to guard against; to exhort; to admonish or warn; to give up or stop doing sth; Buddhist monastic discipline; ring (for a finger)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
八戒 八戒 ba1 jie4
the eight precepts (Buddhism)

惩戒 懲戒 cheng2 jie4
to discipline; reprimand

传戒 傳戒 chuan2 jie4
to initiate novice (Buddhist monk)

犯戒 犯戒 fan4 jie4
to go against the rules (of a religious order); to break a ban (e.g. medical)

告戒 告戒 gao4 jie4
variant of 告誡|告诫

规戒 規戒 gui1 jie4
variant of 規誡|规诫

鉴戒 鑒戒 jian4 jie4
lesson from events of the past; warning

戒备 戒備 jie4 bei4
to take precautions; to guard against (emergency)

戒备森严 戒備森嚴 jie4 bei4 sen1 yan2

戒除 戒除 jie4 chu2
to quit; to give up (a bad habit)

戒刀 戒刀 jie4 dao1
Buddhist monk's knife (not used for killing)

戒毒 戒毒 jie4 du2
to kick a drug habit; to abstain from drugs

戒毒所 戒毒所 jie4 du2 suo3
drug rehabilitation center

戒断 戒斷 jie4 duan4
withdrawal (from drugs)

戒规 戒規 jie4 gui1
religious precept; taboo; rule

戒忌 戒忌 jie4 ji4
a taboo; to avoid sth (as taboo)

戒骄戒躁 戒驕戒躁 jie4 jiao1 jie4 zao4
to guard against pride and impatience (idiom); to remain modest and keep cool

戒酒 戒酒 jie4 jiu3
to give up drinking; to abstain from drinking

戒惧 戒懼 jie4 ju4

戒绝 戒絕 jie4 jue2
abstinence; to give up (a bad habit)

戒律 戒律 jie4 lv4
monastic discipline; commandment

戒命 戒命 jie4 ming4

戒奢崇俭 戒奢崇儉 jie4 she1 chong2 jian3
to refrain from high standard of living (idiom)

戒慎 戒慎 jie4 shen4
vigilant; cautious

戒坛 戒壇 jie4 tan2
ordination platform in a Buddhist temple

戒条 戒條 jie4 tiao2
commandment; precept

戒心 戒心 jie4 xin1
vigilance; wariness

戒行 戒行 jie4 xing2
(Buddhism) to adhere strictly to the ethical precepts; asceticism

戒烟 戒煙 jie4 yan1
to give up smoking

戒严 戒嚴 jie4 yan2
to impose martial law; to impose emergency measures

戒严令 戒嚴令 jie4 yan2 ling4
martial law

戒严区 戒嚴區 jie4 yan2 qu1
restricted area; zone of application of the martial law

戒治所 戒治所 jie4 zhi4 suo3
drug rehabilitation center

戒指 戒指 jie4 zhi5
(finger) ring

戒子 戒子 jie4 zi5
(finger) ring

禁戒 禁戒 jin4 jie4
to abstain from; to prohibit (certain foods etc)

警戒 警戒 jing3 jie4
to warn; to alert; to be on the alert; to stand guard; sentinel

儆戒 儆戒 jing3 jie4
to warn; to admonish

警戒线 警戒線 jing3 jie4 xian4
police cordon; alert level

开戒 開戒 kai1 jie4
to end abstinence; to resume (drinking) after a break; to break (a taboo)

勒戒 勒戒 le4 jie4
to force sb to give up (a drug); to enforce abstinence; to break drug dependence

力戒 力戒 li4 jie4
to try everything to avoid; to guard against

魔戒 魔戒 mo2 jie4
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien 托爾金|托尔金

破戒 破戒 po4 jie4
to violate a religious precept; to smoke or drink after giving up

劝戒 勸戒 quan4 jie4
variant of 勸誡|劝诫

十戒 十戒 shi2 jie4
the ten commandments (religion)

受戒 受戒 shou4 jie4
to take oaths as a monk (Buddhism); to take orders

训戒 訓戒 xun4 jie4
variant of 訓誡|训诫

言者无罪,闻者足戒 言者無罪,聞者足戒 yan2 zhe3 wu2 zui4 - wen2 zhe3 zu2 jie4
don't blame the speaker, take note of his warning (idiom); an exhortation to speak one's mind without fear of reprisals, and with the expectation of being taken seriously

以示警戒 以示警戒 yi3 shi4 jing3 jie4
to serve as a warning (idiom)

印戒 印戒 yin4 jie4
signet ring (cell)

斋戒 齋戒 zhai1 jie4
to fast

猪八戒 豬八戒 zhu1 ba1 jie4
Zhu Bajie, character in Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记, with pig-like characteristics and armed with a muckrake; Pigsy in Arthur Waley's translation

钻戒 鑽戒 zuan4 jie4
diamond ring