maybe; perhaps; might; possibly; or

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
不可或缺 不可或缺 bu4 ke3 huo4 que1
necessary; must have

或称 或稱 huo4 cheng1
also called; also known as; a.k.a.

或多或少 或多或少 huo4 duo1 huo4 shao3
more or less

或然 或然 huo4 ran2

或然率 或然率 huo4 ran2 lv4
probability (math.)

或是 或是 huo4 shi4
or; either one or the other

或体 或體 huo4 ti3
variant Chinese character; alternative form of a Chinese character

或许 或許 huo4 xu3
perhaps; maybe

或者 或者 huo4 zhe3
or; possibly; maybe; perhaps

即或 即或 ji2 huo4
even if; even though

间或 間或 jian4 huo4
occasionally; now and then

容或 容或 rong2 huo4
perhaps; maybe; probably

设或 設或 she4 huo4

甚或 甚或 shen4 huo4
so much so that; to the extent that; even

倘或 倘或 tang3 huo4
if; supposing that

相当于或大于 相當於或大於 xiang1 dang1 yu2 huo4 da4 yu2
greater than or equal to ≥; at least as great as

抑或 抑或 yi4 huo4
or; could it be that...?

亦或 亦或 yi4 huo4