to look distracted; to stare blankly; distracted; blank; (coll.) unexpectedly; rash; rashly

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
登愣 登愣 deng1 leng4
ta da!; wow!

二愣子 二愣子 er4 leng4 zi5
stupid person; dolt; rash (slang)

发愣 發愣 fa1 leng4
to daydream; in a daze

愣干 愣干 leng4 gan4
to do things recklessly; to persist in doing sth in one's own way

愣劲儿 愣勁兒 leng4 jin4 er5
dash; pep; vigor

愣神儿 愣神兒 leng4 shen2 er5
to stare blankly; to be in a daze

愣说 愣說 leng4 shuo1
to insist; to allege; to assert

愣头儿青 愣頭兒青 leng4 tou2 er5 qing1
hothead; rash individual

愣头愣脑 愣頭愣腦 leng4 tou2 leng4 nao3
rash; impetuous; reckless

傻不愣登 傻不愣登 sha3 bu4 leng4 deng1
stupid; dazed

斜愣眼 斜愣眼 xie2 leng5 yan3
to squint

斜愣眼儿 斜愣眼兒 xie2 leng5 yan3 er5
erhua variant of 斜愣眼

直愣愣 直愣愣 zhi2 leng4 leng4
staring blankly