flat; (coll.) to beat (sb) up; old variant of 匾

surname Pian

small boat

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
阿扁 阿扁 a1 bian3
A-bian, nickname of Chen Shui-bian 陳水扁|陈水扁

扁虫 扁蟲 bian3 chong2

扁担 扁擔 bian3 dan5
carrying pole; shoulder pole

扁担星 扁擔星 bian3 dan5 xing1
Altair and its two adjacent stars

扁豆 扁豆 bian3 dou4
hyacinth bean; haricot

扁额 扁額 bian3 e2
variant of 匾額|匾额

扁骨 扁骨 bian3 gu3
flat bone

扁坯 扁坯 bian3 pi1

扁平 扁平 bian3 ping2
flat; planar

扁锹形虫 扁鍬形蟲 bian3 qiao1 xing2 chong2
giant stag beetle (Dorcus titanus)

扁鹊 扁鵲 bian3 que4
秦越人 (407-310 BC), Warring States physician known for his medical skills, nicknamed Bian Que after the earliest known Chinese physician allegedly from the 黃帝|黄帝 era

扁虱 扁虱 bian3 shi1
tick (zoology)

扁食 扁食 bian3 shi2

扁桃 扁桃 bian3 tao2
almond tree; almond; flat peach

扁桃体 扁桃體 bian3 tao2 ti3

扁桃体炎 扁桃體炎 bian3 tao2 ti3 yan2

扁桃腺 扁桃腺 bian3 tao2 xian4

扁桃腺炎 扁桃腺炎 bian3 tao2 xian4 yan2

扁穴 扁穴 bian3 xue2
tonsil; now written 扁桃體|扁桃体

扁圆 扁圓 bian3 yuan2

扁嘴海雀 扁嘴海雀 bian3 zui3 hai3 que4
(bird species of China) ancient murrelet (Synthliboramphus antiquus)

陈水扁 陳水扁 chen2 shui3 bian3
Chen Shui-Bian (1950-), Taiwanese DPP 民進黨|民进党 politician, President of the Republic of China 2000-2008

倒扁 倒扁 dao3 bian3
Taiwan political movement aimed at forcing the resignation of President Chen Shui-bian 陳水扁|陈水扁 in 2006 over corruption allegations

干扁豆角 干扁豆角 gan1 bian3 dou4 jiao3
green beans in sauce, popular Beijing dish

海扁 海扁 hai3 bian3
(slang) to beat sb up

看扁 看扁 kan4 bian3
to have a low opinion of

扁形动物 扁形動物 pian1 xing2 dong4 wu4
flatworm; phylum of Platyhelminthes

扁形动物门 扁形動物門 pian1 xing2 dong4 wu4 men2
flatworm; phylum of Platyhelminthes

扁舟 扁舟 pian1 zhou1
small boat; skiff

欠扁 欠扁 qian4 bian3
annoying; infuriating; deserving of a good spanking

痛扁 痛扁 tong4 bian3
to beat (sb) up

小扁豆 小扁豆 xiao3 bian3 dou4

压扁 壓扁 ya1 bian3
to squash; to crush flat

揍扁 揍扁 zou4 bian3
to beat (sb) up; to hit