lance; to tap; to scrape; to chirp; custom

variant of 戛

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
戛戛 戛戛 jia2 jia2
difficult; challenging; original

戛戛独造 戛戛獨造 jia2 jia2 du2 zao4
creative; original

戛纳 戛納 jia2 na4
Cannes (France)

戛然 戛然 jia2 ran2
(literary) to stop abruptly (of a sound); to be loud and clear

戛然而止 戛然而止 jia2 ran2 er2 zhi3
with a grunting sound it stops (idiom); to come to an end spontaneously (esp. of sound)

马戛尔尼 馬戛爾尼 ma3 jia2 er3 ni2
Earl George Macartney (1737-1806), leader of British mission to Qing China in 1793; Paul McCartney, former Beatle

马戛尔尼使团 馬戛爾尼使團 ma3 jia2 er3 ni2 shi3 tuan2
the Macartney mission to Qing China in 1793