surname Rong

generic term for weapons (old); army (matters); military affairs

strokes 6
strokes after radical 2
奥米可戎 奧米可戎 ao4 mi3 ke3 rong2
omicron (Greek letter Οο)

奥密克戎 奧密克戎 ao4 mi4 ke4 rong2
omicron (Greek letter)

兵戎 兵戎 bing1 rong2
arms; weapons

兵戎相见 兵戎相見 bing1 rong2 xiang1 jian4
to meet on the battlefield (idiom)

从戎 從戎 cong2 rong2
to enlist; to be in the army

第戎 第戎 di4 rong2
Dijon (France)

犬戎 犬戎 quan3 rong2
Quanrong, Zhou Dynasty ethnic group of present-day western China

戎车 戎車 rong2 che1
military vehicle

戎行 戎行 rong2 hang2
troops; military affairs

戎机 戎機 rong2 ji1
opportunity for a fight; war

戎甲 戎甲 rong2 jia3
weapons and armor

戎马 戎馬 rong2 ma3
military horse; by extension, military matters

戎马生涯 戎馬生涯 rong2 ma3 sheng1 ya2
army life (idiom); the experience of war

戎事 戎事 rong2 shi4
military affairs

戎事倥偬 戎事倥傯 rong2 shi4 kong3 zong3
a time of military urgency; war crisis

戎衣 戎衣 rong2 yi1
military uniform

戎装 戎裝 rong2 zhuang1
martial attire

投笔从戎 投筆從戎 tou2 bi3 cong2 rong2
to lay down the pen and take up the sword (idiom); to join the military (esp. of educated person)

西戎 西戎 xi1 rong2
the Xirong, an ancient ethnic group of Western China from the Zhou Dynasty onwards; Xionites (Central Asian nomads)

御戎 御戎 yu4 rong2
(military) chariot driver (old)

张戎 張戎 zhang1 rong2
Jung Chang (1952-), British-Chinese writer, name at birth Zhang Erhong 張二鴻|张二鸿, author of Wild Swans 野天鵝|野天鹅 and Mao: The Unknown Story 毛澤東·鮮為人知的故事|毛泽东·鲜为人知的故事