strokes 17
strokes after radical 13
诚恳 誠懇 cheng2 ken3
sincere; honest; cordial

恳辞 懇辭 ken3 ci2
to decline with sincere thanks

恳切 懇切 ken3 qie4
earnest; sincere

恳请 懇請 ken3 qing3
to request earnestly

恳求 懇求 ken3 qiu2
to beg; to beseech; to entreat; entreaty

勤恳 勤懇 qin2 ken3
diligent and attentive; assiduous; sincere

勤勤恳恳 勤勤懇懇 qin2 qin2 ken3 ken3
industrious and conscientious; assiduous