hand; (formal) to hold; person engaged in certain types of work; person skilled in certain types of work; personal(ly); convenient; classifier for skill

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
USB手指 USB手指 - - - shou3 zhi3
USB flash drive; see also 閃存盤|闪存盘

爱不释手 愛不釋手 ai4 bu4 shi4 shou3
to love sth too much to part with it (idiom); to fondle admiringly

碍手碍脚 礙手礙腳 ai4 shou3 ai4 jiao3
to be in the way; to be a hindrance

按手礼 按手禮 an4 shou3 li3

把手 把手 ba3 shou3
handle; grip; knob

罢手 罷手 ba4 shou3
to give up

掰手腕 掰手腕 bai1 shou3 wan4
arm wrestling

白手起家 白手起家 bai2 shou3 qi3 jia1
to build up from nothing; to start from scratch

摆手 擺手 bai3 shou3
to wave one's hand; to gesture with one's hand (beckoning, waving good-bye etc); to swing one's arms

扳手 扳手 ban1 shou3
spanner; wrench; lever (on a machine)

帮手 幫手 bang1 shou3
helper; assistant

爆破手 爆破手 bao4 po4 shou3
blaster; soldier or workman who sets off explosive charges; petardier

背影杀手 背影殺手 bei4 ying3 sha1 shou3
(slang) (usu. of a woman) sb who looks stunning from behind; sb who has a great figure but not necessarily an attractive face; abbr. to 背殺|背杀

背着手 背著手 bei4 zhe5 shou3
with one's hands clasped behind one's back

笨手笨脚 笨手笨腳 ben4 shou3 ben4 jiao3
clumsy; all thumbs

比手划脚 比手劃腳 bi3 shou3 hua4 jiao3
to gesticulate; to make lively gestures (while talking); also written 比手畫腳|比手画脚

比手画脚 比手畫腳 bi3 shou3 hua4 jiao3
to gesticulate; to make lively gestures (while talking); also written 比手劃腳|比手划脚

博客写手 博客寫手 bo2 ke4 xie3 shou3
blogger; blog writer

捕手 捕手 bu3 shou3

不怕神一样的对手,就怕猪一样的队友 不怕神一樣的對手,就怕豬一樣的隊友 bu4 pa4 shen2 yi1 yang4 de5 dui4 shou3 - jiu4 pa4 zhu1 yi1 yang4 de5 dui4 you3
a boneheaded teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent (idiom)

不择手段 不擇手段 bu4 ze2 shou3 duan4
by fair means or foul; by hook or by crook; unscrupulously

操刀手 操刀手 cao1 dao1 shou3
person charged with decisive action; hatchet man

操盘手 操盤手 cao1 pan2 shou3
trader or dealer (of stocks and shares etc)

插不上手 插不上手 cha1 bu5 shang4 shou3
to be unable to intervene

插手 插手 cha1 shou3
to get involved in; to meddle; interference

缠手 纏手 chan2 shou3
troublesome; hard to deal with

抄手 抄手 chao1 shou3
to fold one's arms; copyist; (dialect) wonton

吃人家的嘴软,拿人家的手短 吃人家的嘴軟,拿人家的手短 chi1 ren2 jia1 de5 zui3 ruan3 - na2 ren2 jia1 de5 shou3 duan3
lit. the mouth that has been fed by others is soft, the hand that has received doesn't reach (idiom); fig. one is partial to those from whom presents have been accepted

赤手 赤手 chi4 shou3
with bare hands

赤手空拳 赤手空拳 chi4 shou3 kong1 quan2
empty hand, empty fist (idiom); having nothing to rely on; unarmed and defenseless

初试身手 初試身手 chu1 shi4 shen1 shou3
to have a try; to try one's hand; initial foray

出手 出手 chu1 shou3
to dispose of; to spend (money); to undertake a task

触手 觸手 chu4 shou3

触手可得 觸手可得 chu4 shou3 ke3 de2
within reach

触手可及 觸手可及 chu4 shou3 ke3 ji2
within reach

吹鼓手 吹鼓手 chui1 gu3 shou3
(old) musicians at a wedding cortege or funeral procession; (fig.) trumpeter of sb's praises; booster

吹竽手 吹竽手 chui1 yu2 shou3
player of the yu 竽 (free reed mouth organ)

凑手 湊手 cou4 shou3
at hand; within easy reach; convenient; handy

措手 措手 cuo4 shou3
to deal with; to manage; to proceed

措手不及 措手不及 cuo4 shou3 bu4 ji2
no time to deal with it (idiom); caught unprepared

搭把手 搭把手 da1 ba3 shou3
to help out

搭把手儿 搭把手兒 da1 ba3 shou3 er5
erhua variant of 搭把手

搭脚手架 搭腳手架 da1 jiao3 shou3 jia4
to put up scaffolding

打成平手 打成平手 da3 cheng2 ping2 shou3
to draw (a competition); to fight to a standstill

打手枪 打手槍 da3 shou3 qiang1
to masturbate

打手语 打手語 da3 shou3 yu3
to use sign language

打手 打手 da3 shou5
hired thug

打下手 打下手 da3 xia4 shou3
to act in a supporting role; fig. to play second fiddle

大处着眼,小处着手 大處著眼,小處著手 da4 chu4 zhuo2 yan3 - xiao3 chu4 zhuo2 shou3
think of the big picture, start with the little things (idiom)

大舵手 大舵手 da4 duo4 shou3
the Great Helmsman (Mao Zedong)

大力水手 大力水手 da4 li4 shui3 shou3
Popeye (the Sailor)

大手大脚 大手大腳 da4 shou3 da4 jiao3
extravagant (idiom); to throw away money by the handful; wasteful

大提琴手 大提琴手 da4 ti2 qin2 shou3

大显身手 大顯身手 da4 xian3 shen1 shou3
(idiom) fully displaying one's capabilities

呆扳手 呆扳手 dai1 ban1 shou3
open spanner; open end spanner; flat spanner

单手 單手 dan1 shou3
one hand; single-handed

刀斧手 刀斧手 dao1 fu3 shou3

倒手 倒手 dao3 shou3
to shift from one hand to the other; to change hands (of merchandise)

倒背手 倒背手 dao4 bei4 shou3
with one's hands behind one's back

倒背手儿 倒背手兒 dao4 bei4 shou3 er5
erhua variant of 倒背手

到手 到手 dao4 shou3
to take possession of; to get hold of

到手软 到手軟 dao4 shou3 ruan3
(do a manual task) until one's hands go limp with exhaustion

得手 得手 de2 shou3
to go smoothly; to come off; to succeed

得心应手 得心應手 de2 xin1 ying4 shou3
lit. what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes (idiom) skilled at the job; entirely in one's element; going smoothly and easily

登机手续 登機手續 deng1 ji1 shou3 xu4
(airport) check-in; boarding formalities

登机手续柜台 登機手續櫃檯 deng1 ji1 shou3 xu4 gui4 tai2
check-in counter

敌手 敵手 di2 shou3
opponent; substantial adversary; worthy match; antagonist; in the enemy's hands

第一手 第一手 di4 yi1 shou3

电子手帐 電子手帳 dian4 zi3 shou3 zhang4
electronic organizer; PDA

丢手 丟手 diu1 shou3
to wash one's hands of sth; to have nothing further to do with sth

动手 動手 dong4 shou3
to set about (a task); to hit; to punch; to touch

动手动脚 動手動腳 dong4 shou3 dong4 jiao3
to come to blows; to paw; to grope; to get fresh

动手脚 動手腳 dong4 shou3 jiao3
(coll.) to tamper with; to mess around with

毒手 毒手 du2 shou3
evil scheme

对手 對手 dui4 shou3
opponent; rival; competitor; (well-matched) adversary; match

多面手 多面手 duo1 mian4 shou3
multi-talented person; versatile person; all-rounder

多手多脚 多手多腳 duo1 shou3 duo1 jiao3
to meddle; to make a nuisance of oneself

舵手 舵手 duo4 shou3

剁手党 剁手黨 duo4 shou3 dang3
online shopaholic

剁手节 剁手節 duo4 shou3 jie2
(jocularly) a day of frenetic online spending, such as Singles' Day

二把手 二把手 er4 ba3 shou3
deputy leader; the second-in-command

二手 二手 er4 shou3
indirectly acquired; second-hand (information, equipment etc); assistant

二手车 二手車 er4 shou3 che1
second-hand car

二手房 二手房 er4 shou3 fang2
second-hand house; house acquired indirectly through a middle-man

二手货 二手貨 er4 shou3 huo4
second-hand goods; used goods

二手烟 二手煙 er4 shou3 yan1
second-hand smoke

翻手为云覆手变雨 翻手為雲覆手變雨 fan1 shou3 wei2 yun2 fu4 shou3 bian4 yu3
lit. turning his hand palm up he gathers the clouds, turning his hand palm down he turns them to rain; very powerful and capable (idiom)

反手 反手 fan3 shou3
to turn a hand over; to put one's hand behind one's back; fig. easily done

防毒手套 防毒手套 fang2 du2 shou3 tao4
protective gloves

放开手脚 放開手腳 fang4 kai1 shou3 jiao3
to have free rein (idiom)

放手 放手 fang4 shou3
to let go one's hold; to give up; to have a free hand

放手一搏 放手一搏 fang4 shou3 yi1 bo2
to put one's all into the fight

非常手段 非常手段 fei1 chang2 shou3 duan4
an emergency measure

分手 分手 fen1 shou3
to part company; to split up; to break up

分手代理 分手代理 fen1 shou3 dai4 li3
"break-up agent", person who acts for sb who wishes to terminate a relationship but does not have the heart to do so

佛手瓜 佛手瓜 fo2 shou3 gua1
chayote or alligator pear (Sechium edule)

扶手 扶手 fu2 shou3
handrail; armrest

扶手椅 扶手椅 fu2 shou3 yi3

副手 副手 fu4 shou3

高高手 高高手 gao1 gao1 shou3
Please do not be too severe on me!

高高手儿 高高手兒 gao1 gao1 shou3 er5
Please do not be too severe on me!

高手 高手 gao1 shou3
expert; past master; dab hand

高抬贵手 高抬貴手 gao1 tai2 gui4 shou3
to be generous (idiom); to be magnanimous; Give me a break!

高压手段 高壓手段 gao1 ya1 shou3 duan4
high-handed (measures); with a heavy hand

歌手 歌手 ge1 shou3

跟手 跟手 gen1 shou3
(coll.) pronto; immediately

弓箭手 弓箭手 gong1 jian4 shou3

弓弩手 弓弩手 gong1 nu3 shou3
crossbow shooter

拱手相让 拱手相讓 gong1 shou3 xiang1 rang4
to bow and give way (idiom); to surrender sth readily

拱手 拱手 gong3 shou3
to cup one's hands in obeisance or greeting; fig. submissive

拱手旁观 拱手旁觀 gong3 shou3 pang2 guan1
to watch from the sidelines and do nothing (idiom)

勾手 勾手 gou1 shou3
to collude with; to collaborate; (basketball) hook shot

购物手推车 購物手推車 gou4 wu4 shou3 tui1 che1
shopping cart

鼓手 鼓手 gu3 shou3

怪手 怪手 guai4 shou3
excavator; backhoe

冠状动脉旁路移植手术 冠狀動脈旁路移植手術 guan1 zhuang4 dong4 mai4 pang2 lu4 yi2 zhi2 shou3 shu4
coronary bypass operation

冠状动脉旁通手术 冠狀動脈旁通手術 guan1 zhuang4 dong4 mai4 pang2 tong1 shou3 shu4
coronary bypass operation

管扳手 管扳手 guan3 ban1 shou3
pipe wrench

管手管脚 管手管腳 guan3 shou3 guan3 jiao3
to control in every detail; excessive supervision

惯用手 慣用手 guan4 yong4 shou3
dominant hand

刽子手 劊子手 gui4 zi5 shou3
executioner; headsman; slaughterer; fig. indiscriminate murderer

行家里手 行家裡手 hang2 jia1 li3 shou3
connoisseur; expert

好手 好手 hao3 shou3
expert; professional

号手 號手 hao4 shou3
trumpeter; military bugler

合手 合手 he2 shou3
to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting); to work with a common purpose; harmonious; convenient (to use)

黑手党 黑手黨 hei1 shou3 dang3

烘手器 烘手器 hong1 shou3 qi4
hand dryer

护手盘 護手盤 hu4 shou3 pan2
hand guard (e.g. on saber)

护手霜 護手霜 hu4 shou3 shuang1
hand cream; hand lotion

滑盖手机 滑蓋手機 hua2 gai4 shou3 ji1
slider phone

滑鼠手 滑鼠手 hua2 shu3 shou3
carpal tunnel syndrome (Tw)

还手 還手 huan2 shou3
to hit back; to retaliate

挥手 揮手 hui1 shou3
to wave (one's hand)

活动扳手 活動扳手 huo2 dong4 ban1 shou3
adjustable spanner

火炬手 火炬手 huo3 ju4 shou3
torchbearer; athlete carrying Olympic flame

火枪手 火槍手 huo3 qiang1 shou3
gunman; musketeer

机不离手 機不離手 ji1 bu4 li2 shou3
to be unable to do without one's cell phone

棘手 棘手 ji2 shou3
thorny (problem); intractable

吉他手 吉他手 ji2 ta1 shou3
guitar player

假手 假手 jia3 shou3
to use sb for one's own ends

交手 交手 jiao1 shou3
to fight hand to hand

脚手架 腳手架 jiao3 shou3 jia4

接手 接手 jie1 shou3
to take over (duties etc); catcher (baseball etc)

解大手 解大手 jie3 da4 shou3
(coll.) to defecate

解手 解手 jie3 shou3
to relieve oneself (i.e. use the toilet); to solve

解小手 解小手 jie3 xiao3 shou3
(coll.) to urinate

金刚手菩萨 金剛手菩薩 jin1 gang1 shou3 pu2 sa4
Vajrapani Bodhisattva

金盆洗手 金盆洗手 jin1 pen2 xi3 shou3
lit. to wash one's hands in a gold basin (idiom); fig. to abandon the life of an outlaw

经手 經手 jing1 shou3
to pass through one's hands; to handle; to deal with

经手人 經手人 jing1 shou3 ren2
the person in charge; agent; broker

净手 淨手 jing4 shou3
to wash one's hands; (fig.) to go to the toilet

竞选副手 競選副手 jing4 xuan3 fu4 shou3
election assistant; running mate

竞争对手 競爭對手 jing4 zheng1 dui4 shou3
rival; competitor

狙击手 狙擊手 ju1 ji1 shou3
sniper; marksman

举手 舉手 ju3 shou3
to raise a hand; to put up one's hand (as signal)

举手投足 舉手投足 ju3 shou3 tou2 zu2
one's every movement (idiom); comportment; gestures

举手之劳 舉手之勞 ju3 shou3 zhi1 lao2
lit. the exertion of lifting one's hand (idiom); fig. a very slight effort

君子动口不动手 君子動口不動手 jun1 zi3 dong4 kou3 bu4 dong4 shou3
a gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist

开膛手杰克 開膛手傑克 kai1 tang2 shou3 jie2 ke4
Jack the Ripper

空手 空手 kong1 shou3
empty-handed; unarmed; karate

空手道 空手道 kong1 shou3 dao4

空手而归 空手而歸 kong1 shou3 er2 gui1
to return empty-handed; to fail to win anything

空着手 空著手 kong1 zhe5 shou3

拉个手 拉個手 la1 ge5 shou3
to hold hands

拉手 拉手 la1 shou3
to hold hands; to shake hands

拉手 拉手 la1 shou5
a handle; to pull on a handle

老手 老手 lao3 shou3
experienced person; an old hand at sth

老鼠拉龟,无从下手 老鼠拉龜,無從下手 lao3 shu3 la1 gui1 - wu2 cong2 xia4 shou3
like mice trying to pull a turtle, nowhere to get a hand grip (idiom); no clue where to start

里手 裡手 li3 shou3
expert; left-hand side (of a machine); left-hand side (driver's side) of a vehicle

利手 利手 li4 shou3
dominant hand; handedness

连环杀手 連環殺手 lian2 huan2 sha1 shou3
serial killer

连手 連手 lian2 shou3
concerted action; to collude (in dishonesty)

联手 聯手 lian2 shou3
lit. to join hands; to act together

连指手套 連指手套 lian2 zhi3 shou3 tao4

两手不沾阳春水 兩手不沾陽春水 liang3 shou3 bu4 zhan1 yang2 chun1 shui3
see 十指不沾陽春水|十指不沾阳春水

两手空空 兩手空空 liang3 shou3 kong1 kong1
empty-handed (idiom); fig. not receiving anything

猎手 獵手 lie4 shou3

留一手 留一手 liu2 yi1 shou3
to hold back a trick; not to divulge all one's trade secrets

龙龛手鉴 龍龕手鑑 long2 kan1 shou3 jian4
Longkan Shoujian, Chinese character dictionary from 997 AD containing 26,430 entries, with radicals placed into 240 rhyme groups and arranged according to the four tones, and the rest of the characters similarly arranged under each radical

龙龛手镜 龍龕手鏡 long2 kan1 shou3 jing4
see 龍龕手鑑|龙龛手鉴

隆乳手术 隆乳手術 long2 ru3 shou3 shu4
breast enlargement operation; boob job

露一手 露一手 lou4 yi1 shou3
to show off one's abilities; to exhibit one's skills

鹿死谁手 鹿死誰手 lu4 si3 shei2 shou3
to whom the deer falls (idiom); the one to emerge victor (i.e. to seize the empire); prize winner; champion

轮机手 輪機手 lun2 ji1 shou3

满手 滿手 man3 shou3

毛手毛脚 毛手毛腳 mao2 shou3 mao2 jiao3
carelessly and haphazardly; to paw; to grope; to get fresh

美容手术 美容手術 mei3 rong2 shou3 shu4
cosmetic surgery

妙手 妙手 miao4 shou3
miraculous hands of a healer; highly skilled person; brilliant move in chess or weiqi (go) 圍棋|围棋

妙手回春 妙手回春 miao4 shou3 hui2 chun1
magical hands bring the dying back to life (idiom); miracle cure; brilliant doctor

妙手空空 妙手空空 miao4 shou3 kong1 kong1
petty thief (lit. quick fingered and vanish); empty-handed; having nothing

民歌手 民歌手 min2 ge1 shou3
folk singer

名手 名手 ming2 shou3
master; famous artist or sportsman

明手 明手 ming2 shou3
dummy (in bridge)

拿不出手 拿不出手 na2 bu4 chu1 shou3
not presentable; shoddy and too embarrassing to show

拿出手 拿出手 na2 chu1 shou3
not presentable; not fit to be seen in company

拿手 拿手 na2 shou3
expert in; good at

拿手菜 拿手菜 na2 shou3 cai4
specialty (dish)

内六角扳手 內六角扳手 nei4 liu4 jiao3 ban1 shou3
Allen key; hex key

能手 能手 neng2 shou3

蹑手蹑脚 躡手躡腳 nie4 shou3 nie4 jiao3
to walk quietly on tiptoe (idiom)

弄到手 弄到手 nong4 dao4 shou3
to get in hand; to get (one's) hands on; to get hold of (in the sense of to acquire)

扒手 扒手 pa2 shou3

拍手 拍手 pai1 shou3
to clap one's hands

炮手 砲手 pao4 shou3
gunner; artillery crew

劈手 劈手 pi1 shou3
with a lightning move of the hand

胼手胝足 胼手胝足 pian2 shou3 zhi1 zu2
with callouses on hands and feet (idiom); to work one's fingers to the bone

平板手机 平板手機 ping2 ban3 shou3 ji1
phablet (hybrid between a smart phone and a tablet)

苹果手机 蘋果手機 ping2 guo3 shou3 ji1
Apple phone; iPhone

平手 平手 ping2 shou3
(sports) draw; tie

剖腹产手术 剖腹產手術 pou1 fu4 chan3 shou3 shu4
Cesarean section operation

剖宫产手术 剖宮產手術 pou1 gong1 chan3 shou3 shu4
Cesarean section operation

棋逢敌手 棋逢敵手 qi2 feng2 di2 shou3
see 棋逢對手|棋逢对手

棋逢对手 棋逢對手 qi2 feng2 dui4 shou3
to be evenly matched; to meet one's match

旗手 旗手 qi2 shou3
a flag carrier (army); ensign

棋手 棋手 qi2 shou3
chess player

牵手 牽手 qian1 shou3
to hold hands

枪手 槍手 qiang1 shou3
gunman; sharpshooter; sb who takes an exam for sb else; sb who produces a piece of work for sb else to pass off as their own

强将手下无弱兵 強將手下無弱兵 qiang2 jiang4 shou3 xia4 wu2 ruo4 bing1
there are no poor soldiers under a good general (idiom)

强中更有强中手 強中更有強中手 qiang2 zhong1 geng4 you3 qiang2 zhong1 shou3
see 強中自有強中手|强中自有强中手

强中自有强中手 強中自有強中手 qiang2 zhong1 zi4 you3 qiang2 zhong1 shou3
however strong you are, there is always someone stronger (idiom); there is always sth more to learn; never be satisfied to rest on your laurels; there is no room for complacency

抢手 搶手 qiang3 shou3
(of goods) popular; in great demand

抢手货 搶手貨 qiang3 shou3 huo4
a best-seller; a hot property

巧手 巧手 qiao3 shou3
skillful hands; dexterous; a dab hand

亲如手足 親如手足 qin1 ru2 shou3 zu2
as close as brothers (idiom); deep friendship

亲手 親手 qin1 shou3
personally; with one's own hands

亲自动手 親自動手 qin1 zi4 dong4 shou3
to do the job oneself

琴手 琴手 qin2 shou3
player of a stringed instrument

轻手轻脚 輕手輕腳 qing1 shou3 qing1 jiao3
(to move or do sth) softly and quietly (idiom)

情同手足 情同手足 qing2 tong2 shou3 zu2
as close as one's hands and feet (idiom); loving one another as brothers; deep friendship; closely attached to one another

拳击手 拳擊手 quan2 ji1 shou3

拳击选手 拳擊選手 quan2 ji1 xuan3 shou3

拳手 拳手 quan2 shou3

绕手 繞手 rao4 shou3
thorny issue; tricky case

人流手术 人流手術 ren2 liu2 shou3 shu4
an abortion; abbr. of 人工流產手術|人工流产手术

人手 人手 ren2 shou3
manpower; staff; human hand

人手动 人手動 ren2 shou3 dong4
manually controlled

人有失手,马有失蹄 人有失手,馬有失蹄 ren2 you3 shi1 shou3 - ma3 you3 shi1 ti2
lit. just as humans make mistakes, so can a horse stumble (idiom); fig. everyone makes mistakes; even the best fall down sometimes

入手 入手 ru4 shou3
to begin; to set one's hand to

撒手 撒手 sa1 shou3
to let go of sth; to give up

撒手闭眼 撒手閉眼 sa1 shou3 bi4 yan3
to have nothing further to do with a matter (idiom)

撒手不管 撒手不管 sa1 shou3 bu4 guan3
to stand aside and do nothing (idiom); to take no part in

撒手锏 撒手鐧 sa1 shou3 jian3
(fig.) trump card

撒手人寰 撒手人寰 sa1 shou3 ren2 huan2
to leave one's mortal frame (idiom); to die

赛车手 賽車手 sai4 che1 shou3
racing driver

三手病 三手病 san1 shou3 bing4
repetitive strain injury (resulting from frequent use of one's thumb, wrist etc)

三只手 三隻手 san1 zhi1 shou3

杀手 殺手 sha1 shou3
killer; murderer; hit man; (sports) formidable player

杀手级应用 殺手級應用 sha1 shou3 ji2 ying4 yong4
killer application; killer app

杀手锏 殺手鐧 sha1 shou3 jian3
(fig.) trump card

上手 上手 shang4 shou3
to obtain; to master; overhand (serve etc); seat of honor

上下其手 上下其手 shang4 xia4 qi2 shou3
to raise and lower one's hand (idiom); to signal as conspiratorial hint; fig. conspiring to defraud

射手 射手 she4 shou3
archer; shooter; marksman; (football etc) striker

射手座 射手座 she4 shou3 zuo4
Sagittarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac); popular variant of 人馬座|人马座

伸手 伸手 shen1 shou3
to reach out with one's hand; to hold out a hand; (fig.) to beg; to get involved; to meddle

身手 身手 shen1 shou3
skill; talent; agility

伸手不见五指 伸手不見五指 shen1 shou3 bu4 jian4 wu3 zhi3
pitch-dark (idiom)

生手 生手 sheng1 shou3
novice; new hand; sb new to a job

圣手 聖手 sheng4 shou3
divine physician; sage doctor; highly skilled practitioner

失手 失手 shi1 shou3
a slip; miscalculation; unwise move; accidentally; by mistake; to lose control; to be defeated

释手 釋手 shi4 shou3
to let go; to loosen one's grip; to put sth down

试手 試手 shi4 shou3
to work for a trial period; worker on probation

试手儿 試手兒 shi4 shou3 er5
erhua variant of 試手|试手

视同手足 視同手足 shi4 tong2 shou3 zu2
to regard sb as a brother (idiom)

收手 收手 shou1 shou3
to stop; to pull back

手把 手把 shou3 ba4

手扳葫芦 手扳葫蘆 shou3 ban1 hu2 lu5
lever hoist pulley

手板葫芦 手板葫蘆 shou3 ban3 hu2 lu5
lever pulley block

手包 手包 shou3 bao1

手背 手背 shou3 bei4
back of the hand

手笔 手筆 shou3 bi3
sth written or painted in one's own hand; (of a writer, calligrapher or painter) skill; style; hand; (fig.) style shown in spending money, handling business etc; scale

手臂 手臂 shou3 bi4
arm; helper

手边 手邊 shou3 bian1
on hand; at hand

手表 手錶 shou3 biao3
wrist watch

手柄 手柄 shou3 bing3
handle; video game controller

手脖子 手脖子 shou3 bo2 zi5
wrist (dialect)

手不释卷 手不釋卷 shou3 bu4 shi4 juan4
lit. always with a book in hand (idiom); fig. (of a student or scholar) diligent and hardworking

手册 手冊 shou3 ce4
manual; handbook

手抄本 手抄本 shou3 chao1 ben3
manuscript copy of a book (before the printing press)

手掣 手掣 shou3 che4
handbrake; game controller (Cantonese)

手锤 手錘 shou3 chui2
mallet; drumstick

手搭凉棚 手搭涼棚 shou3 da1 liang2 peng2
to shade one's eyes with one's hand

手打 手打 shou3 da3
hand typewriter (as opposed to electric typewriter), abbr. for 手打字機|手打字机

手打字机 手打字機 shou3 da3 zi4 ji1
hand typewriter (as opposed to electric typewriter)

手刀 手刀 shou3 dao1
hand formed into a flat shape, as for a karate chop

手嶌葵 手嶌葵 shou3 dao3 kui2
TESHIMA Aoi (1987-), Japanese female pop singer

手倒立 手倒立 shou3 dao4 li4

手到拈来 手到拈來 shou3 dao4 nian1 lai2
lit. to stretch a hand and grab it (idiom); fig. easy to do

手到擒来 手到擒來 shou3 dao4 qin2 lai2
stretch a hand and grab it (idiom); very easy

手电 手電 shou3 dian4
flashlight; torch

手电筒 手電筒 shou3 dian4 tong3
flashlight; electric hand torch

手定 手定 shou3 ding4
to set down (rules); to institute

手动 手動 shou3 dong4
manual; manually operated; manual gear-change

手动变速器 手動變速器 shou3 dong4 bian4 su4 qi4
manual gearbox; manual transmission

手动挡 手動擋 shou3 dong4 dang3
manual gear change; shift stick

手段 手段 shou3 duan4
method; means (of doing sth); strategy; trick

手法 手法 shou3 fa3
technique; trick; skill

手风琴 手風琴 shou3 feng1 qin2

手缝 手縫 shou3 feng2
to sew by hand; hand-sewn

手感 手感 shou3 gan3
the feel (of sth touched with the hand); (textiles) handle

手稿 手稿 shou3 gao3
manuscript; script

手工 手工 shou3 gong1
handwork; manual

手工台 手工檯 shou3 gong1 tai2

手工业 手工業 shou3 gong1 ye4

手工艺 手工藝 shou3 gong1 yi4
handicraft; arts and crafts

手滑 手滑 shou3 hua2
to do sth by mistake (with one's hand); to make a slip of the hand (e.g. click the wrong button)

手环 手環 shou3 huan2
wristband; bracelet

手机 手機 shou3 ji1
cell phone; mobile phone

手迹 手跡 shou3 ji4
sb's original handwriting or painting

手交 手交 shou3 jiao1
handjob; manual stimulation

手脚 手腳 shou3 jiao3
hand and foot; movement of limbs; action; trick; step in a procedure (CL: 道)

手脚不干净 手腳不乾淨 shou3 jiao3 bu4 gan1 jing4
thieving; light-fingered; prone to stealing

手巾 手巾 shou3 jin1
hand towel; handkerchief

手紧 手緊 shou3 jin3
tightfisted; stingy; short of money; hard up

手颈 手頸 shou3 jing3
(dialect) wrist

手举 手舉 shou3 ju3
a salute; hands raised

手卷 手捲 shou3 juan3
hand scroll (horizontal format for Chinese landscape painting); hand roll (Japanese: temaki, style of fish cuisine); hand rolled cigarette; hand roll (many contexts); roll up

手绢 手絹 shou3 juan4

手铐 手銬 shou3 kao4
manacles; handcuffs

手控 手控 shou3 kong4
manual control

手拉车 手拉車 shou3 la1 che1

手拉葫芦 手拉葫蘆 shou3 la1 hu2 lu5
hand chain pulley block

手拉手 手拉手 shou3 la1 shou3
to join hands; hand in hand

手雷 手雷 shou3 lei2

手里 手裡 shou3 li3
in hand; (a situation is) in sb's hands

手里剑 手裡劍 shou3 li3 jian4
straight or circular throwing-knife used by ninja and samurai (loanword from Japanese 手裏剣 shuriken)

手链 手鏈 shou3 lian4
chain bracelet

手榴弹 手榴彈 shou3 liu2 dan4
hand grenade

手忙脚乱 手忙腳亂 shou3 mang2 jiao3 luan4
to act with confusion; to be in a flurry; to be flustered

手拿包 手拿包 shou3 na2 bao1
clutch bag

手帕 手帕 shou3 pa4

手排 手排 shou3 pai2
manual transmission

手气 手氣 shou3 qi4
luck (in gambling)

手牵手 手牽手 shou3 qian1 shou3
hand in hand

手枪 手槍 shou3 qiang1

手巧 手巧 shou3 qiao3
to be skillful with one's hands; to be manually adroit

手球 手球 shou3 qiu2
team handball

手软 手軟 shou3 ruan3
to be lenient; to relent; to be reluctant to make a hard decision; to think twice

手刹车 手剎車 shou3 sha1 che1

手式 手式 shou3 shi4
gesture; same as 手勢|手势

手势 手勢 shou3 shi4
gesture; sign; signal

手书 手書 shou3 shu1
to write personally; personal letter

手术 手術 shou3 shu4
(surgical) operation; surgery

手术台 手術檯 shou3 shu4 tai2
operating table

手松 手鬆 shou3 song1
liberal with one's money; free-spending

手弹 手彈 shou3 tan2
fingered (bass)

手套 手套 shou3 tao4
glove; mitten

手套箱 手套箱 shou3 tao4 xiang1
glove compartment (of a car); glovebox (sealed compartment with attached gloves for handling hazardous materials etc)

手提 手提 shou3 ti2

手提包 手提包 shou3 ti2 bao1
(hand)bag; hold-all

手提电脑 手提電腦 shou3 ti2 dian4 nao3
portable computer

手提箱 手提箱 shou3 ti2 xiang1

手头 手頭 shou3 tou2
in hand (e.g. cash)

手头紧 手頭緊 shou3 tou2 jin3
short of money; hard up

手头现金 手頭現金 shou3 tou2 xian4 jin1
cash in hand

手推车 手推車 shou3 tui1 che1
trolley; cart; barrow; handcart; wheelbarrow; baby buggy

手腕 手腕 shou3 wan4
wrist; trickery; finesse; ability; skill

手腕式 手腕式 shou3 wan4 shi4
wrist- (watch, compass)

手腕子 手腕子 shou3 wan4 zi5

手无寸铁 手無寸鐵 shou3 wu2 cun4 tie3
lit. not an inch of steel (idiom); unarmed and defenseless

手无缚鸡之力 手無縛雞之力 shou3 wu2 fu4 ji1 zhi1 li4
without the strength to truss a chicken

手舞足蹈 手舞足蹈 shou3 wu3 zu2 dao3
hands dance and feet trip (idiom); dancing and gesticulating for joy

手下 手下 shou3 xia4
under one's control or administration; subordinates; (money etc) on hand; sb's financial means; to take action

手下留情 手下留情 shou3 xia4 liu2 qing2
lit. start off leniently (idiom); please do not be too strict with me; Do not judge me too harshly.; Look favorably on my humble efforts.

手相 手相 shou3 xiang4
palmistry; features of a palm (in palmistry)

手写 手寫 shou3 xie3
to write by hand

手写识别 手寫識別 shou3 xie3 shi2 bie2
handwriting recognition

手写体 手寫體 shou3 xie3 ti3
handwritten form; cursive

手心 手心 shou3 xin1
palm (of one's hand); control (extended meaning from having something in the palm of one's hand)

手心手背都是肉 手心手背都是肉 shou3 xin1 shou3 bei4 dou1 shi4 rou4
lit. both the palm and the back of the hand are made of flesh (idiom); fig. to both be of equal importance; to value both equally

手性 手性 shou3 xing4
chiral; chirality (chemistry)

手续 手續 shou3 xu4
procedure; formalities

手续费 手續費 shou3 xu4 fei4
service charge; processing fee; commission

手眼协调 手眼協調 shou3 yan3 xie2 tiao2
hand-eye coordination

手痒 手癢 shou3 yang3
(fig.) to itch (to do sth)

手摇柄 手搖柄 shou3 yao2 bing3
hand crank

手摇风琴 手搖風琴 shou3 yao2 feng1 qin2
hand organ; hurdy-gurdy

手艺 手藝 shou3 yi4
craftmanship; workmanship; handicraft; trade

手淫 手淫 shou3 yin2
to masturbate; masturbation

手影 手影 shou3 ying3
hand shadow drama

手用 手用 shou3 yong4
hand-used; hand (tool)

手游 手遊 shou3 you2
mobile game; abbr. for 手機遊戲|手机游戏

手语 手語 shou3 yu3
sign language

手札 手札 shou3 zha2
(literary) personal letter

手闸 手閘 shou3 zha2

手掌 手掌 shou3 zhang3

手掌心 手掌心 shou3 zhang3 xin1
see 手心

手杖 手杖 shou3 zhang4

手帐 手帳 shou3 zhang4
notebook; pocket diary

手纸 手紙 shou3 zhi3
toilet paper

手指 手指 shou3 zhi3

手指头 手指頭 shou3 zhi3 tou5
fingertip; finger

手肘 手肘 shou3 zhou3

手抓羊肉 手抓羊肉 shou3 zhua1 yang2 rou4
hand-held mutton (mutton pieces on the bone, eaten with the fingers)

手镯 手鐲 shou3 zhuo2

手足 手足 shou3 zu2
hands and feet; (fig.) brothers; retinue, henchmen, accomplices

手足口病 手足口病 shou3 zu2 kou3 bing4
hand foot and mouth disease, HFMD, caused by a number of intestinal viruses, usually affecting young children

手足口症 手足口症 shou3 zu2 kou3 zheng4
human hand foot and mouth disease, a viral infection

手足亲情 手足親情 shou3 zu2 qin1 qing2
brotherly kindness

手足无措 手足無措 shou3 zu2 wu2 cuo4
at a loss to know what to do (idiom); bewildered

手足之情 手足之情 shou3 zu2 zhi1 qing2
brotherly affection

手钻 手鑽 shou3 zuan4
gimlet; hand drill

熟手 熟手 shu2 shou3
skilled person; an experienced hand

束手 束手 shu4 shou3
to have one's hands tied; helpless; unable to do anything about it

束手待毙 束手待斃 shu4 shou3 dai4 bi4
to wait helplessly for death (idiom); to resign oneself to extinction

束手待死 束手待死 shu4 shou3 dai4 si3
hands tied and expecting the worst

束手就毙 束手就斃 shu4 shou3 jiu4 bi4
hands tied and expecting the worst

束手就擒 束手就擒 shu4 shou3 jiu4 qin2
hands tied and waiting to be captured

束手无策 束手無策 shu4 shou3 wu2 ce4
lit. to have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it (idiom); fig. helpless in the face of a crisis

耍手腕 耍手腕 shua3 shou3 wan4
to play tricks; to maneuver

甩手 甩手 shuai3 shou3
to swing one's arms; to wash one's hands of sth

甩手顿脚 甩手頓腳 shuai3 shou3 dun4 jiao3
to fling one's arms and stamp one's feet (in anger or despair)

甩手掌柜 甩手掌櫃 shuai3 shou3 zhang3 gui4
lit. arm-flinging shopkeeper; fig. sb who asks others to work but does nothing himself

双手 雙手 shuang1 shou3
both hands

水手 水手 shui3 shou3
mariner; sailor; seaman

顺手 順手 shun4 shou3
easily; without trouble; while one is at it; in passing; handy

顺手儿 順手兒 shun4 shou3 er5
handy; convenient and easy to use; smoothly

顺手牵羊 順手牽羊 shun4 shou3 qian1 yang2
lit. to lead away a goat in passing (idiom); to steal sth under cover of an emergency; to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain

松手 鬆手 song1 shou3
to relinquish one's grip; to let go

素手 素手 su4 shou3
white hand; empty-handed

速手排 速手排 su4 shou3 pai2
gears (in a car)

随手 隨手 sui2 shou3
conveniently; without extra trouble; while doing it; in passing

缩手缩脚 縮手縮腳 suo1 shou3 suo1 jiao3
bound hand and foot (idiom); constrained

唐手道 唐手道 tang2 shou3 dao4
Tang soo do (Korean martial art)

烫手山芋 燙手山芋 tang4 shou3 shan1 yu4
hot potato; problem; trouble; headache

套筒扳手 套筒扳手 tao4 tong3 ban1 shou3
socket spanner

腾出手 騰出手 teng2 chu1 shou3
to get one's hands free (to do sth else)

提手 提手 ti2 shou3
a handle

投手 投手 tou2 shou3
thrower; pitcher; bowler

徒手 徒手 tu2 shou3
with bare hands; unarmed; fighting hand-to-hand; freehand (drawing)

徒手画 徒手畫 tu2 shou3 hua4
freehand drawing

推手 推手 tui1 shou3
promoter; advocate; driving force; pushing hands (two-person training routine esp. in t'ai chi)

脱手 脫手 tuo1 shou3
(not of regular commerce) to sell or dispose of (goods etc); to get rid of; to unload

唾手可得 唾手可得 tuo4 shou3 ke3 de2
easily obtained; readily available

外交手腕 外交手腕 wai4 jiao1 shou3 wan4

外科手术 外科手術 wai4 ke1 shou3 shu4

外手 外手 wai4 shou3
right-hand side (of a machine); right-hand side (passenger side) of a vehicle

玩手腕 玩手腕 wan2 shou3 wan4
to play tricks; to play at politics

网络打手 網絡打手 wang3 luo4 da3 shou3
see 網絡水軍|网络水军

微创手术 微創手術 wei1 chuang1 shou3 shu4
minimally invasive surgery

握手 握手 wo4 shou3
to shake hands

洗手 洗手 xi3 shou3
to wash one's hands; to go to the toilet

洗手不干 洗手不幹 xi3 shou3 bu4 gan4
to totally stop doing something; to reform one's ways

洗手池 洗手池 xi3 shou3 chi2
bathroom sink; wash basin

洗手间 洗手間 xi3 shou3 jian1
toilet; lavatory; washroom

洗手盆 洗手盆 xi3 shou3 pen2
bathroom sink; wash basin

洗手乳 洗手乳 xi3 shou3 ru3
liquid hand soap

洗手台 洗手台 xi3 shou3 tai2
vanity unit

洗手液 洗手液 xi3 shou3 ye4
liquid hand soap

侠盗猎车手 俠盜獵車手 xia2 dao4 lie4 che1 shou3
Grand Theft Auto (video game series)

下手 下手 xia4 shou3
to start; to put one's hand to; to set about; the seat to the right of the main guest

纤手 纖手 xian1 shou3
delicate hands; woman's tender and soft hands

先下手为强 先下手為強 xian1 xia4 shou3 wei2 qiang2
strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term); Making the first move is an advantage.

咸猪手 鹹豬手 xian2 zhu1 shou3
pervert (esp. one who gropes women in public)

相手蟹 相手蟹 xiang1 shou3 xie4
crab of the family Sesarmidae

小手小脚 小手小腳 xiao3 shou3 xiao3 jiao3
mean; stingy; to be lacking in boldness; timid

小提琴手 小提琴手 xiao3 ti2 qin2 shou3
violinist; fiddler

歇手 歇手 xie1 shou3
to rest; to take a break

携手 攜手 xie2 shou3
hand in hand; to join hands; to collaborate

携手并肩 攜手並肩 xie2 shou3 bing4 jian1
hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder

携手同行 攜手同行 xie2 shou3 tong2 xing2
to walk hand in hand; to cooperate

写手 寫手 xie3 shou3
person who writes articles - newspapers, magazines, blogs (informal); scribe; copyist; a talented writer of articles or of calligraphy

心毒手辣 心毒手辣 xin1 du2 shou3 la4
vicious and ruthless

心狠手辣 心狠手辣 xin1 hen3 shou3 la4
vicious and merciless (idiom)

心灵手巧 心靈手巧 xin1 ling2 shou3 qiao3
capable; clever; dexterous

新手 新手 xin1 shou3
new hand; novice; raw recruit

心脏搭桥手术 心臟搭橋手術 xin1 zang4 da1 qiao2 shou3 shu4
coronary bypass operation

信手 信手 xin4 shou3
casually; in passing

凶手 兇手 xiong1 shou3
murderer; assassin

修手 修手 xiu1 shou3

袖手旁观 袖手旁觀 xiu4 shou3 pang2 guan1
to watch with folded arms (idiom); to look on without lifting a finger

选手 選手 xuan3 shou3
athlete; contestant

岩手 岩手 yan2 shou3
Iwate prefecture in north of Japan's main island Honshū 本州

岩手县 岩手縣 yan2 shou3 xian4
Iwate prefecture in north of Japan's main island Honshū 本州

眼高手低 眼高手低 yan3 gao1 shou3 di1
to have high standards but little ability; to be fastidious but incompetent (idiom)

眼明手快 眼明手快 yan3 ming2 shou3 kuai4
sharp-sighted and deft

羊肚手巾 羊肚手巾 yang2 du4 shou3 jin1
(dialect) towel (especially worn as a turban)

羊肚子手巾 羊肚子手巾 yang2 du4 zi5 shou3 jin1
see 羊肚手巾

摇手 搖手 yao2 shou3
to wave the hand (to say goodbye, or in a negative gesture); crank handle

一把好手 一把好手 yi1 ba3 hao3 shou3
expert; dab hand

一把手 一把手 yi1 ba3 shou3
working hand; member of a work team; participant

一举手一投足 一舉手一投足 yi1 ju3 shou3 yi1 tou2 zu2
every little move; every single movement

一手 一手 yi1 shou3
a skill; mastery of a trade; by oneself; without outside help

一手包办 一手包辦 yi1 shou3 bao1 ban4
to take care of a matter all by oneself; to run the whole show

一手交钱,一手交货 一手交錢,一手交貨 yi1 shou3 jiao1 qian2 - yi1 shou3 jiao1 huo4
lit. one hand exchanges the cash, the other the goods (idiom); fig. to pay for what you want in cash; simple and direct transaction

一手遮天 一手遮天 yi1 shou3 zhe1 tian1
lit. to hide the sky with one hand; to hide the truth from the masses

一展身手 一展身手 yi1 zhan3 shen1 shou3
to showcase one's (unique) talents; to display one's (individual) prowess

移植手术 移植手術 yi2 zhi2 shou3 shu4
(organ) transplant operation

翼手龙 翼手龍 yi4 shou3 long2

婴儿手推车 嬰兒手推車 ying1 er2 shou3 tui1 che1
baby buggy

鹰手营子矿 鷹手營子礦 ying1 shou3 ying2 zi5 kuang4
Yingshouyingzikuang district of Chengde city 承德市, Hebei

鹰手营子矿区 鷹手營子礦區 ying1 shou3 ying2 zi5 kuang4 qu1
Yingshouyingzikuang district of Chengde city 承德市, Hebei

应手 應手 ying4 shou3
to handle; convenient

游手 遊手 you2 shou3
to be idle

游手好闲 遊手好閑 you2 shou3 hao4 xian2
to idle about

有手有脚 有手有腳 you3 shou3 you3 jiao3
lit. have hands have feet; to be able bodied (idiom); to have the ability to work

有一手 有一手 you3 yi1 shou3
to have a skill; to have a lot on the ball; to have an affair

右手 右手 you4 shou3
right hand; right-hand side

御手 御手 yu4 shou3
the emperor's hand; variant of 馭手|驭手

玉手 玉手 yu4 shou3
lily-white hands

驭手 馭手 yu4 shou3
person in charge of pack animals; chariot driver

援手 援手 yuan2 shou3
assistance; a helping hand; to lend a hand

援助之手 援助之手 yuan2 zhu4 zhi1 shou3
a helping hand

乐手 樂手 yue4 shou3
instrumental performer

再造手术 再造手術 zai4 zao4 shou3 shu4
reconstructive surgery

早动手,早收获 早動手,早收穫 zao3 dong4 shou3 - zao3 shou1 huo4
The sooner you set to work, the sooner you'll reap the rewards. (idiom)

招手 招手 zhao1 shou3
to wave; to beckon

指手划脚 指手劃腳 zhi3 shou3 hua4 jiao3
to gesticulate while talking (idiom); to explain by waving one's hands; to criticize or give orders summarily; also written 指手畫腳|指手画脚

指手画脚 指手畫腳 zhi3 shou3 hua4 jiao3
to gesticulate while talking (idiom); to explain by waving one's hands; to criticize or give orders summarily

智慧型手机 智慧型手機 zhi4 hui4 xing2 shou3 ji1
smartphone (Tw)

智能手机 智能手機 zhi4 neng2 shou3 ji1

炙手可热 炙手可熱 zhi4 shou3 ke3 re4
lit. burn your hand, feel the heat (idiom); fig. arrogance of the powerful; a mighty figure no-one dares approach; hot (exciting or in favor)

种子选手 種子選手 zhong3 zi5 xuan3 shou3
seeded player

住手 住手 zhu4 shou3
to desist; to stop; to stay one's hand

助手 助手 zhu4 shou3
assistant; helper

助手席 助手席 zhu4 shou3 xi2
front passenger seat (in a car)

抓手 抓手 zhua1 shou3
starting point; mechanical hand; gripper

转手 轉手 zhuan3 shou3
to pass on; to resell; to change hands

转轮手枪 轉輪手槍 zhuan4 lun2 shou3 qiang1
revolver (handgun)

着手 著手 zhuo2 shou3
to put one's hand to it; to start out on a task; to set out

着手成春 著手成春 zhuo2 shou3 cheng2 chun1
lit. set out and it becomes spring (idiom); to effect a miracle cure (of medical operation); to bring back the dead; once it starts, everything goes well

自缚手脚 自縛手腳 zi4 fu4 shou3 jiao3
to bind oneself hand and foot

自己动手 自己動手 zi4 ji3 dong4 shou3
to do (sth) oneself; to help oneself to

自杀炸弹杀手 自殺炸彈殺手 zi4 sha1 zha4 dan4 sha1 shou3
suicide bomber

左轮手枪 左輪手槍 zuo3 lun2 shou3 qiang1

左手 左手 zuo3 shou3
left hand; left-hand side

左右手 左右手 zuo3 you4 shou3
left and right hands; (fig.) capable assistant; right-hand man

做手 做手 zuo4 shou3
to put one's hand to sth; to set about; skillful hands; worker; writer

作手 作手 zuo4 shou3
writer; expert

做手脚 做手腳 zuo4 shou3 jiao3
to defraud; to rig up (a scam)