to feel attached to; to long for; to love

strokes 23
strokes after radical 19
爱恋 愛戀 ai4 lian4
in love with; to feel deeply attached to

暗恋 暗戀 an4 lian4
to be secretly in love with

初恋 初戀 chu1 lian4
first love

初恋感觉 初戀感覺 chu1 lian4 gan3 jue2
feelings of first love

单恋 單戀 dan1 lian4
unrequited love; one-sided love

黄昏恋 黃昏戀 huang2 hun1 lian4
fig. romantic relationship between an elderly couple; falling in love in the autumn of one's life

婚恋 婚戀 hun1 lian4
love and marriage

婚外恋 婚外戀 hun1 wai4 lian4
see 婚外情

姐弟恋 姐弟戀 jie3 di4 lian4
love between an older woman and a younger man

眷恋 眷戀 juan4 lian4
to miss; to long for; to remember with longing; yearning

老马恋栈 老馬戀棧 lao3 ma3 lian4 zhan4
lit. the old horse loves his stable; fig. sb old but reluctant to relinquish their post (idiom)

恋爱 戀愛 lian4 ai4
(romantic) love; in love; to have an affair

恋歌 戀歌 lian4 ge1
love song

恋家 戀家 lian4 jia1
home-loving; to feel a strong attachment to home life; to begrudge being away from home

恋脚癖 戀腳癖 lian4 jiao3 pi3
foot fetish

恋脚癖者 戀腳癖者 lian4 jiao3 pi3 zhe3
foot fetishist

恋旧 戀舊 lian4 jiu4
see 懷舊|怀旧

恋旧情结 戀舊情結 lian4 jiu4 qing2 jie2
dwelling on the past; difficulty in adapting to changes

恋恋不舍 戀戀不捨 lian4 lian4 bu4 she3
reluctant to part

恋母情结 戀母情結 lian4 mu3 qing2 jie2
Oedipus complex

恋慕 戀慕 lian4 mu4
to be enamored of; to have tender feelings for; to be sentimentally attached to (a person or place)

恋念 戀念 lian4 nian4
to have a sentimental attachment to (a place); to miss (one's ancestral home etc); to be nostalgic about

恋情 戀情 lian4 qing2
romantic love

恋人 戀人 lian4 ren2
lover; sweetheart

恋尸癖 戀屍癖 lian4 shi1 pi3

恋童犯 戀童犯 lian4 tong2 fan4

恋童癖 戀童癖 lian4 tong2 pi3
pedophilia; pedophile

恋物 戀物 lian4 wu4
(sexual) fetishism

恋物狂 戀物狂 lian4 wu4 kuang2
(sexual) fetishism

恋物癖 戀物癖 lian4 wu4 pi3
(sexual) fetishism

恋战 戀戰 lian4 zhan4
to zealously continue fighting

恋栈 戀棧 lian4 zhan4
to be reluctant to give up a post

留恋 留戀 liu2 lian4
reluctant to leave; to hate to have to go; to recall fondly

娈童恋 孌童戀 luan2 tong2 lian4

迷恋 迷戀 mi2 lian4
to be infatuated with; to indulge in

驽马恋栈 駑馬戀棧 nu2 ma3 lian4 zhan4
an incompetent man clings to a good position (idiom)

驽马恋栈豆 駑馬戀棧豆 nu2 ma3 lian4 zhan4 dou4
see 駑馬戀棧|驽马恋栈

虐恋 虐戀 nve4 lian4

热恋 熱戀 re4 lian4
to fall head over heels in love; to be passionately in love

三角恋爱 三角戀愛 san1 jiao3 lian4 ai4
love triangle

失恋 失戀 shi1 lian4
to lose one's love; to break up (in a romantic relationship); to feel jilted

双性恋 雙性戀 shuang1 xing4 lian4
bisexual; bisexuality

思恋 思戀 si1 lian4
to miss; to long for

贪恋 貪戀 tan1 lian4
to cling to; to be reluctant to give up (sth); to have a fondness for (an indulgence etc)

谈恋爱 談戀愛 tan2 lian4 ai4
to court; to go steady; to be dating

同性恋 同性戀 tong2 xing4 lian4
homosexuality; gay person; gay love

同性恋恐惧症 同性戀恐懼症 tong2 xing4 lian4 kong3 ju4 zheng4

同性恋者 同性戀者 tong2 xing4 lian4 zhe3
homosexual; gay person

网恋 網戀 wang3 lian4
online love affair; cyberdate; Internet dating

相恋 相戀 xiang1 lian4
to love each other

性物恋 性物戀 xing4 wu4 lian4
(sexual) fetishism

依恋 依戀 yi1 lian4
to be fondly attached to; to not wish to part with; to cling to

移情别恋 移情別戀 yi2 qing2 bie2 lian4
change of affection, shift of love (idiom); to change one's feelings to another love; to fall in love with sb else

异地恋 異地戀 yi4 di4 lian4
long-distance romance; long-distance relationship

异性恋 異性戀 yi4 xing4 lian4
heterosexuality; heterosexual love

异性恋主义 異性戀主義 yi4 xing4 lian4 zhu3 yi4

早恋 早戀 zao3 lian4
puppy love

栈恋 棧戀 zhan4 lian4
sentimental attachment to a person or place

自恋 自戀 zi4 lian4