy introduced in 1981, including emphasis on manners, beauty of language and love of socialism)

五四爱国运动 五四愛國運動 wu3 si4 ai4 guo2 yun4 dong4
May Fourth Movement; Chinese national renewal movement that started with 4th May 1919 protest against the Treaty of Versailles

喜爱 喜愛 xi3 ai4
to like; to love; to be fond of; favorite

嫌贫爱富 嫌貧愛富 xian2 pin2 ai4 fu4
to favor the rich and disdain the poor (idiom); snobbish

相爱 相愛 xiang1 ai4
to love each other

相亲相爱 相親相愛 xiang1 qin1 xiang1 ai4
to be kind and love one another (idiom); bound by deep emotions

小可爱 小可愛 xiao3 ke3 ai4
cutie; sweetie; (Tw) camisole (women's garment)

心爱 心愛 xin1 ai4

性爱 性愛 xing4 ai4
sex; lovemaking

秀恩爱 秀恩愛 xiu4 en1 ai4
to make a public display of affection

雅爱 雅愛 ya3 ai4
(hon.) your great kindness

业余爱好者 業餘愛好者 ye4 yu2 ai4 hao4 zhe3
hobbyist; amateur

因爱成恨 因愛成恨 yin1 ai4 cheng2 hen4
hatred caused by love (idiom); to grow to hate someone because of unrequited love for that person

由怜生爱 由憐生愛 you2 lian2 sheng1 ai4
to develop love for sb out of pity for them

友爱 友愛 you3 ai4
friendly affection; fraternal love

张爱玲 張愛玲 zhang1 ai4 ling2
Eileen Chang (1920-1995), famous Chinese-American novelist

真爱 真愛 zhen1 ai4
true love

珍爱 珍愛 zhen1 ai4
to cherish

挚爱 摯愛 zhi4 ai4
true love

至爱 至愛 zhi4 ai4
most beloved

钟爱 鍾愛 zhong1 ai4
to treasure; to be very fond of

中国天主教爱国会 中國天主教愛國會 zhong1 guo2 tian1 zhu3 jiao4 ai4 guo2 hui4
Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association

忠君爱国 忠君愛國 zhong1 jun1 ai4 guo2
faithful patriots (idiom)

装可爱 裝可愛 zhuang1 ke3 ai4
to act cute; putting on adorable airs; to pretend to be lovely

自爱 自愛 zi4 ai4
self-respect; self-love; self-regard; regard for oneself; to cherish one's good name; to take good care of one's health

最喜爱 最喜愛 zui4 xi3 ai4

尊老爱幼 尊老愛幼 zun1 lao3 ai4 you4
respect the old and cherish the young

尊师爱徒 尊師愛徒 zun1 shi1 ai4 tu2
title of a Daoist priest; revered master

尊贤爱物 尊賢愛物 zun1 xian2 ai4 wu4
to honor the wise and love the people; respecting noble talent while protecting the common people

作爱 作愛 zuo4 ai4
to make love

做爱 做愛 zuo4 ai4
to make love