to jab; to poke; to stab; to sprain; to blunt; to fuck (vulgar); to stand sth upright

strokes 18
strokes after radical 14
戳壁脚 戳壁腳 chuo1 bi4 jiao3
to criticize behind sb's back; back-biting

戳不住 戳不住 chuo1 bu5 zhu4
not up to it; cannot stand the test

戳穿 戳穿 chuo1 chuan1
to puncture; to lay bear or expose (lies etc)

戳穿试验 戳穿試驗 chuo1 chuan1 shi4 yan4
puncture test

戳刺感 戳刺感 chuo1 ci4 gan3
pins and needles (in muscle); paresthesia

戳搭 戳搭 chuo1 da1
to knock; to jab

戳得住 戳得住 chuo1 de5 zhu4
up to it; can stand the test

戳儿 戳兒 chuo1 er5
stamp; seal

戳份儿 戳份兒 chuo1 fen4 er5
to flaunt

戳个儿 戳個兒 chuo1 ge4 er5

戳咕 戳咕 chuo1 gu1
to stir up behind sb's back; to incite secretly

戳祸 戳禍 chuo1 huo4
to stir up trouble

戳脊梁 戳脊梁 chuo1 ji3 liang5
to criticize behind sb's back; back-biting

戳脊梁骨 戳脊梁骨 chuo1 ji3 liang5 gu3
to criticize behind sb's back; back-biting

戳记 戳記 chuo1 ji4
stamp; seal

戳力 戳力 chuo1 li4
to work toward; to endeavor; an attempt

戳破 戳破 chuo1 po4
puncture; to expose

戳心灌髓 戳心灌髓 chuo1 xin1 guan4 sui3

戳子 戳子 chuo1 zi5
stamp; seal

刺戳 刺戳 ci4 chuo1
to puncture; to pierce

日戳 日戳 ri4 chuo1
date stamp

时戳 時戳 shi2 chuo1

时间戳 時間戳 shi2 jian1 chuo1

邮戳 郵戳 you2 chuo1