to lean against; to rely on; on the basis of; no matter (how, what etc); proof

strokes 16
strokes after radical 12
存托凭证 存託憑證 cun2 tuo1 ping2 zheng4
depository share; depository receipt (DR)

美国存托凭证 美國存託憑證 mei3 guo2 cun2 tuo1 ping2 zheng4
American depository receipt (ADR)

牡丹虽好,全凭绿叶扶持 牡丹雖好,全憑綠葉扶持 mu3 dan5 sui1 hao3 - quan2 ping2 lv4 ye4 fu2 chi2
Although the peony is beautiful, it depends entirely on help from the green leaves (idiom). However brilliant you may be, you can't do anything without support from others.

凭白无故 憑白無故 ping2 bai2 wu2 gu4
variant of 平白無故|平白无故

凭本能做事 憑本能做事 ping2 ben3 neng2 zuo4 shi4
to follow one's nose

凭单 憑單 ping2 dan1
bill of warrant (certificate, allowing one to collect money or valuables)

凭吊 憑弔 ping2 diao4
to visit a place for the memories; to pay homage to (the deceased)

凭借 憑借 ping2 jie4
to rely on; to depend on; by means of; thanks to; sth that one relies on

凭藉 憑藉 ping2 jie4
to rely on; to depend on; by means of; thanks to; sth that one relies on; also written 憑借|凭借

凭据 憑據 ping2 ju4

凭靠 憑靠 ping2 kao4
to use; to rely on; by means of

凭空 憑空 ping2 kong1
baseless (lie); without foundation

凭空捏造 憑空捏造 ping2 kong1 nie1 zao4
fabrication relying on nothing (idiom); frame-up

凭栏 憑欄 ping2 lan2
to lean on a parapet

凭陵 憑陵 ping2 ling2
to ride roughshod over; to encroach

凭票入场 憑票入場 ping2 piao4 ru4 chang3
admission by ticket only

凭什么 憑什麼 ping2 shen2 me5
(spoken) why?; for which reason?

凭恃 憑恃 ping2 shi4
to depend on; to rely on

凭轼结辙 憑軾結轍 ping2 shi4 jie2 zhe2
to drive non-stop as fast as one can (idiom)

凭条 憑條 ping2 tiao2
paper docket confirming a transaction

凭眺 憑眺 ping2 tiao4
to lean on sth and gaze into the distance

凭险 憑險 ping2 xian3
(to resist the enemy) relying on inaccessible territory

凭祥 憑祥 ping2 xiang2
Pingxiang county level city in Chongzuo 崇左, Guangxi

凭祥市 憑祥市 ping2 xiang2 shi4
Pingxiang county level city in Chongzuo 崇左, Guangxi

凭信 憑信 ping2 xin4
to trust

凭依 憑依 ping2 yi1
to rely on; to base oneself on

凭倚 憑倚 ping2 yi3
to rely on

凭仗 憑仗 ping2 zhang4
to rely on; to depend on

凭照 憑照 ping2 zhao4
certificate; license

凭证 憑證 ping2 zheng4
proof; certificate; receipt; voucher

凭准 憑準 ping2 zhun3
evidence (that one can rely on); grounds (for believing sth)

任凭 任憑 ren4 ping2
no matter what; despite; to allow (sb to act arbitrarily)

任凭风浪起,稳坐钓鱼台 任憑風浪起,穩坐釣魚臺 ren4 ping2 feng1 lang4 qi3 - wen3 zuo4 diao4 yu2 tai2
lit. sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite wind and storm (idiom); to stay calm during tense situation; a cool head in a crisis

听凭 聽憑 ting1 ping2
to allow (sb to do as he pleases)

文凭 文憑 wen2 ping2

真凭实据 真憑實據 zhen1 ping2 shi2 ju4
reliable evidence (idiom); conclusive proof; definitive evidence