to pity

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
哀怜 哀憐 ai1 lian2
to feel compassion for; to pity on; to feel sorry for

爱怜 愛憐 ai4 lian2
to show tenderness; to coo over; affection

顾影自怜 顧影自憐 gu4 ying3 zi4 lian2
lit. looking at one's shadow and feeling sorry for oneself (idiom); fig. alone and dejected

可怜 可憐 ke3 lian2
pitiful; pathetic; to have pity on

可怜巴巴 可憐巴巴 ke3 lian2 ba1 ba1
pathetic; pitiful

可怜虫 可憐蟲 ke3 lian2 chong2
pitiful creature; wretch

可怜见 可憐見 ke3 lian2 jian4
(coll.) pitiable; to have pity on sb

可怜兮兮 可憐兮兮 ke3 lian2 xi1 xi1
miserable; wretched

怜爱 憐愛 lian2 ai4
to have tender affection for; to love tenderly; to pamper sb

怜悯 憐憫 lian2 min3
to take pity on; pity; mercy

怜惜 憐惜 lian2 xi1
to take pity on; to feel tenderness toward

怜香惜玉 憐香惜玉 lian2 xiang1 xi1 yu4
to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex (idiom)

怜恤 憐恤 lian2 xu4
to take pity; to show compassion

乞哀告怜 乞哀告憐 qi3 ai1 gao4 lian2
begging for pity and asking for help (idiom)

乞怜 乞憐 qi3 lian2
to beg for pity

求怜经 求憐經 qiu2 lian2 jing1
Kyrie Eleison (section of Catholic mass); Miserere nobis; Lord have mercy upon us

同病相怜 同病相憐 tong2 bing4 xiang1 lian2
fellow sufferers empathize with each other (idiom); misery loves company

惜香怜玉 惜香憐玉 xi1 xiang1 lian2 yu4
see 憐香惜玉|怜香惜玉

由怜生爱 由憐生愛 you2 lian2 sheng1 ai4
to develop love for sb out of pity for them

自艾自怜 自艾自憐 zi4 ai4 zi4 lian2
to feel sorry for oneself